Liberation of Obsessions


“A question has just arisen in regard to some of the relative factors which enter into the removal of obsessions and in regard to what happens to the obsessions after they are removed. Circumstances are such that the results from such liberations depend largely upon how the obsessions are removed. As to the obsessing entity, if he is a very forceful and dominating or extremely cruel or perverted character, a great deal more Light is needed to shine upon him to bring him from his prison than if he were a less obsessive person, or one who was merely wandering from lack of orientation. Generally speaking that in the case of the freeing of an obsession from the psychic body of any individual, usually the obsessions in the majority of cases, liberate themselves. We assume that, like some mother who attached herself to the daughter for lack of spiritual knowledge, if she is not a perverted person or is not a wicked person with murderous intents in her mind, then she will, upon the liberation, feel the full impact of the Light or the freeing force; and this will be the way in which the lock on her own prison will be forced open and the doorway will swing wide, permitting her to enter into her true spiritual consciousness.

The average obsession requires very little assistance to be liberated from the obsessive traits of character which he may have incurred in his earth life. Being firmly attached to a terrestrial or anhigher-self-overshadowing earth-life consciousness means only that he has amassed a superior preponderance of idea or thought-form consciousness in his psychic body. Usually the Superconsciousness, in its proper linkage with some healing force or therapy, will immediately explode these thought-form vortexes and thus rectify and neutralize them into harmless energies. The person will then be properly lined up to his own Superconsciousness and he can thus place himself in a more factual relationship to a dimension where he can start his spiritual evolution. In making an observation of my transcription, I see that I have somewhat neglected the proper therapies which might constitute the liberation of obsessive entities. I pointed out that a psychiatrist should be sufficiently clairvoyant to be able to peer into the past reincarnations of the individual, or to intuitively conceive the origin of various neuroses or psychoses in the individual’s subconscious structures of the psychic body.

The term subconscious, incidentally, is a very confusing word. It merely relates to the intuitive healing-projection-4-post-2faculty of properly orienting the individual’s conscious mind with the vortexes which will relate him in a harmonious frequency pattern relationship with previous experiences in his past life. These are properly relegated into the dimension of auto-suggestive memory consciousness. Now, in the realm of the therapeutic formula, as well as in the diagnosis of the patient, there is no absolute panacea, as far as the pharmacopoeia of the earth exists. All the compounds in the drug stores of the world do an obsessed patient absolutely no good whatsoever. The sedative drugs or the shock therapies are in themselves very dangerous and usually only destroy rather than free a person from obsessive thought-forms. The more logical therapy would be to properly apply spiritual energies in a dimension which would be more factually related to the actual energies as they are contained in the psychic body of the patient, and thus neutralize them. This can be done through a collaboration of mind energies acting as catalytic agencies with the mind energies of the teachers or doctors in the higher spiritual realms. It is very unfortunate at your time on earth, due to the lack of knowledge and practice in these spiritual realms, that very few highly developed spiritual therapists actually exist.

Too frequently the spiritual healings are more of a happenstance in nature, in a somewhat relative way of speaking. We say that by the extreme extension or propagation of mind energies, these powers are sometimes unconsciously regenerated into a spectrum which will be useful to the spiritual doctors and teachers who are concerned with the patient and an immediate or instantaneous recovery is manifested. This, we will say, happens considerably in the mind science groups, such as that of Christian Science, Unity, and orders of that nature; for they are very conscious of spiritual healing, and so intensify their concentration of mind energies that they unconsciously regenerate these proper frequency spectra. However, they lack in all cases, as far as I can determine, a more practical and a scientific application of the laws of vibration as they exist in the higher dimensions of expression.

In conclusion, my friends, let us say that the future psychiatrist must not only concern himself with past-life-therapy-4-postthe immediate present life, in the nomenclature of the studies of psychiatry, as they are instituted in your world of today; but he must thoroughly indoctrinate himself with the more technical aspects of nature and energy and mass. He must learn to be very highly developed in his concept of the higher laws of mathematics and physics; he must learn clairvoyance and go beyond the commonly known and accepted present day borders of science, in physics and its allied sciences. The psychiatrist of the future will indeed be a much different man from that which he is at your present time. However, I am giving all due credit to the practitioner in that science, for it has made rapid advances, especially in the past ten or fifteen years, as is true in the case of all sciences. The soul must properly progress so that your present-day psychiatrist will evolve with a much greater and more enlarged concept, which will eventually include the highest dimensionally evolved concepts possible for the physical objective mind to conceive.” – Pearce

Excerpt from The Voice of Hermes

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