Hysteresis: The Electric Universe

vortex-emf-atom-4-post“I have, on numerous occasions, and in many instances throughout the liturgies of UN.AR.I.U.S., stated that we do not get heat or light directly from the sun, as our present-day scientists understand heat and light; and that this aforesaid heat and light is a conversion of energy which, for want of a better word, I have called hysteresis. However, a much clearer explanation is in order.

In presenting the entire infinite cosmos as a tremendously compact amassment of large and small centrifuges or vortexes of energy which, in turn, through internal positive-negative oscillations, galaxy-2-postremanifest third dimensionally as universes, galaxies, star-suns and their solar systems, etc., we must at this point now conceive that all such fourth-dimensional compositions and third-dimensional materializations must, according to the law of universal dynamics, function and oscillate under a closed circuit condition; that is, positive to negative and vice versa. It is these oscillating conditions in the electromagnetic fields of atoms that form the so-called ‘glue’ which holds them and their molecular compositions together, or conversely, as opposites in their oscillating polarities; a difference which is called mass, or a different atomic weight, thus determining one element from another. The synthesis of heat and light, as it is known by the earth scientist, is also determined by closed circuit conditions – positive attracts negative, and vice versa.


The earth represents, on one plane to the sun, a negative polarity which, electronically speaking, is synthetically similar to the sun. Energy, therefore, from the sun is ‘attracted’ by the earth (heterodyne). However, this is but one-half of the closed circuit condition. The earth, as a negative polarity, does again reoscillate to the sun the other half of the phase wave, whatever the frequency of the phase wave may be.

Now let us introduce the ‘x’ factor: the ‘x’ factor is harmonics. As any combination of wave forms oscillate within themselves, they regenerate harmonics. The earth is an oscillating polarity, and composed as it is, of 92 energy forms called atoms which are miniature solar systems, harmonic Waveform+and+Harmonicsregeneration then recurs in all such atomic structures according to wave length structure, oscillating in closed circuit conditions within each atom, and so regenerating harmonically with solar wave structures, again transpose harmonically, other wave structures which are called heat and light.

It should be said at this time, that all other concepts and factors which involve earth world life are the direct result of this cosmic sun-to-earth closed circuit, interactive, energy transposition. Our weather is a direct result of differences, positive-negative ionization, as is fog, smog, as well as a good vintage year for wine. This cosmic interplay also very greatly affects human behaviorism, as every human is, automatically and psychically speaking, interconnected in this vast and extremely complex energy transposition.

Astrology, as it is known at this time, is a decadent remnant of this scientific concept and which (astrology) falsely places the emphasis upon the planets rather than the entire cosmic centrifuge. The true perspective sees all suns, solar systems, planets, etc., all harmonically linked together, all oscillating in countless and in an infinite number of frequencies, all harmonically regenerating a vortex-atom-to-universe-4-postnumber of base plane frequencies which are again subdivided and re-subdivided into atomic forms and their surcharged electronic constituents which also beat harmonically on their EMFs to the entire Infinite Cosmogony.

When science begins to see and understand what I have just presented in the vast infinite cosmic centrifuge, then man will find the true answers to all his problems. He will find a way to propel space ships without rocket motors; cars will glide silently around the streets without internal combustion motors. Smog will be a thing of the past; yes, even now smog could be controlled or eliminated by the use of high-frequency radiations emanating from round metal balls atop huge Tesla Coils which would dot the big cities at regular intervals. The weather, too, could be controlled by the use of huge high-frequency generators on many mountain tops throughout the world. These generators could so control ionization ratios in the upper stratosphere and ionosphere that weather of any kind could be programmed for any section of the world.

On these same principles, high-frequency oscillators could be built using crystals to determine psychic-anatomy-viewer-4-postcorrect frequencies and so tuned as to introduce in any bacteria or germ life, or even virus, certain opposing harmonic frequencies which would destroy the bacteria or virus and not harm surrounding cell tissue; thus all disease could be eliminated from the earth. Also, such generators could be constructed which would alter or remove malformed or aberrated wave structures in the psychic anatomy, thus curing insanity, epilepsy and other mind diseases, as well as cancer and a host of psychic indispositions and inclemencies, phobias, etc.

If all this sounds Buck Rogerish, then I must point out that all of this and much more has been arrived at on other planets in other solar systems. Even on one of our solar planets, Mars, their underground civilization has utilized most of this science. Still in retrospection, should at any future time in the world’s history, the earth people acquire and use all this scientific knowledge, it would cease to be the earth and would no longer be a suitable place of habitation for the countless millions of aboriginals who reincarnate into this world from life to life, and who would not be inductively disposed to incept and live under such highly-ordained scientific life.

As a whole, people of this earth are in their present position in their evolution by a combination of many factors, the most important of which is environment; and in any given status of evolution masters-projecting-earthshould environment radically change, then the people concerned with this environment change or die. So we, the people from the higher worlds, who have traveled through time and space to where our environment and our knowledge is vastly different and expanded from that life and understanding of the aboriginal earth man, we must be very temperate in giving this knowledge to such people who are yet almost totally unprepared. We must use great jurisprudence in beginning to separate such primitive peoples from their lowly beginnings, for such is the way of evolution. For each man’s future is his evolution and theoretically, at least, any individual’s evolution can cover the width, breadth, length and height of Infinity.

So to you inhabitants of your earth world, do what you can with your earth lives; enjoy your joys to the fullest and in your sorrows reap the strongest faith, for tomorrow in the infinity of your experiences, you begin to reap the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Learn to substitute logic and reason for superstition, and let creative intelligence supersede the revengeful emotional gods of your religions.”

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

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