Maintaining The Positive Versus Negative

positive-versus-negative-mainExcerpt from Tempus Interludium, Vol II:

“The most important problem confronting the aspiring student of UN.AR.I.U.S. is self-mastery, and it is almost needless to point out that until certain definite steps and accomplishments in this self-mastery have been accomplished, the aspirant has no chance of becoming a better person.

The whole context of the Unariun concept is based upon this premise: you cannot become a better self-analysis-4-postperson until you have mastered your personal emotions. You cannot hope to escape the purgatory of karma, which you have heaped upon yourself in your past lives, no more than you can hope to escape present and future inflections by indulging yourself in emotionalisms. Therefore, if you find yourself at any time, now or in the future, emotionally involved with any person or persons or any set of circumstances, the first step in self-mastery is to realize that you and you alone are to blame and are responsible for your involvement and for your emotion.

When you have accomplished such real, honest judgment against yourself and you can judge your position on the basis of all factors involved in the situation, then you shall find that these emotionalisms will be discharged. They will lose their power to hold you and your future will become freer from recurring situations.

Self-mastery does not mean the suppression of emotion; it means discharging and discarding this positive-outlook-2-postunintelligent reaction by a sequence of logical interpretations, which are taught throughout the UN.AR.I.U.S. liturgies and are the basic elements of personal psychology. When you properly understand human nature, without involving your personal ego in this understanding, you will be able to quickly settle all differences which may arise in your mind on the basis of logic, reason, and understanding. When you have learned to understand yourself and others, as well as the world about you, you will be able to automatically project a strong, positive vibration or power into everything. People and dogs will like you without the necessity as you now think of trying to impress them with your ability and your desires.

This strong, positive vibration should not be misconstrued; it does not come from an egotistical person. Such persons only incur enmity and dislike. The positive love vibration comes only when you understand yourself and others, and you are interested in them above your own welfare and regardless of personal benefits.

Therefore, to anyone who would like to live a better life, who would like to serve mankind and the Infinite Creator, he must first accomplish this first and all-important step self-mastery. It is a long first-stepstep and perhaps the biggest step you’ll ever take, and when you have accomplished self-mastery, you will no longer find yourself emotionally involved with others. It will not be a question of being welcomed into their homes or in their company, nor will there be any question of your abilities. All such things will be automatically adjusted and taken care of beforehand; that is part of the principle of infinite regeneration. As you become wiser and more understanding, so does the emotional world pass from you in proportion to your understanding. The degree of your emotional involvement then will always be a personal yardstick whereby you can constantly measure your success or failure.

If you find yourself in an emotional situation, just say to yourself, “There is no one else to blame but myself; I have let myself become emotionally involved and there’s only one person who can change it—that’s me,” or words along that line. When you can honestly and objectively analyze yourself, that emotionalism is a form of mental weakness and that emotionalism is indulged in by people in lieu of an intelligent, understandable way of life, then you will be able to quickly change your situation.

Remember the old classic quotation: “Evil is always in the eye of the beholder.” An evil circumstance only begets its own evil progeny, et cetera. Don’t blame others—blame yourself for being ignorant and failing to understand either yourself or them.

Moreover, in your quest of self-mastery, so long as you are living a mortal life and until you have evolved to a higher plane of consciousness, you will be, to some degree, victimized by the emotional world. You musmastery-over-selft not, however, attempt to console yourself by saying that circumstances were thrust upon you or that others do it, so why can’t I, etc. Living in the material world means constant involvement in emotionalisms. You will, therefore, be constantly called upon to exercise the franchise of intelligent, logical analysis. You will also be constantly called upon to dissolve these negative energies by reforming from them constructive thought and putting this constructive thought into action by understanding other people, seeing or anticipating their unfulfilled need of such constructive thought, and by objectifying your own need and lack, as well as that of others. Fill these voids with this constructive thought which, when properly tuned to negative situations, will reverse and cancel this negation. These are simple, elemental, and scientific astro-dynamic principles used by the Infinite Creator in creating himself in all things.

If you wish to become a constructive, creative individual, you must learn to use these principles. If you are negative and emotional, you will become increasingly so as the years and the lifetimes pass. There’s only one way to reverse degeneration and obliteration: through constructive self-development, learning to understand yourself as an evolvement through an emotional world. Your present emotional position must be changed to a constructive attitude which uses the positive power of intelligence, logic, and understanding.

Learn to be interested in others; be compassionately minded with their problems. Don’t toss your ego around; if you are something of any value, people will quickly recognize it—you won’t have to Helping-hand-4-posttell them. If your life is empty and lax, then fill it by helping to fill the lives of others—not with your self-importance but rather, with love and understanding. Never try to inflict yourself upon others; instead, create of yourself a storehouse, and then they will come to you.

Self-mastery does at once accomplish all the best and creative desires and fulfills the promise of Infinite Creation. The Unariun life is lived in peace and complacency; it is lived in harmony with all others and all things. It is lived without turmoil and strife and constantly is filled and refilled with an abundance of all virtues.”

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