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Infinite-Perspectus-main-2-postInfinite Perspectus, due to lack of renewal of copyright, is in public domain and available for download here.

I plan to post a link to one book per week that is in public domain by Dr. Ernest L. Norman starting today so stay tuned for more a-coming! If you are a serious student of Dr. Normans then this will bring you great joy as well as I hope you share with your friends.

What does it mean when a book is in public domain?

“When a book (or any written work) enters the public domain, you can copy and use it without getting permission or paying fees. That’s because public domain books are no longer — or never were — protected by copyright.

What can you do with public domain books? Republish them as they are, or add your own material to create new works. Recast them in new media, remix them with other works, translate them into new languages … the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You can also quote freely from public domain books and other writings. Also if a book or other written work is in the public domain you won’t have to pay permissions fees and you won’t have to rely on fair use. You can stage your play, or write your screenplay, or digitize the work and publish it online … you can create stuff without needing a lawyer.” per Public Domain Sherpa

About Infinite Perspectus (Preface)

InfinitePerspectusIt will be conceded by all those who read this book, that it excels, both in quality and quantity, any other expressive element in the curriculum of UN.AR.I.U.S.. It is also presented without compromise or apology, for none is needed, despite what might seem to be revolutionary concepts aimed at destroying all conformities.

It is, as with all other vehicles of Unariun concepts, a book created as a tool which can be used by any individual to dig himself out of the burrow of his material existence. It is a book which compounds within itself, all of the vastness of Infinity. It is at once provable in the dimension of present-day science and in personal relationships to the world; yet terminates at no point – either here or hereafter. The breadth, depth, and scope of its contents cannot and will not be more fully realized by any reader, even after a lifetime of study! Indeed he will be vitally concerned with its message even into the most remote corners of Infinity.

It may be interesting to note that unlike most other UN.AR.I.U.S. books and lesson courses, it did not start as a preconceived effort in a book form, but started rather as several taped lectures which could be utilized in group meetings which were forming all over the country. However, spirit was not to be denied; the two or three original lectures grew into thirty-three, and aside from this indicative number, the net content is not only a summation of past presentations, but also contains many new and technical abstractions, not previously presented.

After these lectures were so recorded, they were presented to the UN.AR.I.U.S. student as  a means to more thoroughly acclimate him with the entire proceedium. It was felt that through the recorded Voice, new power could be projected to the student when he listened to the Message. The response to these taped Messages, individually speaking, was very great; all persons who so listened to them, reported great progress, as well as more paranormal realizations, activities and manifestations.

It was at this point that Ruth began to realize the importance of these taped Messages in the written word or book form, and so they were thus transcribed, word for word, followed by the usual process of vari-type setting performed by Velma – editing, etc., and have finally found their way into the covers of this book.

Perhaps it might be well to interject a final note of introspection; the presentation of the Infinite is indeed under any circumstances an extremely difficult if not impossible task especially when it is considered that such vehicles of transposition, human speech, word forms, etc, must be used – at least autosuggestively – to activate the mind of the student. This mind or consciousness, too, is not a very suitable place to transplant the breadth and scope of Infinity; as every human has lived the singular, chain-like, reactionary sequence form of life, it is extremely difficult to transpose this vision of Infinity – and even more so to grasp its entireity. Nor is it reasonably supposed that this prodigious feat can be accomplished, but rather a more evolutionary pattern of life, which integrates these factors into future lifetimes and their evolutionary phases should take place.

This book must also try to accomplish its purpose with people from many strata of life. It must appeal to the scientist, the pseudo religionist, the agnostic, and the illiterate. It must be provable in all aspects, in all dispensations, and especially with the future. Read, therefore, its contents with an open mind freed, as much as possible, from personal opinions and prejudices. Its contents were compounded and delivered by those who have advanced far beyond the necessity of earth life; people who, at one time, like you are now doing, passed through these various phases of third dimensional evolution.

They present to you, this, the Unariun concept, the entireity of Infinity compounded together with a vast intellectual power which will permeate your consciousness, and into your psychic anatomy, and will help you in all ways, manners, and forms to accomplish your most ultimate destiny – to progress progressively and infinitely into the future.

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