More on Mind Function, Part II

psychic-anatomy“Now we have shown in a very simple manner in our lesson course diagram, what we call sine wave A, B, and C, so far as the psychic anatomy is concerned. We call those fundamental frequencies which can be compared to the pulse of the human body or the breath of the human body; that is, the psychic anatomy is breathing in and out; it is pulsating on these basic carrier frequencies. They are, shall we say, the links that tie them together. It is on these various carriers, we shall say, that the new subconscious in the new life (once born) begins to be developed because the carrier from the mental part of the psychic anatomy begins to reconstruct the subconscious in conjunction with the various experience quotients of energy which come into the newly forming subconscious from the outside world. They are, we shall say, comparatively temporary in nature; that is, they can fade simply because they can become discharged in the sense of the word that they have to depend to a large degree upon any supporting energy which comes into them from the psychic anatomy.

Now the psychic anatomy is more closely attuned to the superconscious, which means that the Higher_Self-4-postsuperconsciousness is actually a combination of a large number of dimensions; that is, it has an alignment with a large number of dimensions. It is composed of facsimiles of energy quotients from a large number of dimensions; therefore, it has contact we shall say, in this broad term of reference with a certain amount of power or force which is stemming into it constantly in a regenerative wave form fashion. This gives the superconscious tremendous power – power in the sense of the word that it is a positive potential and so much stronger than any other comparative potentials in the psychic anatomy. So when it beats in various different impulses, very positive, powerful entities of consciousness come in contact with various other portions of the psychic anatomy; it will automatically transform them, or we shall say, performs in some sense of the word the same capacity as the brain cells do; it polarizes it and reconstructs out of the harmonics, an exact facsimile in another dimension of what has happened in the subconscious.

Now, this begins to all add up and make sense, doesn’t it? As I said, in the lessons, the diagram we have, while it is necessarily simple for students to understand, yet we can take that up and construct a complete and valid hypothesis in any kind of a mind function, which is a great mystery to the scientist of this time and day. It is very true because we have just gone into what is memory processes (see Part I)B0007066 Memory, which is merely a rectification process whereby the brain cells are taking various reflective quotients of energy from the psychic anatomy and rectifying them within their various layers in such a manner and fashion that they again reproduce an exact facsimile of the whole operation which took place as an inductive experience factor. When the energy came in, it did the same thing in reverse to what is now taking place in consciousness as memory. It is an exact facsimile in every sense of the word. That is the reason consciousness begins to be realized at that moment because these various energy pulses produce just exactly the same image. We won’t say exactly the same image but it amounts to the same thing as an image because it is the exact facsimile of the original experience as a series of incoming signals of energy except that now, in memory, we have reversed the process.

Now, is the picture quite clear with you dear? (speaking to Ruth). “I should say, much more so!” It is a very wonderful process when you begin to realize that life is much more than can be fully realized from the surface. We can’t evaluate any process of life from the surface. If we do, we only get fouled up and get a lot of enigmas and a lot of paradoxes and a lot of things that can’t be answered.

Now what happens at the moment of death? That merely means that so far as the physical anatomy is concerned, these various sine wave frequencies which are stemming out of the psychic anatomynde are broken off; they are disengaged. Because out of the psychic anatomy, and especially so far as the subconscious is concerned, there is another regrouping, we shall call them, of wave forms which contain the exact configuration of every atom in our body in relationship to its molecular and finally, its cell structure. That is true of the blood; it is true of all the bone marrow, it is true of everything there is in the system because of all of these various configurations as atomic constituents in the human body are exact configurations in the psychic body, except that there they are in energy forms or facsimiles. Now they are revolving in the energy formations in the various vortexes in the psychic anatomy. They, in turn, have their own particular fundamental frequencies or sine waves which they are radiating into the physical anatomy and which are stemming into this physical anatomy as intelligent governing forces in the element of reconstructing and maintaining the metabolism of the human body.

Now, the old yogi knows about the chakras – the various centers in which the psychic anatomy chakrasmakes the strongest contact with the physical anatomy or places like the solar plexus, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, the end and the beginning of the spinal column, and so on and so forth, and that is merely another system in which we will say there are inductions which take place according to certain polarities. Each one of these centers represents a part of a polarity system of induction so far as the psychic anatomy is concerned. And again, we find that same pulse – the breathing in and out of the psychic anatomy into the physical through these various centers – and in this breathing they carry various other component parts of these energy pictures which go to make up the reproductive process of the human body which the doctor calls metabolism.

Now when we understand these things very thoroughly, as they should be understood, as manifestations of the workings of these various formations as they are concerned either with the physical body or the psychic anatomy, then we have the true picture. We have exactly what we need to supply the answers to everything in our analysis or in reconstructing our hypothesis which will give us an intelligent view of exactly what life is.

Now at the moment of death, of course there is the severance, we shall say, in the linkage of these sine waves from the physical anatomy and also the mental part of the brain to the psychic anatomy. Psychic-anatomy-4-postHowever, the psychic anatomy does not cease to exist. The subconscious will persist, we shall say, because it is in a dimension which is not quite as spiritual in nature (we shall say for lack of a better word) as the mental part of the psychic anatomy. In other words, it is a sort of an in-between world in the physical and third dimension and the fourth dimension, and therefore is more influenced by what the scientist calls time. So therefore, not having this supporting source of energy coming into it like it should have, like the mental part has, it will gradually fade. It will be gradually dissipated so that usually, by the time the person comes back into the world as a new creature, he has no memory of his past lifetime; unless, of course, he has that ability to mentally introject pictures from the mental part of the psychic anatomy into his conscious mind to form the picture of his past lifetimes. Now that can happen under extreme conditions – what we call psychisms – where in moments of intense emotional stress these normally reactive wave forms are temporarily altered, which are breathing in and out of the psychic anatomy so that the past-life-memoriesbiases into the brain cells are temporarily changed and the pulses swing around in the wrong direction. Then the person can see the image of the past temporarily. That is what happens at the moment of death sometimes because, in that particular moment, all of a sudden the complete cyclic movement of the whole psychic anatomy in conjunction with the physical, and especially with the brain, is temporarily reversed and he can instantly see into the mental part of his psychic anatomy, all that has ever happened to him. And this also explains very reasonably why it is that many people are earthbound – what they call earthbound. It merely means that the purveyance or the persistence factor of the subconscious, before it completely fades, gives this person, in the spiritual world, the only thing he knows of in his immediate relationship. He actually relives his life so far as he is attuned to the new world, his spiritual world, through his fast-fading subconscious. In years’ time it will eventually completely fade.

Now we can also explain how it is that we can find ghosts which haunt castles. That is very castle-ghost-4-postinteresting bit of diversified information we can explain very easily on these grounds. So far as the subconscious part of the psychic anatomy is concerned after this person dies, if this person starts reconstructing, we shall say, a new subconscious psychic anatomy in the spiritual world from spiritual elements which he can do if he lives this thing strongly enough – he is going to construct in facsimile, the same kind of a situation that he had while he was living in the physical body. In other words, he has constructed a new subconscious psychic anatomy which enables him to rattle windows, move doors and to sound like footsteps on the stairs, because he possesses a certain physical quality, although it is almost invisible to the sense that we have to have certain lack of light to enable us to see this apparition which is really the form of the new psychic anatomy.

So we can explain all these things that people call ghosts, and various other mysteries of life are very simply, very intelligently and very scientifically analyzed; you can very easily form within your own mind the picture of what actually happens and what takes place. Therefore, we have completely debunked all these occultisms, these superstitions and these various supernatural phenomena about which people are so impressed and the reason they are is because they are completely ignorant about how it happened.

Now you can easily understand what a poltergeist is. In other words, that is an obsessive entity that poltergeists-4-postsometimes comes in and plagues people to death. We heard, for instance, about this poltergeist in New York throwing things around the room; people had to duck and it went on for months and years. Well, if we understood how we reconstructed what we call an apparition, a poltergeist is just the same thing. He has endowed this thing with the new subconscious psychic anatomy part of him with all the personal elements of his old self which were mean, nasty and hateful and he is really making things miserable for the people around him. He can actually see into the physical world. He sees well enough and he possesses enough physical strength, we shall say, in the psychic anatomy to pick up objects and throw them. On the same basis, we can easily understand how we can cast off evil spirits, exorcise, we shall say, and to right so-called psychic conditions which are puzzling people and which are not explainable in any other way except when we begin to rationalize or to build up and intelligently construct a hypothesis as we understand it in energy configurations.

You have now, and we have given you here on the tape, more than the scientist here on earth could possibly hope to achieve in the next thousand years because before he achieves what you have found out here on the tape, he has to achieve a whole and complete new dimension of prospective withinearth-vortex-4-post his mind. He has to tear down this invisible barrier between this world and next; he has to reconstruct his whole hypothesis, at least as far as energy is concerned, into a new set of evaluations in which he can visualize a vortex of energy – something which is complete in itself – we will call it a whole world which is complete in itself. Now he has the picture in the physical form all about him and there really isn’t any reason why he shouldn’t. The earth is such a thing; the earth is a whole entity. Actually, the earth as a physical mass is nonexistent. He is puzzled as to why it came together. He thinks it came together physically but it didn’t come together physically. It was already together and merely made its appearance as a form of transference of energy from one dimension to another in atomic constituents. It was actually, we shall say, materialized into these atomic constituents from these great invisible worlds because of the vortical action which exists in these great invisible worlds. Within the center of this vortex, Vortex_complex-4-postenergy was transformed and retransformed into variousvortex-center different constituents of energy according to these positive and negative impelling forces which we have likened to centripetal and centrifugal forces, so that the end result was a group, a mass or core of atoms which formed the physical world. It didn’t come out of nowhere, like cosmic dust, like he thinks about or like he thinks has happened, because that is very childish. We can’t possibly imagine that a space so filled with such an incalculably fine condition would regenerate such a huge mass in the solar system, for instance. It isn’t logical; besides, where did the dust come from? Now one way or another, he is going to defeat himself in his hypothesis until he arrives at that conclusion – that all of his physical world, whatever he can see physically, comes from other dimensions. It was, in a sense, materialized in this world or inducted into this world and assumed earth-sun-vortex-4-postmaterial dimensional forms simply as the direct result of these various processes in centrifugal and centripetal action within the vortexes themselves, because all of the energy which composes our world actually existed at one time as part of energy configurations in this great vortex. That is a much more logical conclusion than the one he has and in which he is so vague about. The same is true of the sun. Because the sun only represents a positive polarity in this great vortex, so far as the apex or the interior of this vortex is concerned, the sun is only regenerating because of the intense energy pressures, we shall say, in the processes of integration and re-integration within the core of this vortex. The sun, in turn, manifests and remanifests a certain positive polarity in the third dimension, which means that this great energy pressure within the vortex is being released outwardly into this dimension in the form of energy which the scientist calls heat and light. It is very simple.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium I

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