Infinite Light

Infinite-Light-stanza-oneAnd so the Three Wise Men that cometh from the East
Give not the treasures of spices and ambers and myrrh
And brought to the lowly born.

Infinite-Light-stanza-two-1The Three Wise Men were tokens of the Spirit
And were things of the Spirit which you call
Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
And they gave unto the lowly born
The things of the domain of the Spirit.
Likewise was  the manger the symbol of humbleness
In which the Word was brought into the world.

Infinite-Light-stanza-threeAnd so it was that Herod, who was the servant of evil
Sought to destroy Him.
And the Light of the star was not the Light
which shown from the Heavens
That caused the fear and wonder of the shepherds ~

Infinite-Light-stanza-four-1But was the Light which shone from God
From within the heart of He who was to
shine this Light before all men.

by Ernest L. Norman
Excerpt from The Anthenium

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