Magnetism & EMF – Excerpt from ICCC

“We have now found that mass is an illusion and actually is composed of solar systems of energy called atoms and which are a complex wave form system of energy which radiates an external field of force called an electromagnetic field.

Atoms are either compatible or incompatible on the basis of these electromagnetic fields frequency. In other words, the compatible atoms have linked themselves, so to speak, arm in arm like a group of people might do; or that they could not link themselves because of the differences in the rate of vibration or oscillation in their electromagnetic fields.

The scientist of today possesses certain knowledge of electromagnetism; however, like all other things, including atoms, he does not know their true and originating source and therefore much of their true nature still remains hidden.

Various statements recently made public by a number of eminent scientists clearly show the limited perspectus of physical and nuclear science and among other plans for future research and development, science is planning construction of a mile-long tunnel under the university campus at Berkeley, California which will eventually become a super atom smasher–a new attempt at what is hoped will give scientists the necessary answers.

You, dear student, from these pages for a few pennies, can learn more about the atom and creation atom-north-south-polethan the scientist will learn in the next hundred years with hundreds of billions of dollars.

Another important fact about an atom is that it has two poles, north and south, or positive and negative. This is very important to remember for it is in the alignment of polarities in a certain group of atoms which gives it a certain property or function called magnetism or magnetic hysteresis, such as is found in the common horseshoe magnet.

This atom has a north and south magnetic pole; so do all the other planets and asteroids, as well as the sun. These poles always remain exactly parallel with each other like a group of matches laid side by side; the heads representing the positive or north pole and the small ends, the south. The 30 billion stars which compose our galaxy, also have their own north and south poles, all properly aligned to the center of the galaxy and all of which form the apex of a huge fourth dimensional vortex.

Now enters in a very important part of our concept of polarities. Opposite, or north and south poles attract, whereas two north poles and two south poles repel. To best illustrate this important principle (or law) you must obtain two common horseshoe magnets from your local ten-cent store, also a few small one-inch iron nails. Now take your two magnets and putting the ends together you will find that they either very definitely attract or pull together or they will seemingly push away from each other. This is the principle of attraction and repulsion of everyday usage of electronics, such as motors. When the magnets are turned around so that north and north poles and the south and south poles are together, they repel.

Now take one of your magnets and put one of the common iron nails on the end. You will find that this nail which is protruding outwardly from the end into free space can now attract and hold another similar nail. If you pull the nail away from the magnet, it loses its power. You will also find that your magnet can give off a constant never ending stream of magnetic energy for many years without diminishing. Where does this energy come from? The scientist does not really know. He knows that a magnet gives off energy because something has happened to the steel material from which it was made. However, he will remain ignorant of the true source until he can visualize that this energy comes from the next dimension, about which he knows very little or nothing; and up until the present, he has consistently refused to work in other dimensions because they are not reactive to his present understanding and physical laws of the material third dimension.

atom-lines-of-forceAn atom, as we have stated, is the apex of a small vortex of energy. This said vortex being linked to other vortexes through magnetic lines, becomes the true source of all known energies and forms in this third dimension, as well as the very material used in its construction. Therefore nothing is created in this material, third dimension; it is only an expressive or terminating point for a very complex amount of activity from the adjacent dimensions.

A dimension, by the way, is simply a conglomeration or a group of aggregates of various energy formations wherein certain reactive components are found. Our third dimension is composed of 94 natural atoms and about 7 semi-synthesized atoms and their various attendant free energy or dynamic movements.

As of today the scientist has not succeeded in creating life, nor has he created an atom. In fact, even in this material world no one has actually created anything! The process of creation, usually understood on this energy basis, merely means putting various aggregates of atoms together so that they will assume a new shape or form and so they will perform a different function. This is the first step in which mankind begins to learn in common usage form, how to become a constructive entity of consciousness.

The scientist has semi-synthesized an atom; that is, he has taken certain original atoms and given them a certain “face lifting” operation so that they appeared to have a slightly different reactive function. However, he did not create—only changed.

Now let us examine more of the mysteries of the atom and its attendant electromagnetic field of force. Let us take a pound of ordinary iron. Iron is a ferrous metal, the only element which can be magnetized in its present state; this iron possesses no magnetism of its own. To make a permanent magnet of it certain things must be done. First we will place this iron in a furnace where it will be heated until it is liquid. This means all the little atoms are spread very widely apart to absorb the heat. The iron then becomes liquid because the little atoms are now very loosely joined by their E.M.F., (electromagnetic field). While the iron is still a liquid, we will mix in a small quantity of carbon, a soot-like substance, and a bit of nickel. We will then quickly pour this into a mould so that it forms a bar about one-half inch square and 8 or 10 inches long. When the bar has cooled so that it is solid but still red hot, we will bend this bar into a horseshoe circle, then plunge it into cold water.

The tiny atoms are “shocked” at this treatment; they grasp each other and hold on very tightly. TheyCreating-a-Magnet are also prevented from losing their hold by the carbon and nickel atoms which act somewhat like policemen, making them stay permanently affixed to each other.The former mass of (comparatively) soft iron has now become a hard steel alloy. Still, however, does not exert magnetism because the various north and south poles of all the little atoms are only pointing toward each other in no definite direction. To make this steel into a magnet, we will place it in the center of a coil of wire through which a heavy electrical current is flowing. This is an alternating current, that is, a sine wave.

In the center of the coil a tremendous concentration of magnetic energy which was generated by the electricity going round and round in the various turns of wire. This electricity, in passing through the atoms which composed the copper wire, caused these copper atoms to become excited and to throw off or give out a certain amount of their E.M.F. energy which was concentrated in the center of the coil.

When we place our horseshoe-shaped bar in the center of this intense magnetic energy, the atoms in this steel bar are immediately “shocked”, so to speak. Remember, these atoms are still (comparatively) far apart. They can easily turn their magnetic axis, or the north and south poles, when compelled to do so.

The magnetic energy in the center of the coil makes all the atoms in the steel point their poles toward the ends of the steel bar. The atoms on one side of the bar will point their south poles toward one end, and the atoms on the other side of the bar will point their north poles toward the other end of the bar. The bar is then slowly withdrawn and will remain from that time a permanent magnet because all these little atoms are exerting their E.M.F. toward the end of the bar; and this they can do for many years because an unending supply of energy is flowing through them from their vortexes.

This same magnetic process goes on in our solar system. The sun exerts tremendous E.M.F. which flows out in curved lines to the various planets. The planets are thus kept charged by this E.M.F., just as your magnet can keep a nail charged.
EMF-of-planetsmagnet-iron-filingsTo better visualize this process, place a pinch of iron filings on a piece of paper; put your magnet underneath the paper, then tap the edge of the paper lightly. You will see that the iron filings assume two pinwheel-shaped formations immediately above your magnet. This is what is taking place in the solar system but even much more complex because the sun is also energized by its own vortex, which is in turn linked through E.M.F. to all other large and small vortexes in the Infinite known as the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc., dimensions.

EMF-lines-of-force-solar-systemCenter line, exact point of negative and positive equilibrium and point of greatest transconductance or hysteresis. Such equilibrium is necessary to reestablish constructive hysteresis.

Diagram shows common patterns of E.M.F. lines and vortexal sine waves; vortexal movements of our solar system which exactly conform to all other cosmic structures, including the atom.

These electromagnetic force lines are exactly similar to the common pattern of E.M.F. lines in various magnetic structures and so far as the earth, planets, etc., comprise what is called gravity, as well as the various other energies such as heat, light, etc.
EMF-Earth-Atom Showing how energy comes into, or is transduced into various suns, planets, atoms, galaxies, universes, etc., from the 4th dimension; this energy then forming the various force fields such as the gravitational field of force. These various force fields of electromagnetic energy then actually become the various different and familiar energies such as light, heat, etc., as well as forming one of the basic sources of energy which help energize atomic forms.

He can also see this process taking place in the aurora borealis or northern lights which are produced over the very strongly charged north and south magnetic poles where atoms of free oxygen become ionized and glow or become violently agitated, creating certain kinds of energy light waves, a process identical to that which takes place in a fluorescent lamp. This then, dear student, is the Infinite Creative Cosmos. All other attendant free-moving electrical forms as are found in dynamic energy are also part of this Infinite and in reproducing themselves in the third dimension, do so in a time separation process, thus becoming straight transferences which always give our third dimensional world its normally accepted dimension of perspectus. In the adjacent dimensions, however, all energy is integrated with time; all thought, form and action are therefore separate cyclic entities. To live in these higher worlds, will mean that you will have to completely change your present life perspectus. This will be your evolution in the countless thousands of years to come. Other points to make before closing this lesson deal with the very essence or nature of the E.M.F. which is pure energy. It is not corpuscular or particle, but a wave form which vibrates at frequencies presently unknown to science. One million vibrations or cycles per second is a megacycle. Television and radio waves will vibrate up to 600 megacycles or 600 million cycles per second. Scientists have succeeded in their laboratories in creating vibrations of 60,000 megacycles. However, these vibrations are slower than a snail’s pace when compared to the rates of vibration found in the E.M.F. energies; and this is the reason why science knows so little about them. He simply cannot count fast enough and possesses no proper instrumentation. The so—called glue which holds the atoms together is E.M.F. energy which vibrates at hundreds of millions of megacycles per second.







Positive or north magnetic pole: Axis of magnetic pole is always parallel to axis of the sun’s magnetic poles.

Negative or south magnetic pole: Seasonal changes are caused by variations in magnetic hysteresis due to angle of incidence of 23 degree polar declination versus magnetic poles in rotating around the sun.


Looking down upon the earth showing electromagnetic lines and the circular belts of radiation recently discovered by astrophysicists during the I.G.Y.; obvious similarities are present both in the atom and the earth in respect to the E.M.F. lines and the vortexal sine waves which, in the process of cosmic hysteresis, become the more active components of energy found in the radiation belts which exist about 4,000 to 12,000 miles out from the surface of the earth.

It must be borne in mind that these same principles of cosmic hysteresis or interplay of energies are the constructive factors of creation; the same similarities, patterns, etc., exist universally, whether it is found creating an atom, or a solar system, or a universe; the sum and total of cosmic hysteresis is the actual power and energy which form the familiar earth life dispensations such as gravity, heat, light, etc., and generally speaking, power the atom.

This is, of course, beyond the dimension of human understanding. However, it will be very real andman-bio-energy-field pertinent to you in that far and distant future when you will live in and be a body or entity of more pure electromagnetic energy.

Thought waves, mental telepathy, etc., all belong in that realm of ultrahigh frequencies, just as do various other so-called spiritual phenomena known to mankind. The energies which compose your soul, spirit and psychic anatomy vibrate in that ultrahigh frequency dimension; and in the next lesson we shall discuss the psychic anatomy.

At this point it might be well to pause and summarize what we have discussed and learned in this and number two lesson, for in these pages we have presented the fundamental principles of creation and they are, of course, extremely important to you; and as we have stated, your progress into the higher spiritual worlds will, in the future, be largely determined as a ratio of your understanding.

These presentations have been made in conjunction with certain presently known scientific usages as we see them in our everyday life. Almost needless to say, this present-day form of life would be quite impossible without them.

earth-emfOur present-day world of science can therefore be firmly established upon these creative principles which have been described to you and which we have largely called cosmic hysteresis. It must also be noted that while present-day science does possess a certain working knowledge of these principles, this knowledge is still dogmatically confined to the earth and the third dimension which scientists believe revolves around this earth.

As of today science has only begun to faintly envision the vast infinite cosmogony. He now knows about the various magnetic fields of force around various planets, suns and stars. He also knows that these magnetic lines exist in space; but of the great and vast cosmic interplay of energy and vortexes, he has not as yet approached this dimension of understanding.

In defense of science, however, certain aspects must be fairly stated. Almost all of the present-day scientific knowledge has been brought into existence during the past century. In probing into the vast “unknown”, many men have, during this period, stumbled upon or “discovered” certain electronic reactions. The names of these men are carved upon the walls of the Hall of Fame; men such as Faraday, Volta, Ohm, Ampere, Franklin, Roentgen and the giant of them all, Tesla. Some of these names are very deserving of the credit awarded them; others have been guilty of plagiarism.

They have taken certain unknown discoveries of other men and succeeded in developing them and capitalizing upon this development including their names as the inventors. The telephone was invented years before the instrument was developed by Bell. The phonograph, movies, electric lights, etc., were all invented before they were developed and capitalized on by Edison.

The great industrial empire of Westinghouse was built by George Westinghouse upon some forty inventions purchased by him from Tesla for a quarter of a million dollars.  Among these was the air teslabrake which made railroads possible.

The immense contribution Tesla made to our present technocracy has not yet been fully developed and many of Tesla’s inventions still remain for the future. Tesla gave us our first practical electric A.C. motor and with it, alternating current. Tesla made it possible to send electricity over very thin wires from remote powerhouses into the great cities which now turn the wheels of our vast industrial empire. Tesla gave us the first fluorescent lamp, the first wireless, radar and many other inventions which we see about us; for Tesla was one of the more advanced personalities who came to this earth at the right time to start the great cycle of universal expansion which would lead certain classifications of the earthmen into the higher dimensions of more advanced life.”

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation


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