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Is the Galaxy an intelligent super-being, naturally programming life to occur wherever and however possible?

Does this intelligent programming naturally result in human life forming on all suitable planets?

Would this also mean that “extra-terrestrials” are actually not so ‘alien’ looking after all?


My public position over the last decade has afforded me multiple opportunities to speak with very high-ranking whistleblowers — people who worked in deeply classified UFO-oriented projects and are now coming forward, in varying degrees, to tell their stories.

Though there are many other sources that give various pieces of the puzzle, I’ve received private testimony on this subject from the following four witnesses… all but the first of which occurred in direct conversation with the witnesses themselves:

  • Physics professor: In 1993 a friend of mine shared the testimony of a high-ranking NASA employee who said it’s “common knowledge in the higher echelons of NASA” that UFOs have landed, and that the tallest of three types of beings found in the ships were “nearly identical to Earth humans in appearance”;
  • Sgt. Clifford Stone: I met him at the Disclosure Project in May 2001, and he publicly testified that 57 different varieties of ET have been discovered. He considered it a “great mystery our scientists will have to solve” as to why every single one of these 57 species is human in appearance;
  • ‘Clark’: Privately at a conference, this whistleblower confirmed the presence of multiple human-looking races among many other things. He gave invaluable confirmation to my energetic DNA models, showing they were well-known in classified projects — and elaborated well beyond my own knowledge level;
  • Henry Deacon: This witness met and interacted with over 40 different human species in the course of his work within multiple highly classified projects. He has been the most valuable source yet in terms of describing the specific characteristics of our neighbors.


It’s a rather sad and crazy fact that you have to go very, very deep into the UFO cover-up — a level which very few whistleblowers ever gain enough clearance to even know about — to discover the ridiculously simple, yet utterly profound fact that the “extraterrestrials” basically look like us.


And not approximately human, or roughly human, but in some cases similar enough that you couldn’t even tell the difference!

Depending on the species, you might need to give them some contact lenses, snap-in denture plates, and perhaps a wig or some foundation makeup, but otherwise they’re good to go.

Other species’ differences are still relatively superficial, such as height (everything between a foot and a half to 15 feet tall) and skin color (almost every variety you can think of, including dark green, light green, orange, pink, gray, white, jet-black, et cetera).

In almost all cases, hands look the same, with either five or six fingers per hand. The variations in facial and head structure you see in a typical Star Trek extraterrestrial species are far more exaggerated than the truth as well. Every race has smooth heads and faces that are more or less like ours, without hard lines, ridges or other abnormal structures.


The prevailing hypothesis in the black-ops community is simply that ancient human species seeded themselves on multiple planets in our distant past, and then natural evolutionary changes created the varieties we now see.

The deeper truth is that our Galaxy has designed all life, on all planets, according to a unified, intelligent template. DNA is not the product of random evolution, but is rather a structured energy wave — a torsion field.

These waves gather up native molecules in a given area and spiral them into life as we now know it. Of course, this begins with single-celled organisms and gradually builds up from there.

At this point we cannot prove that there are human ETs in a scientifically repeatable manner. We have credible witness testimonies, but we obviously have not yet been formally introduced to other human species.

Nonetheless, the science needed to establish the mechanism of this intelligent design does  exist. And even more importantly, there is tangible evidence that we are being energetically pushed through a major evolutionary leap at this time.


So many movies have been made that present something other than the idea of human extraterrestrials that we have a great deal of conditioning to break down if we are to see the truth.

This conditioning is so strong, so often repeated, that many people may never be able to believe that everyone in the Galaxy is basically human — until they are shown the concrete proof.

The typical “alien”, with the large head, large eyes, thin body and gray skin is about as different-looking  from us as any ETs in this galaxy will ever get.

And even then, you’re still dealing with a human species — eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet.

Everyone ‘bugs out’ (pun intended!) on the jet-black eyes of a typical “Gray”-type being. As it turns out, they’re nothing more than sunglasses.

More precisely, according to multiple testimonies I’ve heard, you are seeing a highly-advanced technology that fits over the entire eye, like a contact lens.


One of the greatest and most jealously-guarded secrets of the UFO cover-up is exactly how similar  most of the visitors look to us here on Earth.

Why do you think the planetary controllers put out so many movies trying to convince us that “space aliens” are ultra-violent and utterly horrific creatures?

Would it not undermine their apparent, unquestioned power over the Earth if we found out that there are people out there… people more or less just like us… and these people are patiently waiting for us to sort through our problems on Earth so we can be welcomed into a far greater community?

Don’t worry… that’s the greater context of what “this 2012 thing” is all about. It’s not doom and gloom, it’s not about a Pole Shift, or a Meteor Strike, or a Supervolcano Eruption, or any other such Chicken Little scenario of worldwide doom.

You are free to panic if you so choose, but the more familiar you become with the spiritual path, the more you become aware of the fact that we are always being guided and protected… and this is not suddenly going to stop.


The perceived threats we face on the planet are real — let’s make that point clear. Lives have been lost, and more will be lost as we go on. This is an inevitable aspect of the greater drama of evolution we’re running through.

Nonetheless, we have documented an ongoing, highly impressive body of evidence suggesting that major, life-threatening disasters have been averted left and right — not by ‘good luck’, but rather a very deliberate intervention — over and over again — by beings far more spiritually and technologically advanced than ourselves.

It is their job to remain completely hidden, and thus take no credit for their hard work. If it were obvious that these ‘rescues’ were intelligently designed, there would be no motivation for us to change — and / or we would begin worshipping them as Gods rather than seeing them as fellow seekers on the path, serving the Universe in their own way.

As just one of many examples of such interventions, I have spoken repeatedly about multiple witness testimonies that UFOs have repeatedly powered down nuclear missile silos and knocked live missiles out of the sky during tests — and when they were recovered, all the radioactivity within them had vanished.

Our military sees these interventions as hostile acts, but in light of the greater context we now have access to, the motives behind this gesture are very clear. The Earth is a school for spiritual growth, and a vast illusion is maintained by higher beings.

The most important defining characteristic of this illusion is that we will always be presented with equal opportunities, in any given situation, to seek the negative or the positive.

This balance will never be altered at any point in our growth on this planet.

It’s the most basic, intrinsic rule that must be maintained for the ‘school’ to be effective.


This is also not just a situation where we keep being born and reincarnating through the same mess over and over again. We are very clearly on a course curriculum — and the teachers want as many students as possible to graduate at the end of the year.

On an esoteric / spiritual level, almost all teachers agree that the objective of this school is to teach us to love one another. The more unpleasant the world — and its leaders and controllers — may look to us, the more inclined we are to not act the same way… and that ultimately IS the whole point.

In more scientific terms, we can argue that we are going through an energetically-programmed evolution at this time.

Evidence shows this energetic evolution has direct effects on our level of consciousness — and even the structure and function of our own DNA.


Everything we think we know about DNA is changing. Four new studies have emerged to support our original hypothesis — that DNA, and life as we know it, is assembled by a universal energy field that appears to be conscious:

1.  Normal conditions in space cause DNA-like helixes to form spontaneously.

2.  “Junk DNA” now turns out to be just as active as the genes — completely trashing all mainstream models of how DNA works.

3.  Bacteria grown in space are 300 percent more toxic than bacteria grown in identical conditions on Earth.

4.  A simple marine organism spontaneously evolves after being zapped with a special form of light.

These are only the latest additions to an impressive body of data we have been building up since 2000, when we first realized that “before there was DNA, there was the Wave that created it.”

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