Mechanics of Healing With Past Life Therapy

past-life-therapy-mechanics-main“In the Advanced Lesson Course, and in various other places in UN.AR.I.U.S. teachings the electronic process of life has been repeatedly mentioned; these depictions have struck certain parallels between existing electronic devices and those occurring in the concourse of life in every human man-tv-representationbeing. In other words, every human is basically and essentially quite similar to a radio or TV set. The earth scientist has, in the construction of these electronic devices, struck an exact parallel configuration with the complete electronic essence of the Infinite Creator, or with the principles in which the Creator so expresses Itself in that never-ending regenerative and reconstructive process.

In all fairness to both the student and UN.AR.I.U.S., and in consideration of more highly trained or developed personalities who will, in the future, contact UN.AR.I.U.S., it is best that we explore more deeply the mathematical processes, the manner and way in which life with every human, is made possible and is constantly created in this evolutionary pathway. We shall be able to see that every human being, just as yourself, is basically an extremely complex electronic instrument which, at any given moment, is actually conducting these various and intricate processes of energy configurations and radiations within, not only the physical anatomy but also the psychic anatomy; for, indeed, it is the psychic anatomy which can be considered as the larger portion of this expressionary form of life.

Therefore, let us take, specifically, one of these electronic devices — the common table radio which you might have about the house — and I shall describe to you just how it functions; then I super-hetrodyne-radio-4-postshall describe the parallel configurations through which life is made possible for you in the different manifestations of consciousness or the experience quotients in which you are presently involved.

This radio is, quite naturally, one of the more popular models which is called super-heterodyne. The word heterodyne, in itself, relates to an important function of electronic wave forms which, when they beat against each other, recreate a second harmonic frequency which is called heterodyne. The table radio functions in this manner because the designers, the electronic technicians who so constructed the entire concept of this radio, had to consider certain purposes — these are selectivity and amplification. On the basis of selectivity and amplification, the different configurations within the radio were so conceived and designed, and they became a functioning entity of purpose. Within your radio there are a number of different kinds of coils; a coil is a very thin wire wrapped around a type of spool and connected with other devices called capacitors; these are merely two different sheets of foil with an insulating separator between them, and these are wound very tightly so there is an interchange of an alternating or an oscillating current between these two plates.

However, we are more concerned with the windings of wire, called coils, or inductances. The inductances within your radio consist primarily of a certain type of configuration known as an intermediate transformer; that is, two small coils of wire are wound closely together and tuned together by the capacitors so that they form a resonant or a tank circuit. This resonant circuit functions at the base plane rate of about 600 kilocycles per second. In order to inductance examplemake this frequency operative, a second set of coils is brought into play with the necessary tube function; this section is called the oscillator. In this function the oscillator sets up a second radiation which is vibrating at the rate of 1400 kilocycles per second. When this 1400 kilocycle vibration comes in contact with the 600 kilocycle vibration, a second harmonic is generated, which is the ratio of two and one-half, between these two fundamental vibrating wave forms and is mathematically equated at exactly 460 kilocycles. It is this 460 kilocycle wave form which is used as a carrier through the other stages of intermediate frequency amplification and finally terminates into the second detector.

Now, these radio frequencies which are oscillating in this radio are too intense or pitched too high for your ear to hear; they vibrate in regions of thirty or forty thousand cycles per second, and the second detector, therefore, serves a purpose – it demodulates these frequencies or steps them down, so they become audible to your ear, and they can be picked up and reamplified to sufficient strength before emerging as sound from your loud speaker.

radio transmitter and receiverNow, these radio frequencies which are oscillating in this radio are too intense or pitched too high for your ear to hear; they vibrate in regions of thirty or forty thousand cycles per second, and the second detector, therefore, serves a purpose — it demodulates these frequencies or steps them down, so they become audible to your ear and they can be picked up and reamplified to sufficient strength before emerging as sound from your loud speaker.

Now, while this process may, to some people, seem very complex, it really is basically very simple if we stop to analyze the situation. We must always consider that which the scientist calls phase relationships, and also some other very important factors which are connected with this generating and regenerating process. If we recall, there is a difference in polarities of the common horseshoe magnet; the north pole and the north pole repel each other whereas a north and a south pole will attract each other. Therefore, in our analysis of the wave form, we can say that as two waves meet, they are oscillating in their respective frequencies — positive and negative — each time the wave waves inphase out of phasechanges in its up and down motion; and if these polarities are similar to those of the horseshoe magnet that is, a negative and a positive spot on the wave or the negative and positive place where it bends, then the two wave forms can be said to be inphase; that is, the phase is, in itself, 180 degrees. This means that in this phase reversal of 180 degrees we have presented one positive and one negative configuration to the other wave form with which it is presently involved.

However, should these two waves come together so that the two positive polarities are in junction, then they are out of phase and they will cancel out each other. Whereas, in the case of the inphase wave forms they would regenerate and be enabled to form harmonics which contained all of the original information of these waves and carry them on into a more ultimate purpose. In the case of the out of phase wave forms, these out of phase conditions would, as I have said, tend to cancel out; however, we do not destroy energy. In the canceling process where these two waves met in opposition there would be a break-up in their content that is, they would generate a certain set of out of phase harmonics, and these out of phase harmonics could conceivably regenerate into other out of phase harmonics and they would eventually completely dissipate the entire energy information which was contained in the two original wave forms. It is this principle which is in effect with any person who is tuned in, negatively speaking, to the Infinite. He presents an out of phase wave form condition to the Infinite Intelligence, and, therefore everything he does will constantly regenerate negative, or out of phase wave forms which will eventually destroy him. Whereas, if a person is always positively tuned to the Infinite Creator, then he is inphase to the different wave forms which come to him and in turn, these will regenerate constructive harmonics in his life.

In order for you to more specifically see how it is that these inphase and out of phase wave form 3rd-and-4th-Dimensional-Wave-Forms-Diagramconditions can and do affect your present life — even though they were impounded in your psychic anatomy hundreds, or even thousands of years ago — let us go into a more complete analysis. Remember that in the fourth dimension a phase is 360 degrees or a complete circle, whereas, in the physical or material world a phase is 180 degrees. However, this is a point of academic interest, and in all cases the effects will be the same.

For simplification we shall confine ourselves to the 180 degree wave form conditions, remembering, of course, that we must so far as our psychic anatomies are concerned, always visualize that wave forms within the psychic anatomy are in 360 degree wave form conditions; there they will in a sense, have time interwoven into them and they will not be concerned with a stopping or a starting place; they can be considered to be imperishable in nature. However, we can analyze them more simply on the basis of the 180 degree wave form condition.

psychic-anatomyNow, if you will turn to that part of Lesson Number Five in the Second Course where we have a diagram of the psychic anatomy, you will see that there are three different portions of this psychic anatomy; the subconscious, the mental, and the Superconscious. The subconscious — as you perhaps know — is the result of the formation of different wave forms which have occurred since the moment of your conception; and in the moment of conception, your mentality posed from the psychic anatomy with which you were most vitally concerned in the spirit world, began to beat against the various wave forms within itself. At the moment of conception, combined with other wave forms in a telepathic communication system with the mother, father, and other members of the family, you began to develop the first elements of the newly forming subconscious part of your psychic anatomy.

At the moment of birth this constructive process would be renewed and intensified with the psychic shellcomplete function of your five senses, and telepathy would to a large degree be abandoned. However, telepathy would exist but more subconsciously than before so, as you grew up through childhood and into adulthood, you would, in effect, be constructing the subconscious, and at the moment of death this subconscious would begin to deteriorate.

In different Eastern philosophies connected with the Yogi and in Western versions of these philosophies, this subconscious has been called the astral shell of the soul. The subconscious is a system of oscillating wave forms and centers which must be constantly sustained in the acts of consciousness of your daily life; when this sustaining process is suspended after death, the subconscious begins to fade. However, all of the many content forms of the subconscious have, by that time, been impounded in that part of the psychic anatomy which is called the mental consciousness. In this compounding process, there is a condition which is very similar to that which goes on in your table radio.

In order to visualize this more clearly let us recreate a scene. Let us say that in a previous lifetime, some three or four hundred years ago, you drowned in a boat accident on a lake. Now, at the present time, it could not be reasonably supposed that you would remember the details of this drowning woman drowingaccident; you would, however, have a vague fear of drowning, especially when you were confronted with the necessity of getting into a boat. The reason for this can be analyzed quite simply. In the act of drowning in the previous lifetime, let us say that your subconscious was oscillating at 600 kilocycles per second, just as in the case of the radio; and the mental portion of your psychic anatomy was vibrating at 1400 kilocycles; therefore, in the oscillating process and in an inphase condition between these two parts of your psychic anatomy, there was, as I have mentioned before a beat frequency set up which was the sum and total difference in the ratio of these two wave forms. This was called the basic frequency harmonic; it was upon this harmonic that the different energy wave forms — of the drowning experience as they came into your subconscious at that moment — traveled into the mental part of your psychic anatomy and were impounded there in an entirely different frequency to that which they originally came into your subconscious mind. There, in that mental part of your psychic anatomy they would remain, because, as I have said, they were revolving in a cyclic form of 360 degrees. Therefore, when you were reborn into this lifetime, you carried the entire content of this drowning experience, along with all other experiences which were incurred from any other previous lifetimes.

However, in this lifetime you would not consciously remember that drowning because the wave forms which composed the drowning experience were in an out of phase condition with other energy wave forms oscillating in your consciousness at the moment. But, if you went to a lake and embarked upon a boat there would be a condition set up in conscious reality which would regenerate certain wave forms into the subconscious, then oscillate on the beat frequency or the cell - Brainheterodyning into the mental consciousness where they would again come in sympathetic resonance with the original drowning wave forms; in turn, as they oscillated together they would be repeating the intelligence or the information of this experience which would regenerate a third set of harmonics that would then go into the mental consciousness or the brain cells.

Now, these brain cells are exactly like the detector circuit in the radio description. The brain cells are rectifiers, that is, they pass the electrical impulse in one direction, but they refuse to pass it backwards; and in the various layers of the cortex or the surface of the brain, there are different types of cells which perform a certain particular function; they determine certain frequencies which they will pass and other frequencies which they will not pass; they are linked and relinked to each other with different nerves. The whole system, then, can be said to be a sensing device. In other words, the passage of these countless impulses or wave forms of energy back and forth, between these cells as they are being brought into play in that moment of excitation on these different wave forms, will create the sensation which was, in effect, the exact facsimile of the original sensation which performed the same process in reverse. Therefore, the wave forms of vibration which contained the information of drowning, as they stemmed into the conscious mind, were considered as biasing wave forms; that is, they gave the energy information or whatever was contained in the wave form in the way and manner they vibrated to the brain cells, which, in turn, could then react according to these principles of regeneration and according to the mathematical formula, I have described to you.

When you realized that these little wave forms of information containing the drowning experience, were oscillating in your brain cell, the sensation of fear of drowning would again be created; it would be fear because within the different portions of the brain structure there would not be a complete junction of consciousness which is necessary to complete the memory process as it would have beenfear-of-drowning-4-post so completed had you consciously remembered this drowning experience. Therefore, you would, in this incomplete consciousness process with the oscillating information, be only vaguely aware of a dread or a fear of the boat and the lake.

Now, if I were with you at the moment, and tuned back into your past by the same process of doing exactly that which the radio does; I would with my antenna — which is my form of mental consciousness — be able to pick up the radiations of these vibrations as they were resonating in your psychic anatomy, and I would be able to describe to you just how you drowned in this previous lifetime. That would immediately set in motion a certain “inphase” condition within the subconscious portion of your psychic anatomy. In other words, it would now become a reality to you; and while this “inphase” condition was oscillating into your subconscious, the subconscious would, in turn, reoscillate as it was so oscillating with the mental consciousness in that psychic-anatomy-change-of-energies-4-postheterodyning principle. The condition would then regenerate a harmonic of wave forms containing the information of the reality; these would then go into the mental part of the psychic anatomy where they would be in an “out of phase” condition with those previously impounded in the actual experience, as I described it to you. Since they are of proportionately equal velocity or strength in this out of phase condition, they would cancel out the negative part of that oscillating wave form condition by virtue of the fact that out of phase wave forms cancel out each other.

They would blow apart these different wave forms and degenerate them into other and less destructive wave forms, because they were less destructive and also out of phase with each other; they were out of phase with other different wave forms in the psychic anatomy and, therefore, could never again regain their former potential or strength in regard to this in and out of phase condition. However, at this point you must also remember that, in the same and exact process of heterodyning, you had within your Superconscious that drowning experience; the Superconscious is a heterodyne or an oscillating circuit which creates the heterodyne principle with the mental part of the psychic anatomy, and in the same process which occurred from the subconscious to the mental conscious, the harmonic of the drowning experience was carried into the Superconscious and there it polarized certain wave forms. That is, it reconstructed the information in an entirely different dimension, because in this higher dimension there was an exact facsimile of this energy already vibrating in its entirety. In polarizing this experience from out of the mental conscious into the Superconscious, you merely woman by shorechanged it in its course or direction, or in its cyclic path and made it a part of the Superconscious, in respect to the fact that it was now, in an inphase condition; but it was out of phase with the lower portions of the psychic anatomy, such as the mental and subconscious.

Therefore, in the future, when you viewed the lake or you were in a boat, you would no longer have fear with it. The drowning experience wave forms in your mental consciousness were, to a large degree, dissipated in their inphase condition to you; and the fear would not be in your conscious mind because you would have extracted the reality of the situation. You would now be able to remember it through the subconscious; therefore, you would have automatically instigated an inphase, out of phase situation, a simultaneous condition which gave equilibrium to the entire experience; therefore, it was negative to you in respect to fear or any intent or purpose.

You could, from the Superconscious, say that the information contained in that drowning experience was also coming into your conscious mind as an added form of bias which would give you, at the moment of reflection, a certain positive quality of introspection, whereby you would be able to see this drowning experience as a constructive element in the process of life. You would have seen that it was a repetition of a karmic circumstance; in the analysis of this experience, you would be enabled to form a constructive entity of consciousness with it, and therefore, it would add to the general tone, or structure in a positive manner as to all other forms of consciousness in the entire psychic anatomy.

By now you can see that the process of life or each act of consciousness is an extremely complex process which involves the heterodyning or the beating against each other of literally hundreds of thousands even millions of wave forms which are contained in the different portions of the psychic psychic-body-anatomy-4-postanatomy. In the regularity of these mathematical formulas which have been incorporated in such electronic devices as radios and TVs, and inasmuch as we have this same mathematical regularity in the same principles impounded in our psychic anatomies, we, therefore, function inviolately; we are, in essence and in effect, an electronic instrument. We are always tuned to the Infinite in the direct ratio and proportion of these different wave form formulas. We are also immediately attuned with any and all wave forms which we have impounded in the experience process in any or all of our past lifetimes. This also adds to the tremendous complexity of the entire situation.

However, this complexity need not confuse you, if you remember the basic elements which are involved in these principles; that we have two or more wave forms which can be coming together, or beating against each other according to their harmonic frequency, or the times per second which they are oscillating up and down in that positive and negative fashion; when they come in conjunction with each other, if the polarities are negative to positive and positive to negative, then we have the inphase condition; and we have an out of phase condition if the polarities are in opposition; we can have regeneration constructively, in the inphase condition, and we can have degeneration or cancellation in the out of phase condition.

We must also remember that in whatever processes of life we are involved, even if we are completelyspiritual-enlightment-4-post idle and just letting our thoughts roam, the same complex system of oscillations and regenerations is occurring within this psychic anatomy. It is in effect, one of the most wonderous and complex configurations of energy wave forms which has been conceived in the Infinite Mind and in the purpose of Infinite Creation; because it is in this respect that, through man and in the formation and the reconstruction of the psychic anatomy, God becomes an individual being in every human. In the more highly developed forms of evolution to which any human being can aspire, man will, eventually, evolve into these higher states of consciousness if he can so conceive the possibility. Then this person is indeed, to all intents and purposes, somewhat of a God-like personality, very much like Jesus.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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