Hysteresis: The Electric Universe ~ Part II

Hysteresis-Electric-Universe-main-4-post“A more exacting descriptive synthesis of the solar system is contained elsewhere in our liturgies, particularly in the second lesson course, where it has been diagrammed. Briefly, the sun is the central nucleus of a vast fourth-dimensional, cosmic vortex or centrifuge, which, as a reactive agent in the inter-dimensional cosmos, and functioning according to well-defined laws, converts and reconverts energy in two directions simultaneously. Such a vortex or centrifuge is, in turn, constantly re-energized by a higher or fifth-dimensional type energy formation. In our solar system vortex, as energy is compressed into the third-dimensional direction, this compressed energy forms a nucleus or the sun which,earth-circling-sun in turn, valve-like, liberates enormous quantities of energy into the third dimension. This liberated energy, however, is not incoherent, but partially remanifests as a complex electrostatic field — part of this field having been resolved by the earth man as the gravitational and the magnetic fields. Other portions of the sun’s energy, in regular cyclic motions, which have a synchronous pulse-beat around the sun, follow counterclockwise in their respective orbits, or the nine major third-dimensional planets, which are actually the nuclei of secondary anomalies within the primary vortical structure. And as this great vortex is oscillating within itself, it also turns axially; the planets being captive within this extremely complex EMF, rotate according to the synchronous pulse-beat of the entire vortex.

It can be easily seen that the earth, like all other planets, is traveling in its circumferential orbit in this extremely dense and complex EMF. It can and does reconvert, in the processes described, certain of the sun’s spectral energies, which the earthman calls heat and light.

Max Planck, at the end of the nineteenth century, partially visualized this pulse-beat, synchronous energy conversion, which he attempted to describe in his quantum mechanics. Later Einstein planck-einstein-quantum-theorypicked up this quantum theory and redeveloped it into a much more complex mathematical equation which ultimately gave rise to the theory of relativity, and other adjunctive mathematical theories, liberally described as spacetime continuum theory.

It should be noted at this time an extremely important fact: that so far as our solar system vortex is concerned, and realizing the enormous energies within this vortex, the tremendous compressions and expansions and extreme magnetic stresses, all of which are taking place simultaneously and at fantastic rates of oscillation, that any evaluations of straight-line speeds are quite worthless. The third-dimensional speed of light (186,210 mps) is quite subjective to these enormous compressions and expansions, and so far as distances being measured at the fixed base-point of light, speed will therefore, third-dimensionally speaking, appear to be compressed or shortened.

Einstein attempted to cover this in his relativity theory; however, neither Einstein nor any other earth-man has correctly interpreted the condition of electromagnetic stresses and numerous force fields which comprise this fourth-dimensional solar-system vortex; and which, in turn, again becomes only a small quantitive unit in another or galactic vortex, and again, in turn, a small unit in the enormous fourth-dimensional vortex of the universe, and which could be repeated on ad infinitum!

vortex-vortice-structure-of-universe-cosmosThe earthman has yet to learn that so far as his earth world is concerned and all factors dealing with his earth world, the entire superstructure of what he has divined and divided into his sciences, his religions, all artifacts and accouterments of life, all concepts are all made possible to him through the universal premise of creative law, order and harmony, which is expressed throughout Infinity, and remanifesting interdimensionally into planetary systems, revolving about a central nuclei star-sun and traveearth-man-4-post-2ling through its respective galaxy along the same well-ordered magnetic lines. The synthesis of life for the earthman therefore, is merely another form of reconversion and through what he calls his metabolism, his mental processes, his way of life upon the earth, he is, in this life synthesis, reconverting a small part of that great infinite universal energy which surrounds him and his little planet and carries him on his tiny planetary ship through the vastness of interstellar time and space.

The foregoing transcript is one of great importance and most accurately describes the elusive, unknown factor constantly apparent in Einstein’s theory of relativity; and to the third-dimensional mind, an incomprehensible factor, as such minds always conceive any objectivisms as having a fixed place and time as an evaluation of distance between any two or more fixed points.

This earth world consensus is dependent, however, on third-dimensional conditions which resolve earth-emf-vortexall objectivisms as a quantitive amassment — all traveling through space and time at the same speed, and in this respect space and time become an equally divided measurement in any assessment. The media in all aspects, however, is resolved into the ninety-two natural atom forms known as elements. These atom forms can be said to be oscillating synchronously and locked in their respective EMFs, become fixed objectivisms known as mass substances to the earthman. Such mass substances could also be called a third dimensional plasma. However, such mass objectivisms called life, by the earthman, and lived in his reactionary stances are quite useless and are nonexistent in the fourth-dimensional plasma which is composed of an infinite number of vortical forms, all oscillating at speeds which could not be conceived by third-dimensional minds.

This fourth-dimensional cosmogony, so extremely complex as to defy description, is, however, to be in the future, the home of many earth people, as well as people from countless billions of planets throughout the innumerable universes. In his evolutionary travel into this fourth-dimensional spiritual-pathway-4-postplasma, the earthman will find certain numbers of frequencies with which he can beat harmoniously and these, in turn, will synchronously form a world or a place to him. He will have, in effect, found one of the ‘many mansions’, and so as he thus ‘lives and breathes’, inductively speaking, in this plasma field, he will have found and developed into his consciousness, one more place in his eternal evolution, one more step into Infinity.

In retrospection, this plasma world is synonymous in respect to his earth world which he has left behind, and it was there that he first repeated the analogy of his evolution by developing a consciousness which he called life, from the harmonic and synchronous beat of his earth-world planet, composed of pure energy, in tiny atomic solar systems which he, in his life concept, called mass; and from which he developed into the complexities of his earth life — and this is evolution: an analogy of life lived from plane to plane comprised from the innumerable pulsations of a highly compressed and expanded Infinite Cosmogony.

These are the ‘many mansions’ and the true promise of immortality, developed as an objective consciousness which is reformed and reshaped and readapted to meet the ever-changing demand of evolution through this timeless, spaceless cosmogony.

How infinitesimally small then, does the earth world become, and the individual beat of life mankind-4-postexpressed by any human! How infinitesimally small is his consciousness that relegates such false evaluations that his planet alone, is inhabited; that his individual religion is a valid means of salvation, a bigotrous consensus which condemns all mankind or that he believes his political system is the best and should be lived by, regardless of race, creed or ethnic background.

Like a virulent bacteria, man swarms upon the surface of a tiny bit of compressed energy called rock, grown green with the moss of forests and jungles, and as if to hide it, in its shame, covered with a vaporous blanket of air, it plunges madly in its orbit around a pulsating ball of light, trying to warm itself on all sides in a daily rotation. And within this stairway-of-light-4-postearth world, spawn those who walk upright and call themselves men, attempting to placate the frigid gnawing fear of death and eternal darkness, only partially concealed in their vaporous air or their intermittent daylight.

Yet, we, in the worlds of Light, living far beyond the compressed fields of energy plasma of a fourth-dimensional solar system vortex, look with compassion upon this and many other earth worlds, for here again in Infinite Consciousness is the beginning of immortal life: lives yet to be lived in that ever-increasing spiral of evolution, into the higher reaches of Infinity.”

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

Part I here.

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