Is There A True Utopia?

utopian-dreams-mainExcerpt from Infinite Perspectus:

“In his religious systems mankind has conceived the possibility of living in an immortal city completely freed from the necessities of life, and in this sense, every person does have an escape mechanism which has been engendered and formed by these different pressures. A Utopian condition of life can never be achieved by any individual; furthermore, it is not to be desired; it is to be the least desired of all situations or relationships in our daily lives. It would be incomprehensible that any human could, in any future time, be reinstated in some civilization wherein people lived without any cause or effect; they lived purely because they were living; they had no comparative systems of evaluation whereby they could say that this was destructive or constructive, that it was good or it was evil. They would not have the necessity to eat or to wear clothing; they would not have any of the other libidos or drives which they currently understand and to which they react in this present circumstance. In short, they would be completely stripped of all the necessities of life which always have, either constructively or destructively, occupied the consciousness of the individual; and they would have neither purpose, manner, nor form of life in such an Utopian condition.

spiritual-evolution-2We must always remember that man, individually and collectively, is a creature of evolution, just as is every other form of life in the world about us. We should also remember that this evolution is not necessarily contained in the third dimension or earth world; but this third dimension or earth world is merely the beginning point, in some form, of the evolutionary progress of any given number of species of plant and animal life. The same condition exists throughout thousands of other planetary systems throughout our galaxy and our universe, and it extends into a countless number of planetary systems in other galaxies and in other universes. These forms of life, and their manners of conduct pass beyond the boundaries of your comprehension; but nevertheless, they exist. They also exist by the same dominant basic principles of evolution which form and reform the various contexts of your own personal relationship to the Infinite. That is why it is most necessary in all our introspection to subtract the entity of consciousness, as it exists in a form, and supplant the obvious necessity of this form and its emotional values with the more inward complete visualization of it as it exists in evolutionary progress. Its form was so constituted by the same basic elements which have created all other expressions of consciousness.

In other words, we are not concerned with the form; we are concerned with only the principle and evolution-of-consciousness-4-postwith the substance which created this form. In all cases this substance, and these principles are exactly the same, no matter what configuration they assume in our consciousness; therefore, the proposition of Infinity is not a religion; it is not a social system; it is not a national system. It is a personal proposition as to how well we can inseminate in consciousness, and put into active force, the dominant principles of re-creative evolution, which are formed from out of the energy substance which is the mind of the Infinite Creator Himself.

These facts have been stated and restated and I hope that I am never to be accused of repetition; but this repetition is a necessity, because of the obvious fact that your approach to the Infinite will indeed be complex. It must be constantly reinstated in your evaluation of emotional experience as it comes to you on these basic elements of Infinite regeneration. If, at any time, you stray from this course, you will become emotionally involved in the circumstance, to the point where all past experiences in your previous lifetimes, will come into a great resurgence within your psychic anatomy; and again you will have re-created, in essence and in form, all of the sum and total of your past elemental vicissitudes, your turmoils, and your strifes. You must remember at all times, that, up until the present moment, these different emotional values always constituted the determinant qualities in your life; you were never more nor less than you could conceive within the dominion of your own mind and your reaction to these values in your evaluation, as to whether they were good for you or whether they were destructive in your expression of life.

lower-selfIt was in this reactionary interplay that you continuously got into trouble because of the obvious fact that you always intensified the negative proportions of these emotionalisms in conjunction with your past experiences; and in constantly reinstating them, in their negative quotients, within your consciousness, you gradually built them into horrible monstrosities which dominated the various aspects of your life, they even reinstated themselves into diseased conditions in your body. They warped and distorted your relationship to the world in general. They impeded your progress, and in more advanced cases, as we see people who are incurably ill in hospital beds or in mental institutions, these people have gone almost beyond the point where they can be helped.

Your own position is precarious enough, and will remain so until that time when you have, in a our-eternal-choices-4-postsense, rebuilt and remolded your psychic anatomy and eliminated from it the reactionary values of these numerous past lifetimes and their countless millions of emotional experiences. For each one of them is like the small snake, cleverly hidden in the grass, ready to strike out at you, mentally speaking, any moment that you place yourself within reach of them. They are like hidden destructive beasts or other unintelligent and destructive entities of consciousness which you have incurred in the emotional values of your life. They are much more destructive, as of today and this hour in the position which you now occupy, in your introspection; their effect, if you place yourself within reach of them, will be even more destructive than had you not conducted yourself in the first inductive processes of the Unariun principles, or that you had not quickened yourself to the higher life. For the contrasts, and the oppositions in these contrasts, are indeed much greater than they would have been, had you gone on into the future in the more material sense of values.

Your future, then, will be entirely formed and reformed in the manner and way in which you can spiritual-evolution-4-postinduct, as the basic principles of life, the scientific factors which have been explained to you. Life, instead of being a constant repetitious summation of various reactionary values, becomes a place where we see the interplay of cosmic and intercosmic energies; we see in the thoughts of every individual, the psychic evolution of consciousness in the interplay of numerous wave forms which are reacting in his psychic anatomy. We see the earth in its many dispensations of life, not as the old form of consciousness which sustained us in these previous lives, but instead, it is also a part of this vast cosmic and intercosmic interplay – the interdimensional formations of consciousness which have manifest themselves within the dimension of your thinking processes as an inductive formation of life about you. When you have so conceived them, you will quite naturally be evolving into a higher state of consciousness; you will be passing, in effect, into the higher spiritual worlds.

For in the higher spiritual worlds, life is lived in such a manner. People are conscious of the angel-of-lightoscillating principles, the inductive relationships of these oscillating wave forms in their daily lives. They do not objectify their lives in a series of conformations or configurations, either in their personal relationship to the world, or in any political systems, or any church systems, or in any other ways, manners, or forms in which you are presently involved. Life in the spiritual worlds is a more complete introspection of the interplay of cosmic energies, the cosmic energies which are the substance and the principle of Infinite Creation. And even in these higher worlds do not look for a Utopia; that is an idle thought on the part of many people who are influenced by an escape mechanism.

In these higher worlds, you will find an expressionary element in your daily life which is just as relevant to you as were any of your former expressions of life at any given time. They will be even more important to you in many other ways than were any other previous life dispensations, because they will be much more inclusive in the interdimensional stance which you will have acquired in this higher way of life. Your Utopia will be found in the security which you will have by realizing your position to the Infinite, and your function and purpose with the Infinite, as an oscillating entity of creative expression.”

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