More On The Dangers of Atomic Detonation And The Fall of Lucifer


Here is a short synopsis of Maldek also known as Lucifer by George King (also see Maldek and Malona):

“Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was another planet in this Solar System, about the size of Earth, which made its orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It was a green prosperous world inhabited by a people who had not reached a state of really advanced culture, but had nevertheless attained a stage which afforded an abundance of necessities which made life comparatively comfortable for all.

They studied the philosophies and dabbled in the sciences as do we, except that these people were more advanced in many ways than we are. The planet was so highly mechanized that robots took care of all the menial tasks. The inhabitants had discovered a rudimentary form of space travel, and could control their weather so that drought and famine became long forgotten. The majority, having an abundance of food, and having no menial tasks to perform, soon became content to while away their time in the sun. They became, in comparison with higher planetary cultures, a selfish, lackadaisical people seeking after their own enjoyment, as do the majority of people on Earth today.

Then the disease came.

It probably started subtly in the minds of those few men of science who shunned the procrastinating majority, in a fervent search for material conquest, thus leaving themselves open to the incurable affliction.

The mental disease manifested itself as a lust for greater power.

They found it!

They exploded a hydrogen bomb and completely destroyed the planet Maldek and murdered the whole populace in one blinding flash of searing flame. All that is now left of that beautiful planet is the asteroid belt.

The people who inhabited Maldek were suddenly released onto their different etheric planes. According to the perfect law of karma, these people had to reincarnate again, under strict limitation, upon another planet in the Solar System. The Earth was approached.

The Gods made an appeal to the Earth as an intelligence, asking if she would be willing to take compassion upon the killers of Maldek and agree to their reincarnation upon her back. In her great merciful compassion, she agreed, thereby accepting thousands of years of limitation so that these lesser life forms could gain essential experience. The Gods then approached the true inhabitants of Earth, a highly cultured race of individuals called – Adamic man, who also agreed to cooperate with the coming to Earth of the people from Maldek.

Gradually those too lazy to stop the shocking cosmic crime of the destruction of Maldek and those who had actually brought it about, were reincarnated upon Earth. Adamic man stayed for a time giving instruction, guidance and help – and then, in accordance with Divine law, left the new inhabitants of Earth to their own devices.”

Here is another relating of this story from space intelligences that contacted Orfeo Angelucci:

Then Orion spoke, saying: “Time is a dimension as your scientists now correctly surmise. But it is only a dimension when applied to the various densities of matter. In the absolute, or non-material states of consciousness, Time is non-existent. So let us say that in one of the time frames or dimensions, there was once a planet in the solar system of Earth, called Lucifer. It was of the least material density of any of the planets. Its orbit lay between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Among the etheric beings, or heavenly hosts, it was called the Morning Star. Among all planets it was the most radiant planet in the universe.

“The name of the prince of this shining planet was also Lucifer, a beloved Son of God.” Orion paused and the sadness deepened in his eyes. Then he continued: “Earth’s legends about Lucifer and his hosts are true. Pride and arrogance grew in the heart of Lucifer and in the hearts of many Luciferians. They discovered all of the secrets of matter and also the great secret of the Creative Word. Eventually they sought to turn this omnipotent force against their brothers who were less selfish. Also against the etheric beings and the Father, or Source, for it became their desire to rule the universe. You know the rest of the legend: how Lucifer and his followers were cast down from their high estate. In simpler words, the Luciferians who were embodied then in the most attenuated manifestation of matter “fell” into embodiments in one of the most dense material evolutions, which is the animalistic evolution of Earth.”

I dared not look at him as his frightening words struck dark chords of memory in my heart. “Then you mean that I . . . was one of them?” Shamed tears of realization blinded my eyes.

“Yes, Neptune,” he said gently, as both he and Lyra put their arms around me.

Waves of bitter shame and sorrow flooded over me as I realized the terrible truth of Orion’s words.

At last I said haltingly: “But Orion, you and Lyra and these others walking here in the garden; who are they?”

“We were among those who did not join the Luciferians in their revolt against the etheric hosts,” he explained gently. “Thus although the Luciferians shattered our radiant planet in the holocaust of their war, we entered the etheric, non-material worlds in the higher octaves of light as liberated Sons of God, while the Luciferian hosts fell into the dream of mind in matter upon the dark planet of sorrows.”

“But this world?” I asked in bewilderment. “Isn’t it the world I half remember?”

“Yes, Neptune,” Lyra said compassionately. “This is a tiny part of what is left of that world. You mentioned that many things were unfamiliar, such as the thunder and lightning and the nearness of the horizon. These conditions are new to you. For we are on one of the larger planetoids of the shattered planet Lucifer. It is only a few hundred miles in diameter, hence the nearness of the horizon. The thunder, lightning and constant play of color phenomena in the atmosphere are the result of magnetic disturbances because of the vicinity of other asteroids. The clouds you see above are not clouds as you know them upon Earth, but they serve to obscure the debris of our wrecked planet. Only rarely do we leave our etheric state of being and enter our former time frame in individualized manifestations as you see us now.”

I was stunned into utter silence and the deepest sorrow. I bowed my head as I thought of the magnificent world I had lost, the great heritage I had cast away to become a bondsman chained in a steel-like dungeon of dense matter with its erroneous manifestations of sin, sickness, corruption, evil, decay and repeated deaths. Sobs wracked my body as I thought of my blinded, lost fellows of Earth. At last I murmured hesitantly: “Then all of the peoples of Earth have fallen from this former high estate?”

“Orion shook his head. “No, not all, Neptune, but vast numbers of Earthlings are former Luciferians. About the others we will explain to you later. The revelation when it comes will explain many of the enigmas of your planet.”

Suddenly, a terrible thought came to me, almost causing me to collapse in horror as I recoiled from it. Stark terror was in my eyes as I looked first at Lyra and then at Orion. I dared not voice what was in my mind.

Orion, discerning my thought, shook his head and his wonderful eyes radiated sympathy and understanding as he said: “No, Neptune, have no fear, you are not in reality Lucifer. In fact you are one of the Luciferians who least wanted to join the others.”

Relief flooded over me leaving me weak and shaken as I heard Orion’s voice continuing: “Lucifer is presently incarnated upon Earth, but we may not disclose to you his present identity. He has incarnated many times upon Earth and every name is familiar even to grade school children. But some of those names would surprise you, for they are not what you might expect.”

I sighed heavily, trying to comprehend all the shattering things which had been revealed to me by Lyra and Orion. Rather incongruously I remembered the phenomena of the flying saucers upon Earth, which caused me to ask: “But if we destroyed your great planet, why are your disks visiting Earth now? Why did Astra contact me? Why don’t you leave us to the fate we deserve, each one of us buried in his individual grave of living death.”

Lyra’s hand gripped mine and Orion’s arm tightened around my shoulders. “Love is stronger than life and deeper than the boundless depths of time and space,” he said softly. “While our brothers are lost in the hell of unreality and turn their blinded, imploring eyes to the mute heavens, we can never forget them.”

Above excerpt from The Secret of the Saucers

atomic bomb 4 postThe following is more on the dangers of nuclear radiation resulting from the use of A and H bombs as provided by contactees Helen and Betty Mitchell:

Sigt’s message: “Earth’s scientists are creating around planet Earth the most deadly condition to material man than ever. The explosions of the A and H bombs are placing the residue particles of radioactivity into all the materials of Earth. Each human being upon Earth now carries a certain degree of radioactivity in their bones and systems. Why should it be significant to hear of this when you cannot see the radioactivity, nor hear it as it does much destructive work?

“In the advanced laboratories of Mars we have proved the destructibility of such uncontrolled energy. Radioactivity drops, upon the grass, buildings and people after being carried by the air currents around an explosion. This energy is in minute particles that have the effect of deterioration to the molecules of all material things. This radioactivity settles around an object or body and penetrates the outer area of the surface or skin. What does radioactivity look like you may wonder.

“As an explanation, many of you have seen small dust spirals along the streets or in a dusty area that swirl around and around in circles that then seem to disappear. Radioactivity has the same effect and looks very similar as it settles around a body. The small particles are caught up in a swirling counter-clockwise motion that causes them to be driven down into the surface of the body cells. This energy, once inside the body, offsets the balance of the normal cell and causes it to become either agitated into more activity as it tries to cast back out of the system, or else the radioactivity attacks cells that are already weakened by illness, and immediately sets up a destruction of them.

“When this new activity occurs in a normal cell a powerful microscope would reveal the atomical structure of the cell is creating a counter offensive action that is clockwise as compared to the counter-clockwise motion of the radioactivity. When this occurs, there is eventually a breaking down of the cell’s motion, for as the explosions of the A and H bombs continue the action of the radioactivity is strengthened by this and overpowers the clockwise motion of the body cells that are attempting to throw off the radioactivity. Thus, the body cells are forced to become activated in the same manner. This creates a drawing together or construction of the cells and creates abnormal conditions and illnesses. As the radioactivity increases the rate of motion increases around each body living on Earth. This changes the cell formation and in the next generation this inherent condition is accentuated by the accumulated mass of more radioactivity. In the second and third generations these changes are visible as definite deformations of the body, and this in turn, if not controlled, will lead to a generation of mutants.

“What does radioactivity sound like? I will try to explain. Many people are receptive to certain high vibratory sounds that are derived from the atomic explosions, and are the elemental changes in the atmospheres of Earth. These high pitched sounds are very serious, for they can almost pierce the very soul consciousness, and cause changes there. The consciousness of Man is being affected every day by these vibrations that these explosions have created, and unless these are altered or until the explosions of this nature are stopped the Mind of Man will be changed in drastic measures. Some of these notes can cause a perfectly healthy person to develop a fatal illness, some can affect the mental processes terribly, other of these vibrations, if not altered within the consciousness of the individual, can cause one to commit acts that otherwise would not be done. But most serious indeed are the changes in the atomical structures of the atmospheres of Earth. Here the greatest battle of all is arising. The Earth wants to separate with this activity, but the consciousnesses of the higher evolved here upon Earth and in Space are preventing this, until Earth can adjust.

“How can you stop this from happening? The answer is simply stop the unnecessary tests of these bombs. For those who maintain it is necessary to show the military strength, we can only say what strength is there to be shown that deprives the people, vegetation and animals of a perfectly beautiful and attainable future otherwise. Is it truly possible that the deceivability of such destructive weapons can replace sane, sound actions of better living? It is necessary now for the Space People living upon Earth to take protective measures or otherwise suffer the same effects from radioactivity as the citizens. It is not possible for us to give Earth’s people enough of the protectors without the co-operation of the governments, and such cooperation is at present unattainable. The continuance of these tests are affecting all responsible for them, and if one accepts reincarnation as an answer it would be definitely seen why no one here or responsible for these tests would want to re-live again in mutated bodies of the future generations. If reincarnation be unacceptable to the average person, then the knowledge that these tests are mutating their children and their children’s children should be sufficient reason for stopping them. Our warning to Earth is cease your tests and save your future.”

What the Space People are trying to make clear in this message and many others similar to this is that Earth is now in a most perilous situation, and faces self-destruction of humanity. In the two years we have contacted the Brothers they have been concerned and talked most frequently about the destructibility of the A and H bomb.

Above excerpt from We Met The Space People

It seems like the space intelligences repeat the same message over and over again regarding the dangers of atomic weaponry and nuclear fission and we have an example called Maldek. Isn’t it time we listen? ~ Ed.

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