Legacy: The Search For Love

Legacy-The-Search-For-Love-main-4-postBy Robert Maxxim


What would you do if you witnessed real events that took place in ages long ago, on distant lands and foreign worlds far beyond ours—eccentric, formidable events that diverge extensively from common-day views? What if one such event was an awe-inspiring, personal experience with elevated realms of reality; higher dimensions of existence where God’s love and truth gleam constantly from joy-filled beings, and all living things are composed of the essence of celestial light itself?

This multi-episode narrative was inspired by such remarkable events, revealed in the form of visions that began the evening of July 13, 1973. I devoted the last forty years trying to refute them, but did not succeed; rather, I confirmed them. This book is a novel based on such corroboration.

At first, these revelations materialized as dream state visits to higher realms on Venus, Mars, Saturn, and worlds far beyond our system. But three years later, I unexpectedly experienced several conscious past-life flashbacks that date far, far back into the annals of time. These revelations continue to this day, revealing countless sojourns and lessons that I deem invaluable in my life.

I was fifteen at the time these experiences began, a young Cuban migrant devoted to become a world renowned concert pianist. Quite honestly, I was unschooled in the sciences, and definitely oblivious of such topics as reembodiment or psychic revelation. Being immature in such matters, I never expected to have these experiences and did not fully decipher their meaning until years later. Eventually, facts came together, culminating in this book.

For many years, as I slipped into bed for the night, I silently pleaded God for hours with all my heart until passing into sleep. I begged to know Him, and yearned to someday meet my beloved one, the heavenly princess and sole companion of my heart, to whom I dedicate this book and soul. Tears poured in my nightly appeals, even more so during the day as I relived evening pleads.

I realized I did not know God at all, and the thought of it frightened me sorely. The Architect of my soul and what my life needed most was the greatest of mysteries, and that did not settle well with me. I scoured the planet for answers, leaving no stone unturned, but nothing satisfied a growing crevice in my bosom. Being so distant from Him, and unable to find my one, brought terrifying omens to my inapt life, battered by fears and numbing desire. Hence, Father and my beloved one lived only in my dreams with enduring hope, and my heart as an ardent wish. But all that was about to change drastically in ways I never expected, as my search for love was about to begin.

On that memorable Friday evening, I witnessed several extra-terrestrial craft dart the skies above my Whittier, California, home. Outright excited at the prospect of seeing something of cosmic magnitudes, I raced down a set of concrete steps to the street below with a three-inch telescope, hoping to get a better look at these objects. But after a few minutes, I suddenly grew tired and felt compelled to go back into the house. As I trudged up the steps, I started to feel unusually heavy. By the time I reached the doorway, I was barely conscious and collapsed at the entrance.

The next thing I recall is inexplicably lying in bed on my left side, eyes fixed on a bedside clock questioning just how I got there. Moreover, I wore uncomfortable pajamas I never donned, my clothes were neatly hung in the closet, and the telescope was folded away by the door—a tall order for someone not known for neatness. Exactly five seconds before 10:00 p.m., I abruptly fell asleep as if suddenly sedated.

Darkness briefly prevailed in my mind’s calm eye until a lighted tunnel swiftly unfolded like the iris of a camera. I traveled hastily through this lighted tunnel and merged with a flash of light that dwelled at its end. The very next moment, I found myself standing inside a rectangular room with two large bay windows overlooking nature outside. I did not know where I was—other than very, very far away from home—and no clue just how I got there.

I was alone, far removed from the windows and next to a stairway leading to a lower level. Everything was quiet, and darkness kept me from seeing what was in the level below, as if I was not to go there. Wondering where I was, an unfamiliar, yet sweet female voice I could not place said suddenly, “You will be returned within two hours; you are on Venus.”

What transpired next, which seemed as long as one hundred years, I leave to the story. To make a longer account shorter, I was given a tour of Venus by the higher beings inhabiting this wondrous realm, and received a lifetime education in science and life’s universal principles. Its people always smiled, rejoicing from uncontainable love, for they are in love with each other and with Him. They know no selfishness and are therefore fear-free. Venus was such an exquisitely beautiful world that no words can fully describe it. Its air carried a delightful scent that was both natural and spiritual; the story will further speak of its countless wonders.

Five seconds before midnight, precisely two hours later as promised, I awoke. My eyes bolted open and I was shocked to find myself back on this world, picking up my old physical life where I left off, a life I no longer felt was real or desirable by any means.

After living for so long in these heavenly, spiritual realms, returning to Earth was a colossal “bummer.” The amazing celestial wonders I observed on Venus, its vast, breathtaking landscapes, my new friends, their tenets, and the astonishing precepts I learned were all precipitously replaced by a drab, dark room hosted by an equally dark world. I had pretty much forgotten my earthly life with all its cares and concerns, transformed into a new person accustomed to a different way of life on a world millions of miles away.

I suddenly sprung up from bed barely connecting with the present only to find, at the foot of my bed, the semi-transparent image of the same beings I met on that far distant world, smiling gently and hinting that I should never forget them. After ten seconds, they slowly faded away, and I passed out again. This time, I reemerged in one of Saturn’s moons, Titan.

Though it was night time, Saturn’s glowing disk illumined the gentle landscape before me as if by twilight. I stood some two kilometers from small smooth hills to my left. Soft clouds quickly raced above them, masking heaven’s majestic jewels. No trees were visible, but prairie-like incandescent crystalline flora covered the silent landscape.

Close by, a tall man asked me into a strange glowing building to his side that looked like a small cylindrical booth. This building was no more than three meters tall by one in width. But inside, its dimensions were absolutely enormous, hosting a conference of sort. You will learn more about Titan in the pages to follow.

In the coming days, I visited the underground cities of Mars as well as numerous magnificent worlds far beyond the confines of our system. By that time, I felt like an alien living in a backward world, without purpose or plan, dominated by a selfish being I did not yet recognize or understand—until my soul awakened much later in life.

The following morning, just days after getting my driver’s license, I wandered aimlessly into the Whittier public library. I had never visited a library before, much less cognizant of the fact they actually had books one could take home for a while. But I was not there on a mission, looking for a special tome, or doing research on any particular subject—far from it. In fact, while I truly did not know why I was there, I was there nevertheless.

I strode silently into the vast, still library, dazed by its impressive dimensions and innumerable range of books, unsure where to go or what to do. Slowly, I involuntarily turned south and headed like a mindless zombie alongside check-out and information desks. I went past the card catalogues and proceeded down a central aisle until I entered a dark section of the library.

Since there was no one else in the area, I surmised the material in this specific section held all but trivial significance to most library patrons, reason perhaps for its profound seclusion. But I could not elect any other place to be at or voluntarily move my body.

About twenty paces from the end of the aisle, I stopped suddenly and stared forward in rapt, senseless intent. Then unexpectedly, my right arm raised itself and my hand started tapping on a certain book, seemingly on its own volition.

Three taps later and still somewhat out of it, my eyes finally focused, my consciousness roused, but my hand was still tapping on this one book. I realized this was rather abnormal behavior, but my arm stubbornly kept tapping on the book, and it did so until I decided to take the book into my hands. Then, the tapping stopped. The book was titled Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski.

What I found in this book validated what I saw in my “altered state.” My heart was filled with boundless faith, energy, and vitality enough to last an eternity. It was then that my search for love deepened, and my heart fervently surrendered to the Eternal.

As the years crawled slowly by in morbid, sequestered solitude, I wondered what to do with the knowledge I gathered from so many visions, so I innocently decided to tell others about them. It would have been best had I not, for when I did, I was quickly rejected and profoundly ridiculed. Still, I resorted to specialty channels such as the air force, universities, and space contractors like Martin Marietta, offering to provide them with scientific information. Prior public humiliation clearly foretold what I could expect. Thereby, Adamski’s book became the only friend I had in a hostile world, keeping numerous secrets within.

Alone, and sorely dejected by everyone I shared my experiences with, I spent day and night drawing Adamski’s ships, writing about the spiritual kingdoms I visited, and verifying scientific concepts learned during such sojourns. In the end, since I had no one to share them with, I destroyed most of it. In spite of the grave sadness I secretly held within, powerful memories of heaven’s kingdoms lived on in my heart, keeping thriving hopes of someday returning to the stars in constant blossom.

My heart continued to seek my beloved friends, called Brothers, with compelling yearning; it was all I cared about. But since no one showed any interest in my visions, I became totally fed up with this world and longed to flee to Mars in the worst way. There, I was certain my starry sapphire waited for me. But little did I know the real reasons why I felt that way. Hence, I drew exacting space craft technical plans and began to procure components necessary to build it. But then, an incident came along that suddenly arrested my plans, for in my beguiling innocence, I thought I had found the Brothers—on Earth, of all places.

In the years to come, I discovered the UN.AR.I.U.S. Educational Foundation in El Cajon, California, and promptly paid them a visit. While I sat undisturbed in its beautiful lobby reviewing a book published by the foundation, The Infinite Concept, the book suddenly slipped from my hands, I dropped over the table before me as if dead, my eyes closed, and a dreadful space battle around Mars played itself in my mind. I saw and felt myself in that battle, an experience as real as it can possibly get.

It was then that, for the first time in my life, I believed in reincarnation and understood my plight—yes, I had lived before, and I had been there, on Mars. I then understood why I wanted to return to my home world, and seek my one. Soon after, my dark legacy slowly revealed itself, and I learned why I was interned on Earth.

Thousands of past-life images revealed themselves over time; many are documented as testimonials in the foundation’s extensive library. Some were based on factual visions of past events and I fully stand behind them; you will read of them in this narrative. Others, on the other hand, I wrongfully conjured up, moved by an irresistible yearning to gain rank among Unariun students. Recalling past lives became an elaborate effort to merit pardon for prior baseless errors without really trying.

I painfully wasted four years literally deceiving myself and abusing wondrous spiritual teachings. In those troubling days, I overdosed on self-inflicted scorn and admitted to countless past deeds that were just not true. Seemed like the ghastlier I fabricated the past, the more I was esteemed—an addictive domain I gravely overlooked and shamefully regret. My wayward conduct went unchecked, so I thought, believing I had my leaders fooled. Truth was, it was I who suffered from truth deficiency.

I endured four painful years of self-imposed slavery until a sixth sense finally broke through stubborn anxiety, and I learned long-overdue lessons; trust no man to be god, search for Love and not salvation, and long to serve God but not for your own sake.

The wondrous teachings brought forth by Dr. Ernest L. Norman, the UN.AR.I.U.S. founder, were gradually eclipsed by other interests that surfaced following his transition. Accepting this fact, and rededicating myself to his original works, I realized it was time to leave the UN.AR.I.U.S. Center, for it was no longer the pure science Dr. Norman conceived. No sooner, the visions for this book deluged my mind and could not write them down fast enough.

Today, a group of students devote themselves strictly to Dr. Norman’s original writings [1]. I praise their initiative to seek love and truth, not invent false past lives and hype spaceship landings that will not happen. A celestial brotherhood spans and guides all worlds in this galaxy—together, not divided. The Brothers would never disunite the galaxy by forming isolated space federations detached from the galactic fold, as some propose. We are brothers—we are one, not a clique.

A million years ago, several lost souls did just that—isolated certain planets into a federation supposedly to help them evolve. The results are detailed in this book, our detestable legacy. I should know. I was partly responsible for that colossal selfish blunder. And we mean to repeat history? Are landing enthusiasts reliving their hand in that massive blunder?

Let this testimony be clear warning to the inexperienced and gullible. Always test the spirit, mainly your own, for you may be gravely deceived. Learn from my mistakes, and do not push yourself to know the past. Rather, know your feelings, an act more important than knowing your past, one that will lead you to such past. Search in peace, not fear or haste. Trust the Brothers in every way. They will enlighten you with truth, love, and knowledge of who you are, when the time is right.

I felt inwardly impressed to compile all visions and their graceful lessons into story form, conveying a vital, yet simple message to everyone on Earth from the heart of His Majesty: do not fear Him. Be patient; haste will deliver you into the hands of your lower self. Do nothing under stress, do everything overwhelmed by love, let your higher self always be near. Lead not mundane life as if it’s the normal thing to do; step above it. Always question your desires, for they are vain insecurities born from memories that will not rest. Remember, anger and desire are nothing more than fear suppressants.

I sincerely wish this book helps the reader understand what that critical message means. May it Legacy Episode I bookinspire you to live according to God’s ways, and foster a deeper understanding of our dark and complex legacy, a past that enslaves us to adore error and scoff at genuine love. May it convey the importance of telling the lower self and higher essences apart, a feud described in the pages of this book. Such is the search for Love.

One might rightfully ask: why did it take me so long to publish these visionary incidents? The answer is rather simple: I was not ready to humbly serve the Infinite for the same reason mentioned above; I could not tell the self and the Brothers apart.

The years following that memorable July eve brought endless birthing turmoil, at times beyond my ability to withstand. My heart leaned critically to mundane appeal, beguiled by desires I failed to understand and promptly hid from myself. I betrayed God and the Brothers many times, heeding not their call but rather passions and fears of a tangible world, and a conceited heart.

I thought to be someone of great importance, but all the while lived a monumental lie, for I was just a lowly learner without Light. I was an offense to truth, an eyesore to humility, a total disgrace as a messenger. My noblest intentions and aspirations were nothing more than obsessive desires, driven by the darkest error stems. My heart was selfish, devious, living in shameful pretense of piety, for the ignorant being inside laughed at the face of love, acting kindly only for self-benefit. I was absolutely no good to Father like that.

I was devastated to learn this and strongly opposed giving life a chance, preferring to die than face truth and inner pain. But deep inside, I felt the Brothers do not condemn, and pains were simply resistance to truth. So then, where was the sense of choosing death over the Infinite? And so, I stumbled back on my feet and forged ahead time and time again, rendering pride a forgotten nuisance—rekindling my search for Love.

Let me introduce you to the higher Brothers of Light, the true teachers and leaders of our hearts. Love them and Father with all your might, and then some. Trust them. Let them show you, as they showed me, the darkness that blinds mind and heart; without their higher love and wisdom, I can achieve nothing noble.

Today, most conventional beliefs do not exemplify a comprehensive understanding of the science of life or a veritable view of higher realms of expression. Yes, there’s more—infinitely more—to learn. Be open to the possibility that life is just the beginning of infinity, not the end. The reasons why this is so await your pleasant discovery, and what a surprise these shall be. Search for higher love and truths, not salvation, for he that tries to save his life will lose it, but he that sacrifices it for God will gain it. [2]

As you read the pages of this book, come to know and adopt the great love that abounds in the cosmos. Discover the grave sins that thrive in our hearts through my testimony, and know that higher Brothers are with you in thought, always ready to bounce you back on the winning side.

I cannot thank Father enough for the unexpected honor granted this truth-challenged student to step onto higher spiritual grounds, to be stirred by God’s endless wonders, to become aware of my heavenly sapphires, and to have this humbling opportunity to share of so many priceless virtues with my brethren of Earth, more so, the honor to carry Him in my heart. It is a privilege of such immense magnitude that this heart of carnal substance will never conceive.

I highly encourage the reader to be strong in Father and be of good courage because commitment to Love, not a person, is the ultimate highway to heaven and tolerance is the essence that will keep you on that road. Be patient. Do not obey your negative self but rather deny it. Be as the sons of God, the free and selfless, who beg that you join them in loving embrace—soon.

The Infinite is all you will ever need. Let the brotherhood share His essence with you and my words inspire its safe-keeping. Deny yourself; hear the calm rhythm of God’s works. Feel His love pour through emotive eyes—true love, beautiful beyond description, clean, potent. His essence will drive the heart to live in love with creation, and not the negative self—such is the test of spirit.

My life for Him, His glory be in us. Fall deeply in love with Him with all the fury and potency of the heart, more so than any other thing under or above the heavens. Let life become a memorial to His great faithfulness. Wait on His love and cherish it with all your heart, soul, strength, and might. Let there be no other thought of the mind, or search in life, but Him.

[1] Unarians United, “UnariansUnited.com.”
[2] R. W. J. Morford, “Luke 9:24,” in The One New Man Bible, Travelers Rest, SC:
True Potential Publishing, Inc., 2011.





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