Misconceptions About Life After Death

life after death mainExcerpt from Vistas of Infinity: How To Enjoy Life When You Are Dead
by Jurgen Ziewe

“Afterlife states are as numerous as human beings, and as complex. The most important things we Vistas of Infinity Bookwill have to reassess, and most probably shake off, is a widely held belief that our afterlife will magically change everything and reset all our parameters. Individual reports by near-death-experiencers and channelling mediums are very specific and will almost certainly never apply to ourselves. Some of the medium reports I found were very confirmative to what I have experienced. There is still the rather romantic view that with the end of our life our suffering will come to an end and we will live in eternal peace. RIP is a fallacy which has been implanted in us from early childhood, mainly as a result of ignorance and, our inability to look beyond the great curtain. When people proclaim at funeral services, ‘Well, at least now he/she is at peace’, mostly this is not the case unless the deceased was already at peace at the time of death. What in fact happens is that nothing changes and at the same time everything changes in some ways.

My perception when visiting ‘tourist city’ was that I was indeed on a level in which most decent people’ would probably find themselves when they had finished on Earth and had dealt with all their various personal issues. Though this is not a given. Again and again I was directed into regions to take note of all the things that many will need to face before they are in a position to relish the beautiful land and its people. I found that with the majority of people who are mostly driven by powerful needs for self-gratification and subjected to strong drives over which they have little control, their first encounter with the afterlife reality is anything but the proverbial Summer-Land.

The most sobering realisation was that the many people who have no concept of life after death and have never spent a single thought about any possibility of survival will be faced with the curious fact that nothing seems to have changed at all from the worldly place they lived in before, except that everything they experience now is tinged by their state of mind. The biggest challenge for these people is to accept that they are no longer alive in the physical reality. For them this is not obvious at all. For example, if they lived in London they will still live in London, but if their state of mind was negative, London will be like a city at dusk, a dark November day perhaps; it might rain with an overcast sky and they might feel the cold. The houses may look rather more neglected, there could be litter in the streets and other people moping around threateningly on street corners. They may find it confusing that the streets have changed, as will have many of the buildings, but this fact is soon accepted. After all, they are awake and alive and they are not dreaming, are they?

Not so negatively inclined people are likely to see London more in the way they used to. They would catch the bus, try to get to work, buy their sandwich at the sandwich bar, go to the pub and mix with others. Many people will simply accept the changed conditions, very much in the way we accept our strange dream reality when we are asleep.

This could be due to the fact that we no longer have a physical brain, which is programmed to make sense, consider logic and continuity in order to safeguard our physical survival. If this requirement has been removed, Consciousness may no longer feel the need to run these monitoring programs and will more readily accept incongruence, breaks in continuity and other essential physical survival mechanics and acts, in the same way we act and observe during our dream state, where illogical and outright surreal occurrences are readily accepted.

I’ve found people paying much less attention to anomalies; even quite strange phenomena are readily accepted and mostly taken for granted, just as they would be in a dream. I’ve been surprised how quickly people accommodate to new conditions and don’t pay much attention to what happened before when alive. For example, people on occasion still use money and don’t consider it odd when they suddenly find themselves having coffee without even paying attention where it had come from. We have to consider how much of the time we run on autopilot without a shred of awareness of the tasks we are engaged in. Mostly we are just as absent-minded and are hardly ever aware of sequences of routine events. We are mostly preoccupied with other thoughts, and in the afterlife state this unawareness simply continues. Because they think they are alive and awake they have no reason to contemplate the logic of their actions and simply take reality as it is. They go to a café and expect to be waited on, which inevitably happens. I was astonished how powerfully their expectation and minds generated artificial entities and objects out of thin air. When our expectations are not met it is usually because of a lack of creative energy, which could be due to conflict or negative feelings that are rationalised or glossed over.

Naturally, not everything goes to plan or pans out the way we would like, as expectation is dependent on personal power and the level of positive energy. This can be frustrating but it is also the driving force behind the need to address any issues. If their personal power is weak, as it is eaten up by the multitude of self-centred issues and fixations, people may sit around in a café without being served, waiting in vain for their coffee, becoming frustrated at the lack of attention; or if they manage to materialise their order the coffee may be cold or taste flat. Everything happening is in accordance with the energy that is allowed to flow through awareness.

On the whole there are few giveaway signs that they are no longer alive in a physical world. If told so, they may be adamant in their denial by pointing out that everything around them is as real as it could be and they are fully awake and aware and that there is no way that they could be dead because the evidence shows otherwise. Here is a recent example:

29 November 2014
Vistas of the Newly Dead

Interestingly, last night I met the husband of my wife’s friend; he had died just a few weeks ago. He had been a totally physically focused person in life and when I saw him he looked incredibly unwell, despite him having passed over a few weeks earlier. I didn’t quite know what to say because I could instantly see that he was in denial of his death. So I simply said, ‘How are you, B? I hear you had a bit of a rough ride lately.’ He confirmed this as we shook hands. His face was bloated and the skin had purple patches. He said something like, ‘Well, I am surviving.’ And then he changed the subject, talking about cars.

I thought how right he was, saying that without realising. I knew then that the idea of being dead had not occurred to him and he was also still feeling sickly and it showed. The fact that he was showing an interest in cars could have been a sign that he was getting better, I thought but I had no idea which direction to carry our conversation and I returned to my body.

As far as I can see, this lack of general awareness is responsible for a massive boost in population on the lower non-physical dimensions, which are closest to our physical plane, since the world population has rocketed. If people were more aware this would not be the case and they would quickly move on towards more agreeable pastures. Every time I visit I am aware of it, although there are variations in different locations. I felt every time I was drawn into these dimensions I was forced to take note of this fact, which reflect the state of our current human Consciousness; overcrowding on the lower dimensional levels is representative of our general spiritual state of awareness. The following accounts will give different views of these near-Earth scenarios.

The near-Earth dimensions are the levels the majority of people are likely to find themselves in when they die. There will be changes, alterations, differences, but as mentioned these differences will soon be taken for granted and accepted as the real status quo. Everything that is here in the physical world will be very much in place over there as we were used to. There is a higher dimensional copy of everything, sustained by the living as well as the dead. No dead person will think much of it or waste any time thinking about it. Reality is. We will find buses, taxis and cinemas, cafés, bars and strip clubs. We will find shops and people will pay with money without blinking an eye and receive goods in return, or we may not think of money at all and nobody will be the wiser or take offense, and if the issue rises to a point of awareness it is quickly dealt with by magically pulling the necessary change from your magical purse, which was already lingering in the database matrix ready to be materialised by an act of intent or expectation. We will get used to holding a cup of tea in our hands just as a result of our intent and give it just as little thought as we did when we had to put the kettle on, although we may still put the kettle on, put the tea bag into our cup, pour the water on and let it brew. We do what we are used to and what we liked and were expected to do, and we are likely to follow the same habits and routines. The physics of this dimensional world work in conjunction with our energy; our habits and our expectation.

In my last book I explored the idea that everything that exists or has existed, is thought of or has been thought of, is stored as data in the universal Consciousness, which traditionally has been referred to as the Akashic Records. Connecting to this area within Consciousness we can access all information. I also promoted the idea that manifestation on the Astral and higher levels could be achieved by calling up information from this universal databank, without us having to create every detail for ourselves, It seems to be the clarity of the energy channel that makes this manifestation possible. This is the way I explained spontaneous manifestations where every detail is in place. For example, if I manifested a car, when opening the bonnet I would find every engine part in place as well, which may only manifest at the moment I open the bonnet and ‘expect’ the engine to be there. As we will see later, things work out differently when deliberate thought intervenes and messes up the natural flow of this universal database system.

On these Earth-like levels we walk, we don’t suddenly fly just because we are dead, so we walk when we are dead. We talk instead of communicating telepathically. We eat and drink and go to bed simply because we always have done so. Some may find they can do away with sleep and will do so, some will not. Some give up eating because they feel no hunger and accept that they can function perfectly without food and they will accept it in the same way as we accept sleeping less here or eating different foods, because the experienced reality is more powerful than our memory and new conditions are quickly integrated without much consideration. A great number of people, who have given no thought to the idea of life after death, will quickly take their new circumstances completely for granted in the same way as they have taken their physical life for granted, and will consider their past life more like a dream they have woken up from. Their accustomed lack of awareness will do little to question their new status quo.

The best way to understand this is to reflect on our own dreams. Most people who are unaware during their dream when dreaming about meeting their dead relatives will consider this to be quite natural, and it will never occur to them that they shouldn’t meet them because they are dead. Even if very strange things happen in our dreams, such as driving a car with two wheels, in our dream we will think nothing of it. If we meet a dog with two heads, we might be surprised, but we will take it in our stride. We are very accepting and very lenient when it comes to our dream content without having our suspicion aroused in the slightest. This is what happens to most normal people who have been living their lives unaware and in a dream. They will be just as accepting in their new reality not being suspicious at all when things present themselves as they do. We are likely to accept after-death reality with its strangeness with the same gullibility as we accepted our dream reality when we were dreaming.

It is only the more spiritually aware who will be cognisant of the changes and the altered conditions of the new reality. They are more aware of the flow of continuity. If they led a life of mindfulness on Earth they are likely to pass over the low-level states and smoothly transition into the pleasant lands where their external reality reflects their inner tranquility. For those unaware, education, adjustments and learning will gradually help them to make the best use of their afterlife and over time they will get the hang of it and accept that external environments are in harmony with their psychological condition. Quite frequently, a deceased friend or relative who has gone before is likely to try to put new arrivals gently in the picture, but this is not always the case and not always easy either. But it is the people who realise that they have made a transition from one level of reality to the next who will benefit the most from the changes and move furthest along the elevator to fulfilment and the potential benefits of the non- physical state.

Before this happens most people will be confronted with a new powerful aspect of their non-physical reality; which they may not have been prepared for. This is the fact that with the removal of our physical brain, everything we regarded as our unconscious will be laid out before us like an open book and everything will be as hard and as real as the road we walk on now.

This is the key and most important difference between our physical life and our new non-physical reality. What we always regarded as our unconscious is now appearing before us as solid reality as hard as our physical world has been. We cannot run away from it or hide it. It will be right in front of us the moment our attention is attracted to it. It will become part of our furniture, literally, our living companion. It will be with us every step of the way and only a thought away. Many people who have been living a life of bad habits and poor psychological hygiene will now see it manifested and reflected around them. Habits will act like a magnet, pulling them into specific environments or attracting equally minded people to them who are of similar inclination. That also applies to situations, if they have been argumentative they will continue to be and find readily available partners. If they were loving and demonstrative in their affection they too will find others of similar kind attracted to them.

In time, being so intensely confronted with their personal qualities or dysfunction, people will learn to deal with these, resolve their issues, overcome their attachments, free themselves of their unhelpful habits, change their mindsets, acquire discipline and learn all the positive things necessary to raise them out of their limitations. Some will gradually understand the new conditions and turn them to their advantage, but many a narcissist, who has lived a self—centred life, perhaps at the expense of others, may find themselves trapped in a loop they may find hard to get out of. A state of mind no longer takes place inside your head, but becomes manifested environment and inescapable outside reality.

To give an example:

During one OBE I found a woman locked in a white concrete cell without doors or windows. When I talked to her she was lamenting the fact that she had been trapped and there was simply no way she could get out of her prison. I pointed out to her that if I had found a way in she surely could find her way out. I then started talking to her and found that she had placed herself into a framework of such limitations that she could not see a way out of it. Most was based on beliefs she was unprepared to give up. I told her she should start by letting go of her beliefs and consider other options and, if she did, she could walk out of her cell with the same ease as I had walked in.

In another slightly more extreme example, I came across a man who was gradually being eaten up by a whole colony of white maggots. I immediately saw that he was suffering from extreme resentment and self-hatred, which was literally eating him up. When the maggots of his resentment had completed their work he was restored once more and soon they began to consume him again. I have witnessed scenarios that could serve as powerful inspiration for devoted writers – of the horror genre, but here it was reality that would only change via an inner workout.

Healing Places

I have read several books about life after death, mainly written by mediums channelling their communication. There has been frequent mention of the care and attention given to new arrivals who have finished their physical lives. As this documentary narrative solely relies on my personal experiences I can only give testimony to what I have witnessed myself. One of these observations was that when posing a question, asking for help or calling out for assistance, almost always a response was forthcoming, though not always in the way I’d expected.

Sometimes this assistance arrived in the form of an energy boost. For example, when I struggled in my endeavour to fly and pleaded for help it felt as if somebody had given me an extra push or a lift upwards. The feeling of an intelligence behind this was quite often apparent, sometimes in the form of humour, like a chuckle when my flying efforts failed and I was caught up in desperate swimming movements or flapping my arms like a lame duck to stay afloat or lift off the ground. I can just imagine what a great source of entertainment Astral travellers can provide for people over there. At other times my request was instantly granted without the interference of an apparent intelligence, almost as if by magic, for example making a firm request to achieve clarity or to be transported to a certain location.

However, calling out to meet a specific person did not always lead to a result leaving me with a distinct feeling that the person was unavailable or did not want to see me. Occasionally I received very personal help in the form of a mysterious friend or helper who appeared in various disguises, but I always clearly identified them as individuals. Other Out-of-Body experiencers have reported meeting a very specific personal guide, who was dedicated to them and always appeared as the same entity. Except for one stage during my OBEs, where I had a regular Chinese sage training me to reach higher dimensional levels, I seemed to be blessed with different helpers more on the basis of whoever happened to be available or suited for the specific nature of my request. A couple of them had very strong idiosyncratic personalities, with a very personal brand of humour. I quickly formed a close relationship to these people, even if I only met them once or twice.

I am not in a position to speculate about who or what these entities were, but they felt more like the individuals one might meet on the physical level, if one were fortunate enough. With regard to the mechanics kicking in when making a specific request that was met with an automatic response, it is hard to say whether it was simply the energy of desire which fostered the response. At least, on the more energised levels, a desire could simply materialise the object focused on.

There seems to be some kind of infrastructure, autonomous as well as one implemented by intelligent agencies, even to the extent of institutions or health and welfare centres. Here is a report of one such place I encountered.

I found myself in a large park. Right in front of me was a flowerbed raised up from the ground and supported by a wall of natural sandstone. Colourful dusters of flowers cascaded over the edges. The abundant quality of this told me instantly that I was on a much higher dimensional level than some of the previous ones I had arrived at. I bent down for a close look to fasten my awareness and to achieve full clarity. When full waking awareness was established I got up and looked around. There were people and couples strolling around at their leisure, like on a summer Bank Holiday, dogs playing and benches with tables, a scene that was instantly uplifting.

I left and headed towards a large two-storey building with a wide entrance. The windows on the ground floor covered floor to ceiling and allowed a view inside. There was activity, but not in an organised manner. Entering the main door, I headed straight up a flight of broad stairs to the first floor, where I entered another door leading into an open-plan space. Here I was met with the friendly smiles of men and women who appeared to be nurses or at least wearing some kind of health worker uniforms. A little further on I spotted a group of people, two female nurses and one male, treating a couple lying on the floor.

When I got closer I noticed the couple’s clothes were drenched wet; seaweed was wrapped around their feet and stuck to their bodies. The woman of the two just seemed to come around and was being consoled by a nurse holding her hand. I was mystified by the state they were in and the fact that they were wet and covered in seaweed. I asked the male helper whether he could enlighten me what was going on. He smiled and said: ‘These people had a boating accident. They got caught in a storm, their boat capsized and they drowned, and yes, they are dead, very much so, but they don’t know it yet. They think they have been rescued and in a way they have.’

He proceeded to attend to the man, who just came round as well and immediately enquired where they were and what had happened to their boat The nurse informed him that the boat unfortunately had been lost but that he and his wife were both safe now. He assured them that they would be taken care of now and be given some dry clothing as well as a hot drink.

I looked at the male nurse. ‘I don’t understand, how did they get here and why are they still wet and what is all this about with the seaweed?’

‘They are here because they cried out for help as they drowned. We went, picked them up and brought them here. Of course, there is no need for their wet clothes or the seaweed on them, in a way this is just for decoration if you like.’ With that he smiled and I smiled too, noting his sense of pride about the added detail.

‘You have to understand that as far as they are concerned they have been saved from their fate physically. They are under the impression that they have been pulled aboard by a rescue boat and brought to safety.’

With a barely concealed grin the man continued, ‘Sometimes we have to put on a bit of a show to provide continuity from one state to the next. Imagine how confusing it would be if you found yourself one moment fighting for your life and the next moment being on dry land, fit as a fiddle without a drop of water on you as if nothing had happened. That could lead to an awful lot of confusion and a bit of a shock. No, we quickly adjust to a situation and do what is required to give these guys a smooth transition.’

By now the couple had both got up and were gently led away by the two female staff. The woman was clearly still in a state of shock and crying, while the man was eager to thank them for rescuing them. I knew then that they were in safe hands and probably about to enter a counselling session where they would learn the whole truth about their condition.”

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