Is Venus Inhabited?

Is-Venus-Inhabited-main-4-postThe following are comments and observations of contactees and astral travelers to Venus interspersed with images from the Venus Global GIS Surveyor map of the Venusian surface showing what appears to be buildings, cities, and structures.

1-venusian-structure-We looked out in awe. The clouds by some magic of the Gods had been made invisible, and beneath us we saw this glittering world, this world filled by superior beings. As we sank lower and lower we saw fairy cities reaching up into the sky, immense structures, ethereal, almost unbelievable in the delicate tracing of their buildings. Tall spires and bulbous cupolas, and from tower to tower stretched bridges like spider’s webs, and like spider’s webs they gleamed with living colors, reds and blues, mauves and purples, and gold, and yet what a curious thought, there was no sunlight. This whole world was covered in cloud. I looked about me as we flashed over city after city, and it seemed to me that the whole atmosphere was luminous, everything in the sky gave light, there was no shadow, but also there was no central point of light. It seemed as if the whole cloud structure radiated light evenly, unobtrusively, a light of such a quality as I had never believed existed. It was pure and clean.

~ Lobsang Rampa

2-venusian-structure3-venusian-structureYour scientists may tell you that life on this planet is impossible, because the Venusian atmosphere is unsuitable for life. Actually, conditions on the surface of the planet do not concern us, as will be explained later. The planet does, however, teem with life forms of every sort. As a matter of fact, all of the planets and their moons contain life of some sort. The tests which your astronomers have made, reached no further than the stratosphere of the various planets, which give no indication as to the conditions on the surface a hundred miles or so below. These same tests made on your own stratosphere would indicate that neither are the chemical and temperature conditions suitable for life.

~ Rolf Telano

4-venusian-structure5-venusian-structureIn the vastness of space there are innumerable bodies which you on Earth call planets. These vary in size, as do all forms, but they are very much like your own world and ours, and most of them are peopled and governed by forms like yourselves and like us. While some are just reaching a point where they are capable of supporting such forms as ours, others have not yet reached that stage of development in their growth.

On our planet, and on other planets within our system, the form which you call ‘man’ has grown and advanced intellectually and socially through various stages of development to a point which is inconceivable to the people of your Earth. This development has been accomplished only by adhering to what you would term the laws of Nature. In our worlds it is known as growth through following the laws of the All Supreme Intelligence which governs all time and space. As you have seen, we travel space as easily as you cross a room. The traversing of space is not difficult to those who have mastered the laws within which all bodies live and move—planets and men alike. It is then understood that distance between two such bodies in space, or that between worlds, is no distance at all as you conceive of distance in your world.

The first fact your people must realize is that the inhabitants of other worlds are not fundamentally different from Earth men. The purpose of life on other worlds is basically the same as yours. Inherent in all mankind, however deeply buried it may be, is the yearning to rise to something higher. Your school system on Earth is, in a sense, patterned after the universal progress of life. For in your schools you progress from grade to grade and from school to school, toward a higher and fuller education. In the same way, man progresses from planet to planet, and from system to system toward an ever higher understanding and evolvement in universal growth and service.

~ Orthon (Contact with Adamski)

6-venusian-structure7-venusian-structureWe can liken our earth very simply to a school. If you had progressed beyond this earth you would not go down to the first grade and interfere with what was being taught there. The space people will not interfere with our instruction. They say we are not going to get off this planet until we make the grade or learn the lessons this earth has to teach us. They liken it to the words of Christ: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” In space there are many planets and they say that all of them are inhabited by “life.” 

~ George Hunt Williamson8-venusian-structure

On Venus there is a most striking city. The City of Spirals. It has no streets. Everything is built of beautiful spirals. The people and the traffic move around elegant spirals.

~ George King

10-venusian-structureThat is the best way I can describe my amazement at looking toward the center of the room and seeing it change into a three-dimensional picture; but it wasn’t flat like a screen—instead it seemed we were actually flying a few feet above the surface of a beautiful planet. Im­mediately I saw it was not Earth, and my question had been answered: Venus!

The scene shifted rapidly. Sometimes we were about 10 feet above the scene below; at other times we were higher, possibly a hundred feet off the surface. I saw beautiful dome-shaped buildings, with tiers spiraling upward.

The planet was fantastically beautiful. I did not get the impression of cities; instead, I was reminded of beautiful suburban areas I have seen on our own planet, though, of course, wonderously different. The buildings were set in natural surroundings with large trees, which looked something like our redwoods, and gardens stretching in every direction. Then I saw forests, streams, large bodies of water. People, dressed in soft pastel colors moved about. I also saw four-legged ani­mals which were unfamiliar to me.

Vehicles moved on the surface, apparently without wheels, for they seemed to float slightly above the ground.

~ Howard Menger9-venusian-structures

After a few moments getting accustomed to the surroundings, we then walked out to the edge of the clearing; we went out on the plain and I saw before me a huge mountain range of the purest sparkling crystal. It was flat and on the top of this flat surface was a huge, wonderful city. It was an array of gleaming parapets, spires, minarets and domes, all glistening in that wonderful golden sun.

Soon I found myself going rapidly up the pathway which led to the top of this beautiful city. I was told that this city was Azure and that it was the place where those who were in spiritual work with earth people were at present and had, for many thousands of years been so working.

When we arrived into the city, I was immediately taken to the top of a high parapet or minaret which overlooked the city. It was circular in shape; there were four main streets which crossed like an “X”. In the center of this “X” was a wonderful, beautiful temple; it looked something like the Taj Mahal but it was so much larger, and so much more beautiful, and far more vast that it would have made even that gorgeous structure look like a whitewashed pueblo. All of the buildings which I saw about me, domes, towers, minarets which towered into the sky in all shapes and sizes and manner in a fantastic array of confusion, so it seemed to me, were composed entirely of that radiant energy crystalline structure. I was told that this substance was the radiance of the Infinite which had been brought down with the mind forces and crystallized into a useful, tangible substance which was projected as idea and form in these structures. I was then led in and out of these various buildings and temples.

~ Ernest L. Norman

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