How To Discern Between Positive And Negative Influences

positive-vs-negative“In this discussion I am going to depart from my usual procedure of acquainting you with some of the more abstract principles of progressive evolution and enter into a more personal dimension of introspection, or one which can be considered as a detrimental influential aspect. You have all heard of the Battle of Armageddon, either as it was historically depicted by Nostradamus in his prophetic poems, or as it was Biblically prophesied. However, the Battle of Armageddon is not some advent which is to be fought in some future time between certain good and evil forces. The Battle of Armageddon has been going on for some years; as a matter of fact, throughout the past histories of the world, it has been fought in different epochs of time; such as in ancient Lemuria, more than 100,000 years ago, and at later dates in civilizations, such as Atlantis some 15,000 years ago, and on down to the present time. But wherever we find various civilizations and these confluxus of migratory peoples, as they have swarmed upon the surface of the earth, we have found them armageddon-1fighting, to an extent, the Battle of Armageddon. This is not merely a parable which exists as an advent but is an actual conflict between the astral worlds and those people who have, to some degree, succeeded in placing their feet firmly upon the evolutionary pathway in a progressive manner which will lead them into higher spiritual worlds.

The conflict between good and evil has been historically portrayed in many different times, and the advent of the Armageddon has been prophesied in different civilizations. Zoroaster predicted the Battle of Armageddon in his particular spiritual dispensation, just as Buddha also described the personal conflict in attaining Nirvana or the spiritual junction of consciousness with the higher dimensions of life. It was Jesus however, who carried the greatest impact and message in personal attainment and the way in which this attainment could be achieved by any individual. He also very dramatically demonstrated His own personal Battle of Armageddon and the victorious assault of the dark forces who succeeded in destroying His physical body; and actually, through their conniving cleverness, succeeded in turning His message of life and hope into one of the most dogmatic and rhetorical religious movements the world has ever seen.

sine-wavesIn order to better conceive what this great astral conflict is all about, and how it is carried on, let us create within our minds a certain picture. If we think for a moment, we can see, in a sense, certain radio or TV waves are streaming through the room. There may be several thousand of these different wave forms all carrying definite impulses which can be translated by a radio or a TV, into the sound of the voice and carry the message; or they can also carry a picture. Let us enlarge this concept to include an interdimensional aspect; that is, we can now picture around us thousands of different kinds of worlds or planes of consciousness. These people are all compatible in these various planes; and as they so have established intercourse or communication between themselves in some similar respect to that which is being carried on in the material world about you, they are harmonically attuned to each other on the basis that their different mental concepts are similar in nature.astral-planes

Now, some of these planes or worlds will extend on upward, so to speak, to a point where they become nothing more to our inward vision than a great and beautiful sea of light wherein people are living, much the same as they are Biblically depicted, as archangels or various other very highly developed personalities in bodies of pure radiant pulsating energy of the most intense quality.

Conversely, if we look the other way, we shall see other planes extending on downward, so to speak, and as they decrease, they become less and less intense with light, to the point where they seem totally obliterated in darkness. This is a manner in which we have created this picture within our own minds; for in truth, the people who inhabit and populate these numerous lower planes, have in a sense, shut out the light from their consciousness. They have become self-centered and selfish; they believe the whole world revolves around the immediate periphery of their own mental horizon. They have continuously reinflated their egos with all the various platitudes of self-deification, and thus they self-deificationhave shut themselves out from the inflow of life-giving light which should normally come to them and make a more progressive evolution possible. For you must conceive within your own minds that your physical body may be, to an extent, nourished by food; but the greatest part of the nourishment comes from within the interdimensions in which the psychic anatomy lives, and is reflected outwardly into the physical body as the life-giving property of that particular influx of interdimensional energy.

Should you, in a psychic manner, succeed in partially tuning yourself out from that inflow of energy, then you will consequently suffer; and should you succeed in tuning yourself out from the higher forms of radiant, life-giving energy which comes from the higher dimensions, then you will also become spiritually atrophied. You will become selfish and self-centered. You will become dissatisfied with your life. With this great pinching off process and dissatisfaction, you will inversely try to look about the world in which you are living and place the fault, or blame for your condition upon other people and the way in which they live. You will see great friction in political systems; you will also see great cause for distress in every way, manner, and form of life. This will be done, not because you can see better worlds above you, but because you have pinched yourself off and you are not making a constructive analytical analysis of your own position.

This is the way in which the people of the astral worlds, and especially the sub-astral worlds live. You are all very familiar with the neighborhood busybody, the person who goes about, whenever Busy-Bodyopportunity presents itself, and sets up a whispering campaign; or he may be destructively minded and try to influence some person against another. They may, in various other manners and forms, try to exert their influence in whatever opportunity so presents itself. In fact, they are a real menace to the community in which they live. Some of these meddlers can be found in other places, such as in churches or in temples; they can be ministers or priests; they also can be political figures. But wherever they are, we are going to find persons who are trying in a very subconscious and subversive way to influence people, one against another, or trying to bring the world to their way of thinking, or to place the blame for some irrational conduct of life upon some unsuspecting and totally innocent people. In short, these are the “love me, love my dog” people; and the astral underworlds are peopled with these busybodys, these meddlers who are trying to influence, subversively speaking, people who are not within the immediate jurisdiction of their evil influence.

Now, if you can picture in your mind that throughout the room – or for that matter, in any place or in any way in which you may be involved in your various and daily life transpositions – there are at any particular moment, a great number of these astral worlds in direct contact with the mental thought processes which are going on in your mind. This is done through harmonic attunement with the diverse and sundry configurations of earth life dispensations in which you are participating. These attunements are subconsciously made even though you are not aware of them; in this sense you are, to an extent, wide open to the many influences which these subversive astral forces can project against you in a psychokenetical fashion. You must also realize that these astral worlds have different civic organizations and governmental systems; they have leaders or overlords; they have whatever particular kind of configuration you would like to picture within your mind as various ruling politicosavoiding-lower-astral-influences or deifications of these underworlds. These are people who have, to an extent, succeeded, in their selfish way, in creating a dimension for themselves and have attracted other, but somewhat weaker minds, to the banner of their subversive way of life.

In this way they can maintain, for the time being at least, a certain form of life even though they are gradually pinching themselves off, and facing eventual destruction in the very lowest of all astral underworlds which are peopled by the demons. Yet, these people are, in a sense, desperate. They realize they have erred, that they have gone wrong, and, to an extent, in this desperation they also become inclined to grasp at straws; to carry any and all people who come within their reach, to the same impending doom which is their lot if they continue on in their own particular selfish dominion of consciousness. Therefore, as you go about the various tasks in your daily life, the little menial dispensations which are necessary, to a degree, for you to complete your cycle of earth life, these various astral underworld influences will come to you in varied and numerous ways. This is so because at that moment and time when you became more completely dedicated to advance yourself, you also automatically set in motion, the entire sum and total of these numerous different sub-astral worlds in a combined and concerted effort to prevent you from attaining an upward and progressive evolution.

Moreover, as you began to advance in this upward evolution, the attunement of your own particular personal psychic anatomy also became attuned to the higher dimensions of life through which youFrancis Bacon were traveling. In this manner the contrast between the radiant qualities of your own particular psychic anatomy – as it is so expressed in the sum and total of knowledge which you had accumulated in these higher dimensions of understanding – also became a greater contrast to the darkened grayness of the astral worlds, and the psychic anatomies of the people who live in these worlds. By this contrast, the greater became their effort to sublimate you in all your efforts, to bring you down to their level; to hold you within their grasp. For within the psychotic reaches of these minds, there is a complete obsessive quality which demands that no one can be superior to them in their particular way of life. In this sense, they are completely irrational; they are blinded to the better and more benign influences which could be theirs. They have a concerted and concentrated program, within their own minds and within the organizations in which they participate, to subjugate and to hold any person who comes within the reach of their influence.

It must also be borne in mind that in these various first stage progressions which you are making at this particular time, you are very vulnerable to these various sub-astral influences. You have, up until this particular moment, developed a psychic anatomy from the many different life transpositions in material worlds similar to the earth world or a part of the earth world. In this respect, your psychicastral-planes-5 anatomy is your old self; as the old self is still very strongly a part of you, through harmonic attunements in these various earth life dispensations and associations, these sub-astral world people can very strongly influence you in a manner and form which is particularly difficult to determine at any given moment. This is so because of the obvious fact, that the old self as a part of you, is oscillating in consciousness with you; therefore, you cannot objectively rationalize what the particular emotion or reaction is at that particular moment; either it is a part of the old world, and an influential dominant character of the astral underworlds, or you are minded so to speak, from the higher planes of Light in their inspirational qualities in the more reasonable and analytical phases of mental development which they are trying to help you develop.

This is where you can become your own worst enemy; should you at any time fail to discriminate between the higher planes of Light and the sub-astral, subversive influences which are dominating you from your old past – through the lower self which you have developed in the past – and if you should fail to discriminate in a manner and form, with a completely objective introspection, and continuously fail to realize the nature of your position, or how these various worlds are influencing you in your numerous acts of life, then you will indeed become one of these sub-astral forces.

Fortunately however, there is a sure-fire way to discriminate in all of your various acts of moral-responsibilityconsciousness, how you can actually determine, at any moment, whether it is an old past lifetime, subversive influence coming to you from out of the past and from the astral worlds, or whether you are being constructively minded. This sure-fire method of discrimination is very simple and very effective when it is properly used. This is to simply realize at all times that nothing, absolutely nothing in the world about you, or in your environment is actually caused by you. The moral responsibility of all your own thoughts and your actions are actually you. You must not, at any time, blame any person, the world, or the political system for what seems to be some negative happening. Any dissension or strife which arises within your consciousness should be determined as products of your own concept; they are your own personal property. In short, they are your own old self trying to rear its ugly head above the slime and mire of the past world where it grew and made life possible for you in those more primitive stages of your evolution; it is trying to rear its head into your present. It is trying to influence and subvert you from a progressive evolution.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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