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Infinite-Contact-Download-main-4-postInfinite Contact, due to lack of renewal of copyright, is in public domain and available for download here.

I plan to post a link to one book per week that is in public domain by Dr. Ernest L. Norman starting today so stay tuned for more a-coming! If you are a serious student of Dr. Normans then this will bring you great joy as well as I hope you share with your friends.

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Infinite-Contact-BookAbout Infinite Contact (Preface)

Dear Student:

In presenting to you the first of this series of lectures called “The Infinite Contact,” and as that familiar cliche says, we do so with mixed emotions, we can therefore be pardoned for a certain amount of justifiable pride; for these booklets represent part of the fruit of attainment which is now being borne as an expression of the principles in these teachings.

To Ruth then, again goes a full measure of recognition in her attainment; and also to Velma Wasdell, a very dedicated soul who is now finding her expression in these principles. Through various typing and editing processes, these two dedicatees have found an expressive companionship which is so necessary before the script reaches the press.

A word of mention should also be given of the actual transmissions of the texts, that here again Principle is justified, for these (and all other) transmissions are so delivered in an almost perfect form and require NO editing. Sentence structure composition, etc., remains intact and no material is discarded or rewritten; and incidentally, which comes from a mind which is, comparatively speaking, unlettered so far as the considerations of a formal education are concerned; yet as consciousness, it retains its equivalent amount of perfection and without such imperialistic dogmas as are always associated with educational protocol. It would be of interest to note that this channel, at a very tender age, was expressing these same mental capabilities; even years before he attended his first grade in primary school, and was considered an “infant prodigy.” Here again is definite proof of reincarnation; the channel merely maintained more or less of a certain continuity between various past lives — wherein he was highly educated — into his first childhood years of this present life. This is true in all cases where certain precocities are expressed by children.

As for the lectures themselves, they will be presented not in any particular order or sequence, for the subject matter is extremely broad. However, each one will strike a decisive blow in your cause for freedom, and with your earnest co-operation and participation, will eventually spring the lock on your prison door; a prison which has held you captive to this earth for many thousands of years.

It might be well to point out that such subject matter which relates more directly to the material world, has been drawn from various existing documentaries, and statistics and can be relied upon as accurate. As for the more advanced philosophical and scientific context, much of this material will be verified in future generations of mankind, which will live on this earth. Science is already probing into this unknown, a vast macrocosm of countless galaxies and their more countless suns; many with planetary systems where various kinds and races of mankind are living — and were living — billions of years before any man appeared upon the earth

In many of these distant worlds people are living according to the higher principles explained in these texts. As Jesus said, “Ye must approach the Father as little children;” and as the Father IS the Infinite, the sum-total of all things visible and invisible, so we must approach this vast Infinity without strong convictions, or denials because we cannot understand, etc., for such mental attitudes are extremely inhibitive in nature and will keep you from making a justifiable progression into the future.

It should be remembered that as this Truth is transcribed into the printed word, there also comes with it a great Blessing:  For as these texts are so borne out of the Powerhouse of the Infinite Mind, so do they contain a certain Transcending Power, a Healing Ray, which will, in proportion to your receptiveness, materially aid you in overcoming various obstructions which are presently with you. This Transcendent Power is sometimes physically felt by different students and may cause a mild or violent persperation as the body is cleansed of inferior elements, and its vibrating rate readjusted. Or, this Power may sometimes cause the reader to become strangely drowsy, an almost trance-like condition wherein the conscious mind is temporarily suspended from its usual negative, reciprocating, wave-train oscillation. In any case however, or in what other appearances this Power may be felt, or even if you do not physically feel this Power, it is with you nevertheless, and its beneficient effect will be immediately apparent, as it can cleanse, heal, and purify all conditions.

There are no magic formulas necessary; only sincere and dedicated purpose in attaining wisdom which will give you spiritual freedom and solvency from the material way of life.

It must be considered that all systems of life, whether they are social, political, governmental, or religious, have that certain element of dogma. This is especially true with religion. For any religion exists only by application of a very strong dogmatic influence which permeates into every corner of life of the adherent; and all such adherents are thus morally intimidated, directly or indirectly, by this dogmatic influence. In this dogma, all religions therefore stipulate to their adherents, complete moral and spiritual subjugation. The hierarchy of the church or temple can, in this subjugation, render any such judgments which will make the adherent conduct himself accordingly. This is a form of slavery, perhaps far more abject and subversive than any usually associated physical forms, as this mental subjugation robs the adherent of his integrity, his individuality; it stifles any progressive action, and forfeits his inalienable right to determine good from evil. For even in his daily experiences, the adherent is pressurized into false attitudes and concepts by this dogmatic subjugation.

It therefore remains with every progressively minded individual, as an unalterable fact, that if he wishes to assume and maintain progressive evolutions, he must free himself from all such dogmatic dispensations. This can more easily be done when we can assume that this individual so concerned has had a certain amount of several preconditioning elements. He can say, in a sense he is completely fed up clear to his ears with all of the turmoil, strife, wars, and other such kindred and associated reflexes such as lust, greed, envy, selfishness, etc., all which are characteristically reactionary and animal-like in nature. The individual must also be spiritually aware; in other words, in the in-between lives or the various psychisms, with which he has been consciously or subconsciously attuned, in a higher and more spiritual way of life.

This, then, is the point where he enters into his personal millennium, a long period wherein comparisons between the new and the old life are entered into; new evaluations are made. Many other things too, enter into this reconstructive process, for this person is literally tearing down his old self and with it, his old worlds; he retains memory of them only as an objective polarized element of knowledge in the new edifice of life which he is constructing. Soon (comparatively speaking), will come the day of emancipation and in the moments of realization, he will see only in memory his former earth worlds; however, he will remember them vaguely, just as he now does his childhood days.

About him will be his new life, a new world constructed from the very Radiant Energy of the Infinite Source. He will mingle with others who have likewise attained their emancipation. His mind will be conscious of many things simultaneously, and yet they will not carry any stigma of emotion, for he will feel secure in his position, a spiritual being, one not subjected to the old carnal dogmas of the past.

These and many other things will form his new spiritual life; new only in a sense of comparisons in time, for he may have been many countless thousands of years in this attainment, since he made his first resolution and dedication; yet even here in this new spiritual world he is looking forward toward new horizons. He sees in the future an even greater purpose, an even greater attainment, for such is the Way of life to all who tread this evolutionary pathway. For as the crest of each hill is attained, there is always a new and ever widening horizon just ahead.

So then dear student, lend purpose to your life; justify the reason for your creation, and justify your belief in yourself. The acquisition of new wisdom always fulfills and justifies, and each new acquirement of wisdom will replace many of your former acquirements which were really only a new and different way to visualize the Infinite.

“Sufficient unto each day, the evil thereof;” for the evil of each day is in its dogmatical implications, and the way in which this dogma binds the rhetorical mind to the earth.

To your future then, dear student, may you find the strength to liberate yourself to become a free and independent thinker, one who can rationally integrate the ingredients of logic and wisdom into each day spent upon this pathway. Let night find you, not in some perditious hell-hole filled with the apparitions of past dogmas and creeds, but that night shall, instead, find you with your Heavens filled with starry Lights of future attainments; the luminous radiance of your new knowledge will, like a full moon, make of this night, a fairy landscape and there you will rest in peace until the dawn of a new day.


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