More Evidence Supporting “The Truth About Mars” II

curiosity-rover-mainTruthAboutMars4PageThe Truth About Mars is being confirmed by the latest discoveries on the planet surface of Mars. The following is just a few more of these confirmations. Remember that “The Truth About Mars” was published in 1956 more than 55 years ago.

In the following I will provide an excerpt from The Truth About Mars then the video or image recently published that supports the aforementioned.

“There are also a number of species of lizards, reptiles, and some insects whose hard shells have enabled them to weather the extreme atmospheric conditions.”

PIA-19069-insectCaterpillar with large eyes:
PIA-08750-catepillerCrawling type creature:

“Among (the species of insects) are giant ants that walk semi-erect on the two hind feet. The guide tells me these are mutants that were accidentally produced from a small ant in an atomic experiment ages ago. They are similar to humans in a very low state of intelligence, and at one time it became necessary to make war on them as they became so numerous and large. These strange ant creatures average two to four feet in height and live in rocky caves.”

Strange ant-like creatures:Ant-Like-CreatureAnt-like-creature-2
Mars-Underground-Ernest-Norman“We were standing near the entrance of a large tube. On Mars the cities are all underground and are connected together by huge oval metal tubes, which are from three to five hundred feet in diameter.”

“Because of the great distances between the cities, these tubes have been built only partially submerged. There are emergency air locks and bulkheads at the ends where they connect to the domes; other safety and precautionary measures are used to protect the cities and tunnels in case of breakdowns or outside attack. It is these tubes that have confused the astronomers on the earth. Some believe them to be canals, but there are also other theories. The shifting desert sands often cover  or uncover them, which leads to further confusion inasmuch as they seem to appear and disappear.”

This first video talks about a crashed ship on Mars but this really seems like one of those giant tubes connecting the underground cities:

Dome-like structure on Mars:Martian-Dome

Finally I came across this recent video that may explain why the confusion with NASA’s position – their continuous pronouncements then reversals on various aspects of Mars:

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