Is a Mass Saucer Landing of Best Purpose?

scientist2Now, it should be very apparent, not only to your students, but speaking generally of the world as a whole, that the earth is going through the change of a great cycle, and this is a very scientific cycle. These sciences will either create and reproduce a new race of people who are more suitably adapted to living with these higher concepts of life, or this science will surely destroy them, so the earth will have to be replanted with the new flora and fauna, new humanity in future ages after the atomic radiation has cooled. There are other numerous factions, or shall I call them more or less fear mongers, who are spreading doctrines which are somewhat falsely related to the astral concepts of some worlds, about so-called space-men who are ready to plunge in and save the world from destruction. Now, there are, of course, many entities who live in the astral worlds who are dominated by a great sense of, shall I say, ‘service to humanity’; but these forces or these entities, as they represent either individuals or large groups, are, sometimes, as you have been told about the Venuseans in the lower orders, not always well-directed nor are they always well ordered. So therefore, many earth people, at your present time, are falling victim to the well-meant but misdirected efforts of these astral forces who are interjecting their philosophies or their doctrines into the minds of the earth people. To clear up this situation before we resume our exploration, I will point out to you, that, as you know, there are great numbers of huge, as well as lesser or smaller astral worlds which exist in dimensional frequencies which are above that of the earth, and hundreds of billions of people are living in these worlds. They, just as the earth, have very large scientific evolutions such as the world is now going through, and much more so, indeed, because these people are so far advancesaucer_in_sund to the earth that the people of the earth might be millions of years catching up with them. They may be in possession of certain great cosmic secrets of the transference of energy into different forms where they make various spacecraft and become little busybodies in space, snooping around in the various planetary systems and sometimes creating a large amount of havoc in the normal living habits of these terrestrial inhabitants. The normal function of people in these planets is always to assume, as you have explained, a direct evolutionary process through reincarnation to work out their problems. Any interference from outside, or interstellar, or cosmic forces, or astral relationships would be quite foreign to the nature of the terrestrial dweller, and should be completely and thoroughly ignored; or even if they are investigated they should be accepted on the basis of the merits which they possess which means absolutely nothing at all in the final analysis. As you can see, no one can be taken out of the thought patterns, as you have termed it ‘his little pit of clay’ which he has dug for himself. Only by his own will and own volition can he evolve or reincarnate into higher structures, which he will eventually do if he is left alone long enough. If you were to go into the hen house and disturb the chicken who was laying the egg, it would be quite likely to delay the process somewhat, as well as give the poor fowl a serious complex for her future efforts. So it is, if I can interject this very homely comparison into our philosophies, very similar to those inhabitants of the earth, that these ‘meddlers’, as I call them, from these astral and cosmic worlds, are continually more or less influenced by the sense of power they have taken on from being able to go from one planet to another uninhibited and they very often adopt very strong ego structures which makes them to a degree, tyrannical in nature.

 Now, I must not be misunderstood on this point, and I shall make myself very clear, because there are very worthwhile forces who are working for the benefits of the terrestrial planets. UN.AR.I.U.S. is the group of the Seven Centers which are working with mankind for his own salvation, and there are others not so highly developed, or shall I say, astral world forces who are also working along these same channels; and these channels of endeavor are strictly through the intuitive, or in the language of the earth psychiatrist, through the subconscious inflection. In other words, through the crystalcity2hypcognic or in the sleep state, a person is given intuitively or within his psychic self, the necessary inspiration, the knowledge and wisdom to carry him through some particular crisis. This is especially true with the world leaders, and you have seen this work out several times in political circles in the last year. These great changes or ‘about faces’ in the political relationships of some of the nations of the world have been inspired directly through these channels. This has a much greater effect and has a greater value in service to the terrestrial man than landing any number of spacecraft could possibly effect. In fact, one spacecraft landing visibly within sight of some metropolis would immediately panic every inhabitant of that city, and this panic would be very disastrous. Even though there have been pages and pages of saucer or spacecraft sightings, yet the average individual could not endure the sight because it is rather an awesome spectacle when once it is viewed from the physical eye. The fact of the matter is, these things should be ignored to the point where you might look at them the same way you look at the animals when you go to the zoo; but you would not like to go in and play with them.

 To get in with the spacecraft or to get in with that faction of people who have been distracted from their true course of life and from the solution of their own problems is another one of the little foggy spots of miasma which are sometimes encountered by individuals who get to the point where they become a little frustrated with trying to equate themselves in establishing an equilibrium with the different pressures of life which are about them. – William Kelvin – Excerpt from The Voice of Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., Elysium


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