Man, A Musician In The Great Symphony Of Life

man-musician-of-lifeExcerpt from Tempus Procedium:

“All quests and unsolved indispositions which are manifested in anyone’s daily life are simply the result of lack of a definite spiritual psychology in that person’s life. Such quests, searchings and seekings can and will only be dissolved when such adequate spiritual psychology replaces the reactionary material psychology which has given rise to not only each individual’s own personal unsolved quests and searchings but that such reactionary philosophy or psychology is either directly or indirectly responsible for all of the large numbers of classified and unclassified ills of humanity.

When the light of true inward introspection from the inward consciousness is brought down and focused into our daily life as our guiding light, then all quests, searchings and seekings are dissipated higher-selfas shadows before the rising sun.

Remember, too, a common metaphysical term, “like attracts like”, so one unhealthy situation would only attract another, or “two wrongs do not make a right”, and two unhappy people do not make one happy person.

True happiness is not found in the belief that any one person can bring us happiness, nor can we, by the same token expect to find true happiness by trying to make someone else happy. True happiness is found only when we have properly placed ourselves as a positive reciprocating polarity for the Infinite Mind, and in becoming such a polarity, we incept into our daily lives a certain proportion of Infinite Wisdom which supplies all our needs and answers all our problems – remembering, however, that this is not done selfishly but rather, in a broad overall sense of interpretation which deals directly with the universal man, his infinitely numerous interpretations of life, not only on materialistic earth-plane existences but in the countless numbers of astral and spiritual worlds as well.

polarity-2The idea behind the libido or sex drive is quite well-founded and very necessary on the materialistic planes of life and one which, through procreation, not only sustains man through the evolutionary process of reincarnation through the first and informative experience periods of this evolution but these various unions between man and woman, which are primarily motivated by sex in the procreative process, actually become starting points from whence he begins to build up from within himself, his mate, and members of the family, a pattern of oscillating polarities. When constantly built up, rejuvenated, and added to through the numerous life cycles and contacts in these family relationships, they begin to link him in a broad and universal pattern of introspection whereby through the law of harmonic or frequency relationships, he is not only a part of all the universal brotherhood of man but also becomes one of the positive sustaining polarities for this universal brotherhood.

Unfortunately, however, such a universal spiritual brotherhood has not yet been lived or expressed in any true proportion upon the earth or in any of our more ancient or recent epochs of time, and is aman-struggles-to-find-meaning utopian goal which has long been envisioned within the hearts and minds of countless millions who have lived and are living at our present time. Such utopian visions may indeed spring from within the spiritual consciousness of each individual and which may be a vague memory consciousness of lives in between lives in higher spiritual dimensions; or the very form and nature of the perfect existence may spring from the spiritual embryo or life cycle of each person. In man’s struggle for survival, any one individual finds himself – just as any other one of the countless billions of humanity who have lived or are living – confronted by a seemingly endless succession of daily problems, experiences, dispensations, reactions and other numerous elements which go to make up this daily life. And he may well ask himself, “What is the use of all this seemingly endless succession and procession of various experience quotients of life?” And such a person will indeed become lost should he lose sight of the perspective and purpose of life. Neither can it be said that any one person has within his consciousness this true continuity of purpose nor could he give voice or utterance to the most abstract of all equations which is life.

man-ascensionWithin the psychic structures of self, the inner man gives forth constantly in the unheard voice, the unsung song of creation. The various procession of forms of life can thus, in the melody of this unsung song, become part of the infinite abstraction of not only the universal man, existing in his countless dispensations, but all of these things in themselves and in their infinities become the ways and means in which Infinity lives and relives, multiplies and replenishes, re-creates and expresses.growing-infinitely

Thus it is in such infinite introspection that man is no more or less than the leaf on the tree or the blade of grass at the feet, or of the beasts of the field or the fowls of the air, for each one in himself is expressing infinite continuity – a direct proportion of this great Intelligence. Each and everything so created has become a musician in the great symphony of life which sings and plays its unheard song of creation, springing from whence no man knows and ever returning to the unknown limbo of Infinite Consciousness.”

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