Mechanics And Dynamics of Life

mechanics-main-4-post-2“You ask something about the basic principle of life, I shall explain: Now we are going to draw the cycle (of life) here and in our hypothesis we have established in our minds that anywhere else except Cycles-4-postas far as the third dimension is concerned that everything is a cycle; that is, we can draw a circle and see everything complete in itself as far as any idea or form of consciousness is concerned, because in any other dimension we don’t have this thing they call time and space because time then becomes an additive part of that particular thing. In other words, we can make an ‘x’ anywhere on a cycle as a point of reference and from there we can say that that is negative and our ‘x’ up above the line will be positive and from anywhere that we have an oscillating condition with this cycle as it goes around, it completes itself in a cycular form either from negative to positive or from positive to negative. Any point on that cycle, it is complete in its own consciousness. That is the dynamic principle it always has to oscillate, because in the oscillation or carrying the idea or the form of consciousness, it is completing what it is. Now if we draw a line through that cycle as far as the fourth dimension is concerned and we bring that top or upper part down below the line, then we have the same cycle but we have subtracted time from it. In other words, we have time as expressing itself into another dimension in two ways; here we have time and space. The idea or form of consciousness is always carried from positive to negative or vice versa, which we call oscillation. Oscillation is what some people confuse as the word vibration. Now if we remember that dynamic principle either in the third dimension but primarily in the fourth dimension, because this third dimension is merely a place which reflects, so to speak; it is merely a way in which something else or the true cause is expressing itself in countless other dimensions from somewhere else. So the third dimension is LIfe-cycle-4-postalways secondary. Now we will draw another big circle and we will call this you or me, or any individual you wish. This is the life cycle and we will put the ‘x’ here from birth. That is negative because he starts from there. We could say at 30 or 33, if we are going for the time of years as three score and ten, we can say that 33 is his positive – or his greatest part of his life is in his early thirties. And from there on, he starts to deteriorate because as far as his physical expression is concerned, all of the things in which this cycle is, carries only the idiom of his past experiences with which he has related himself to this dimension through time and space. In other words, thousands of past lifetimes are always oscillating with this life cycle as far as his own concepts are concerned, so far as he is indoctrinated with, and this is linked up with them. We could say there are any number of these cycles – large, small and greater sized – and these cycles go on down, and down and down. These are all past lives. As far as the future is concerned, we have the same situation here, because it is InfiniteCycle-of-Creation-4-post up top. These cycles are all touching; they are all linked in a certain way through what we call frequency relationship – the same principle we use for tuning a television set or a radio, because when they oscillate they do so on a certain basic frequency. The basic frequency is their own particular consciousness or what they are expressing. So the individual is linked either into the future or into the past continuously at all times.

Now the process of evolution or reincarnation merely means that the individual is traveling through his cycular pattern or path which is, in itself, a huge cycle which goes round and round – and he is traveling around until he begins to express and contact other cycles which are larger and larger in nature. But for the time being, we are saying that he is traveling into the future very, very slowly simply because the preponderance of associations is reflected from the subconscious or the negative side of life down into the pattern in which he has previously lived before because those Attunement 2frequencies are closer to him. But at the same time, he has a leveling agent or a stabilizing agent or a progressive agent, which means that he has also partially, so far as the superconsciousness, the positive side of his nature is concerned, he is oscillating into the future – or into the Infinite. So therefore he is linked on up, shall we say for convenience, into the infinite cosmogony where Infinity lives in a much greater affluence or abundance than It does in this third dimension. Now, if a person understands these mechanics that are involved in this particular process, so what happens? If he is oscillating in a predominant sense with the subconscious that means that going back through his lives we can hypothesize that he has at any time been a murderer or he has been a thief or committed acts of extreme aggression or violence, etc., etc., because he has lived a thousand or so lifetimes. He may have been a warrior, he may have done this or he may have done that and the other – and it is quite likely that he has. But in one form or another, those past violent expressions of life are all very actively oscillating in cycular fashion as far as the subconscious is concerned.

Now we go over here at another place and we see an individual and he is committing an act of murder. Well, if you look at that man and conceive him negatively and you say he is doing evil and you are overwhelmed by the sense that this man is doing a very violent act, you are oscillating from the subconscious and you are automatically, through frequency relationship, going back through the past into your own situations where you have either done these same things before ????????????????????????or that you have witnessed them or they have been in some way or another very active in your own past lifetimes. In this way, they are again just as destructive as they ever were before. It means that all of this past has again been carried into the consciousness at the present time and therefore you have become just as destructive as the other individual.

Now if you were conscious and you possessed the knowledge of these dynamics of life, then you begin oscillating in a preponderant sense or in a positive sense much more to the upper planes of relationship into the future than you do into the lower. The lower are now becoming subjective or subversive to the extent that you are conscious of the mechanics that are automatically going to link you up to the higher oscillations into the future in a way in which you say you are oscillating or vibrating with the Infinite, indirectly through these various cycular movements and in which we find these things subdivided as far as frequency relationships are concerned, and which as frequency carries its own idiom, its own idea because the Infinite is Infinite and it expresses Itself infinitely in all directions and in all things; and that is why It is Infinite.

Now, supposedly, we are witnessing this act of murder but if we were consciously linked up with our mechanical knowledge, with our hypothesis, with our wisdom which we know of by evaluating Psychic-anatomy-4-post-2these things constructively, then we are oscillating from this sense: We can say now we see that energy is either stemming upwardly from the past or it is stemming downward from the future. If it is constructive energy it stems downward from the future because we are assuming that your pathway, your evolution is, in a general sense, constructive or going up into a spiritual world. But if it is down below or from the past, then it is destructive so it depends upon wherever you are drawing your water from your well of life. It is either from the subconscious or the past life, or whether you are drawing it from the future or what we call the inspirational side of your nature which is linked directly to the Infinite – which some people call God. So if we witness this act of murder, if we are in a state where we are oscillating from the subconscious, we have done two things. We have automatically attuned our self unto him and this act of murder so far as this man is concerned, and we also are oscillating with him and not only tuning into our own past subversive elements, we have also linked ourselves to him and all his past by looking at that thing negatively and judging it evilly. But if we look at it positively and are connected with our knowledge of this concept, we have insulated ourselves because we have erected a barrier, we have changed our own frequency to the point where nothing that he does can reflect into our consciousness in a negative way.

And the second great thing that we must remember – that instead of absorbing energy like we would say that earth absorbs rain or a sponge absorbs water, we are reflecting energy to him of a positive idol worship nature which he will be able to use and which will help to reconstruct him in the future. That is the difference, because coming up through past ages when man was a very elemental creature – well, he still is for that matter – but we are looking backwards into the very primitive forms of life as we see them expressed by man on the earth today, and that man always learns from the beginning of time to start to rationalize the unseen or mystical forces that moved around him. He could not understand the cycular movements or cycular forms because he was not advanced in his evolution to that point, so he did the only thing that he could do – he compared them with his own nature with the only thing that he could visualize as happening with him within his own mind or consciousness. Therefore, he began to subdivide all of these things into personalities which he called evil spirits or ogres and he gave them two classifications – either one was good or the other evil. He did not stop to think for one moment that in order to become a God or a force which was invisible in the physical sense, that he was beginning to divide this Absolute which is the infinite sum and total of all things that the Christian calls God but that he also did another very bad thing and that is he became very conscious, predominantly more so, with the subversive negative than he did with the conscious or the higher. So there were many bad things that he did when he began to divide the absolute into subtractions of evil forces or spirits and gods or demons, etc.

Well, the Christian is no better off than the pagan because he has subdivided the absolute, the Infinite into several categories, such as Satan and Christ and so on and so forth. He has made the Einsteinsame mistake as the pagan has; he hasn’t really progressed very far in his evolution – no more so than any of the rest of them have because he still does not have the mechanics and the dynamics of life. These things are all, in themselves, the transpositions of energy forms, energy wave forms, because the Infinite is the sum and total of that energy substance which even the scientist knows nothing about. The scientist is limited in this way. He is limited by the space-time factor. He has established within his own mind 186,210 miles per second as the absolute and so long as he adheres to the concept of time, he could never visualize anything in the future where time does not exist even though we had men like Einstein come along and point out that in the absolute or abstract there was no such thing as time. Time became an integral element of form and substance within itself – or within everything else. The only way one can understand that is to establish the cycular concept within our minds as part of the Absolute.

Now by drawing consciousness here from upstairs we are oscillating to this man positive energy. If we are connected in consciousness and get our energies from the past, or the subconscious, then he is oscillating to us negatively. When he oscillates to us negatively, we are going on down into the Attunementlower reaches of our subconscious nature and linking ourselves up with all the subversive elements that have happened to us in the past. Also, we have linked ourselves through frequency relationship and attunement to all the subversive things which have been in his past. So therefore evil has a double nature or double meaning as far as a condition of that kind is concerned. When we have attuned ourselves with the Infinite and the positive nature of ourselves then, as I say, we are oscillating to him positively and in that sense of the word he has also, shall we say, at that particular moment started to oscillate by these oscillations with his higher self. So that ringing situation (we call it ringing in electronics) means that all these cycles that are connected to his higher nature will now be stimulated to this point where certain alignments begin to take place. So far as time is concerned he has been immediately constructively started on his pathway into higher dimensions of consciousness to the point where he can no longer commit murder or do anything of this particular nature because we have given him something that he did not have before by reflecting that consciousness or positiveness to him.

And that is the principle that Jesus called turning the other check and something that has never been understood by the Christian or by the layman – or anyone else as far as that goes – for until you understand these dynamics, you’ll never understand how these things can be concluded or arrived at.

When our sister there who just wrote gets this, she will cease to struggle in this turmoil and this pit clay in which she has enmeshed herself for so many thousands of years; and the same thing is very Yogananda2true with all other people. You and I are no exception either because our struggle here to some degree has been of the same nature and the same self, because even coming into these worlds or even knowing these things means that to some degree we have compromised ourselves, for being able to live in a physical world means that you have to assume some form of compromise with these things, otherwise, you could not live in your body. You would get to the point where, well for instance, Yogananda, when he left his body, his body lived for over three weeks without decomposition. That meant that his body, as far as the atomic structures are concerned, had begun to vibrate in such a high plane of relationship with his own Superconscious that they were not subjective to the bacterial action or decomposition as are commonly accepted forms of atomic structures. We say common flesh would deteriorate in a few hours time when left at room temperature simply because the atoms were vibrating with incompatible frequency to germ life which had established itself in that definite relationship and continuity.

Whenever we have a reaction, we don’t have a reaction chemically or otherwise unless it can take Frequency-Relationship-of-Atoms-Matter-4-postplace within the very auric nature of the atomic substances themselves. In other words, it is an infusion or a connection as far as the relationships with the very vibrating frequencies of the atoms themselves. either atomically and subdivided molecularly, it is the same thing. We have to have frequency relationship before we have any kind of a reaction or a reactive process taking place. It cannot exist otherwise. And it is all done through frequency relationship or attunement, which is the same principle of oscillation which is used in television or radio transmission or any other particular type of communication systems which are based primarily on frequency relationship.

So that should, in a very short digest, explain the complete dynamics of life.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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