I Am There

lamb_meadow_1_postThe time has come
When I must cross the stream
And findeth there upon the other side
My fondest dreams
Like lambs a’frisking
On the meadow green

rainbow-across-sky-2-postAnd when I go away
And with a rosebud for a brush
I’ll dip it in the rarest colors
Of Heaven and earth
And paint upon the sky
A rainbow fair
So that you shall know
That I am there

falling-star-3-postI’ll pluck a light from off a star
And blaze a trail across the sky
So that you shall know
That I am there

bird-windowsill-4-postAnd if by chance you see a bird
A’perching on your window sill
And all the notes
That he shall sing
Will tell that I am there

hearth-5-4-postAnd if you look within the flames
Upon some hearth
Upon some quiet night
And see a face,
You’ll look again and see
That I am there

By Ernest L. Norman
Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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