Mars Underground City Air Locks, Bulkheads And Entrances

The Red Planet and (inset) one of the

UFO hunters and alien investigators claim recent images show doorways into secret underground bases on Mars but could these also be what Dr. Norman originally wrote in the book “The Truth About Mars” about air locks and bulkheads which assist the city with its air quality perhaps besides being entrances.

Excerpt from The Truth About Mars:

“I was immediately impressed by the soft white light that seemed to come from everywhere. We were standing near the entrance of a large tube. On Mars the cities are all underground and are connected together by huge oval metal tubes from three to five hundred feet in diameter. There are monorail cars as long as our pullman trains which glide silently and very swiftly from one city to another. The bottoms of these immense tubes are used for parks, growing foodstuffs and innumerable small manufacturing plants.”

“Because of the great distances between the (underground) cities, these tubes have been built only partially submerged. There are emergency air locks and bulkheads at the ends where they connect to the domes; other safety and precautionary measures are used to protect the cities and tunnels in case of breakdowns or outside attack. It is these tubes which have confused the astronomers on the earth. Some believe them to be canals. There are also other theories. The shifting desert sands often cover or uncover them which leads to further confusion inasmuch as they seem to appear and disappear.”



Google Earth Photo with Coordinates

The doorway with Google Earth coordinates
Other Cube Shaped Structures:

 Perhaps Another Cube-Shaped Portal – Mars Curiosity Sol 120

mars-cube-SOL 120

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