How is an Individual Separated or Different From All Other Beings In The Infinite Cosmos?

How-is-an-Individual-Separated-or-Different-main-4-postExcerpt from The Keys to the Universe and the Mind channeled by Cosmon (Thomas Miller) Please also visit his web site at UnariansUnited.combeings4post

6-1-77 – The Brothers through Cosmon: “It is the avowed purpose of the Unariun student to attempt within his own consciousnessThomas-Miller to arrive at a point in his evolution whereby he can interpret life and all its manners, in all of its forms, which to himself will be creative. As a reciprocal entity in infinite awareness, he can then be joined in these states of consciousness, of knowledge and wisdom, wherein he can reassert them outwardly into all forms of life. In order to do this, he must have some knowledge of the working mechanics of life, if we can call them that. With these mechanics and the associated knowledge of the mechanics and usage, can he become a creative entity. Therefore, tonight we are going to delve more deeply into the ways and means by which we can understand the processes of life as we know it in our own beings, and associate these energy principles to the environment about us, to our fellowman, and of course, to the Infinite Intelligence.

We have a drawing for you, and it is a schematic of what we will attempt to describe, which will give us a better idea of how life is carried on by us all. We will start by focusing our attention on the physical man, which you see in the center here.Diagram-5 We can associate this physical man in his sixteen-odd elements. There are certain questions which the man of science and every seeker of truth asks. One of these questions is: ‘If every single being or individual has these sixteen-odd elements within him, and they are the same in each individual, why is it that this individual is separated or different from all other beings in the infinite cosmos? How is it so that these atomic structures are arranged so that we can refer to this as a separate entity, such as John Doe or Mary Mix?’ These questions are answered most adequately by the study of the UN.AR.I.U.S. Science.

How is it that energy operates inviolately within these atomic structures themselves in their alignments in association with the psychic structures of that being. We have, in previous lessons, gone into these most vital and fundamental concepts; however, tonight we would like to approach it from a slightly different angle so that we may gain a more comprehensive idea of how this closed-circuit oscillation occurs and enables that being to maintain a separation in consciousness and in his physical atomic structures, from all other entities and exterior environments. In our schematic, we can say that the bands of different colorations around the physical man are the psychic structures of this individual. the red we can associate with the subconscious, the blue color is the mental consciousness, and the highest frequency of that individual is the orange, or the superconsciousness. Now we can say that every atom within our body is surrounded by these spectral bands of energy in the fourth-dimensional sense. The lowest frequency band is the subconscious, the middle band is the mental conscious and the highest band is the superconsciousness. We have taken a cross section of a physical atom of this man and blown it up, and we can depict this same psychic structure surrounding an atom within the heart. We’re trying to get at the proposition of how this atom maintains its alignment with all other atoms in conjunction with the heart so that the heart can maintain congruency, or that all of these atoms aren’t repelling from each other, but they are working in close union. Diagram-6

The reason for this is that the subconscious, the mental conscious and the superconscious surrounding that atom are aligned in bands of frequencies and the lower band is most closely associated with the physical atom, therefore, it is pulsing its information into that atom in an alignment process, making that atom conform to other atoms that are in association with it in a physical form, and the mental conscious is giving its energy information to the subconscious. The superconsicous is giving its information to the mental conscious, subconscious, and hence into the physical atom. We can interpret this tri-dimensional situation or energy configuration as a vortex. The highest frequencies in that vortex are the super-structures of that information, which is subsequently relayed inductively in a positive-negative phase-reversal oscillation from the most positive to the most negative, and expresses outwardly into the physical dimension as an atomic form or a physical structure. That atom has association with other atoms in a compatible sense, for their vortexal structures are aligned in the sub, mental and superconscious of themselves. So, this is what makes a person’s heart beat at a certain rate or frequency that is completely different from any other heart. Now, we’ll try to get this a little more expanded here.

The Eastern philosophers or the Hindu people have associated these auric emanations as onion layers. This is so, but it doesn’t take on a physical form. These frequencies are close to the physical anatomy; they are surrounding our physical structures and each atom. Each atom has a particular fundamental frequency, or a base plane rate frequency. These layers are determined by their composite frequency structures to give a fundamental frequency band, which determines the entire band and its placement around the physical structure. The mental consciousness is of a composite or base plane rate frequency higher than the subconscious. Also, the superconsciousness is in a higher frequency rate than the two lower dimensional forms of that being. We have a brain cell for you. Diagram-7 We wanted to explain the physical function in just a superficial manner so that we can get to the point where we can realize that these physical brain cell structures are getting their information from the psychic structures. Now we have all realized that this is so in our study. We have been told that the brain is the switch board of consciousness. Let us go into this a little more scientifically and more deeply, so that we can gain a more comprehensive idea of what is truly going on between the physical and the psychic.

The brain cell contains a cell body which is called a soma. It has coming into it many arms, or what are called dendrites, which is the physical scientists’ terminology. We can call it anything we want, as long as we see the physical structure that is involved. Coming also into this soma or being attached onto it, are what are called synapses, and terminating on the soma or the cell body are little knobs, as they refer to them. They are called synaptic knobs. There are many of these synaptic knobs on each brain cell. They are also extending from other brain cells. Extending from the bottom of the cell is the axon. Now this is where electrical impulses are emitted by that brain cell down into its terminal point, which results in muscular action, reflex action, or whatever that nerve cell is telling whatever part of the body to do. It is very important that we realize that within the body of this cell there is a chemical action taking place all the time. It is telling that cell to either stay dormant, or it is telling that cell to fire an electrical impulse down the axon. This cell has many inputs. It has many synaptic fibers coming to it, charging that cell like a condenser. Only at a certain prearranged frequency will that cell fire. The only output that cell has is the axon. Certain other inputs to the main body of the cell are called efferent nerve fibers.

Now try to visualize this in your own mind. You have billions and billions of these cells in your brain. Terminating on the end of these brain cells are what we call an axon. That axon can be very long or it can be very short. There are electrical impulses which are fired in the nucleus itself and pulsed along this axon to, let us say, that set of molecules in the heart to keep that heart pumping. It is completely an automated situation as far as the heart is concerned. What we want to concentrate on are reflex action and also internal action which we promulgate ourselves through mental transmission. In other words, if you are sitting in a chair and you think that you want to get up and walk across the room, now how is that done from the psychic and how is that transmitted into physical action? This is the point we are trying to relate tonight. Between mental function and physical action there is a very, very scientific and important concept that we can arrive at which will enable us to realize why we do the things we do, what impulses do we have that enable us to react to outside stimuli, and what makes us react internally to another person’s presence.

Well, it all happens between the physical anatomy and the psychic anatomy. We all know this, but the base roots of this whole operation must be understood for us to arrive at a scientific realization. Maybe with this realization we can analyze it in a much clearer way than we have in the past.

Coming into the psychic structures is this infinite, formless energy pattern. Although it is stemming out from the Fountainhead in vortexal patterns in cycular patterns, the superconsciousness takes this information and reshapes and remolds it in a physical form, and subsequently inbrain-cellto a vehicle such as our body. We’ll do as we did last time we talked about vortexal movements and depict this schematic as the brain cell. Now what we are trying to get across here is that each brain cell has surrounding it not only a physical substance such as potassium, chlorine, and sodium, which the scientist is looking at when he sees a brain cell, but also its energy structures. He says there is something going on in the brain cell, yet he doesn’t know what it is, but he does know that there is a chemical synthesis happening within that brain cell. He cannot tell you what it is, but we can as Unariuns, understand this process by understanding that surrounding that atomic cell, that brain cell, are convolutions or cyclic wave forms that are revolving within themselves in frequency bands or spectrums.

Now you say, around you, you don’t feel anything. All you can feel are your physical atoms. You know from studying the Unariun principles that there is a psychic structure that is maintaining your physical being, but it is a very hard concept for each student to realize where his psychic is. ‘How can I make it a reality in my own consciousness? How can I envision it?’

The best way to envision it is to realize that every wave form that is maintaining each atomic atom is getting its force from a psychic energy pressure. The only reason that we have pressure is because the mental consciousness from our past evolutionary experiences has formulated for us an amount of intelligence enabling the firing of that brain cell at a particular frequency, a particular energy spectrum. Now, the superconscious part of the psychic anatomy of that brain cell is a composite of all energy wave forms that is incepting from the Fountainhead, or the great infinite mainstream of energy, or the sea of energy surrounding this superconscious self.

Now, we have depicted in cyclic form, wave forms around this brain cell. Picture it this way, if you will: We have an atom which is cycular in form. Now it stands to reason that the psychic anatomy will be completely surrounding that atom from all directions. This is the point that every student should try to visualize within his own frame of mind, referring again to the psychic structures as surrounding the cell in a cyclic form, more or less like a ball within a ball. Each wave form that stems Image22into that cell structure is cycular, not only in a two-dimensional way, but it also is in a four-dimensional form, and that it is pressuring this cell to activate in an intelligent way. The only reason that intelligence is displayed outwardly is because of the wave form shape and its frequency as determined by the pressure from the mental consciousness, which is our past lives pressured by the superconsciousness, which is the all-permeating force maintaining this entire psychic structure and the subsequent physical structure – and we see the end result, an animated, living cell. We have an infinite amount of wave forms, cycular wave forms terminating in the atomic structures of this cell. Now, the atomic structures in each brain cell of each individual are the same. The scientist does not find in any human anatomy any differentiation in cellular structure, so he concludes that all brains are the same. The only difference from one brain to another brain is the input of experiences from exterior stimuli, or the environment. In other words, your brain is the same as the brain of the person sitting next to you; the only difference between you two people is that the firing of those brain cells is at a different sequence, or at a different frequency. Isn’t it ironic that the physical scientist has not learned this to be so?

The frequency of the firing of this cell…what we mean by firing is that the outside membrane of that cell is at a certain voltage gradient, or it has a certain potential. The inside of the cell also has a certain potential. There is a cytoplasm within that cell which is charged negatively. It is at seventy millivolts when it is normal and it is not discharging or firing, but if all of these signals from the efferent nerve fibers from other cells impulse their wave forms, a charging effect starts to create a certain potential, and all of the wave forms or all of the ions in the cellular cytoplasm would then drive that cell more positively or negatively, to fifty millivolts. In doing that, it creates an imbalance with the outside of the membrane, and there is an ionic flow down the axon, or an electrical impulse, or current. This is how this process happens physically.Image99

We must go one step further. How does this happen when we think a thought? Where does all this energy come from to surcharge this particular cell? It comes directly from the vortexal pattern that is surrounding each atom, compositely each molecule and compositely even greater intricacies into the entire cell. So that entire cell is working in unison with its fourth-dimensional vortex, and when that vortex is displaying a particular frequency pressure, then it will charge this cell, surcharge it, and at a certain predetermined frequency that cell will fire and create an electrical impulse down into, let us say, the muscle.

Now I will give you a demonstration. I am standing here, but how do I do this? Now how do I lift my leg? Think about it for a moment. That was an internal, voluntary reflex action driven by my brain of thinking to do it, and the only way that I could think to do it was that I had the information stored, as a computer stores information, in my psychic structures so that I could relay, voluntarily, that information to the muscles in my legs. The electrical impulse was charged by certain predetermined brain cells to fire electrical impulses down my spinal chord, down to the muscle nerve endings so that I could do this. It is a very simple action, but let us go into the implications involved. There are two forms which we are going to explain. This is a very important concept, so please try to understand it. Even though they are simple processes, we are numb to them. We are numb to them because they are so much a part of us, and we have, through an evolutionary process, made this physical life so much a part of us that now being UN.AR.I.U.S. students we are trying to erase a lot of these automatic reflex actions. Before we can do this we must know what is going on within us to understand it.

So this braibrain-wavesn cell has been developed over an evolutionary period of time by us all. Contrary to the scientist’s opinion and his recent findings, which are very vague indeed, each brain cell that we have, has a base plane frequency and the scientists have found out, however, that through the effects of placing electrodes on the brain cell endings, that cell will not do anything. Even if you put electrical impulses into that brain cell, it will not fire until you hit the right frequency which that brain cell will respond to. It won’t respond to any other frequency.

Now I just did a voluntary muscular action. I did that action from completely internal references – from my past evolutionary experiences. Now let us take the opposite situation, which is, somebody hits me in the knee and I get a reflex action, or I even hit myself or I bump my knee up against a table of some sort. The electrical impulse is reversed in this sense and this is called an involuntary reflex action, whereby the nerve endings now send energy impulses up the spinal chord into the brain and now there are different receptor cells which fire backwards. It isn’t the same cell as in our voluntary action, because there are certain cells within the brain that only fire into the psychic. There are certain cells that will only fire into the physical, which will only generate themselves into the physical. There are certain cells which will only generate into the hypothalamus and the hypothalamus will step up those frequencies or those impulses into the psychic structures. In other words, what we have done is, that instead of the impulse coming into the cell, the cell is sending it back into the vortex. Now what happens is, that vortex has been driven in reverse so the repercussions go into the psychic in a reverse fashion of how they came into the physical originally. And through the processes of going into the subconscious as we’ve stated, and into the mental consciousness, there are harmonic affiliations of when you bumped your knee or when you had your knee cut off, or whatever happened to your knee in past affiliations and associations. Then that third harmonic reverses its bias and it goes back down into the physical and it fires certain cell structures in the brain which will end in pain consciousness, aggravated consciousness, frustration consciousness, or whatever it may be.

Diagram-8In Diagram 8 we have another schematic of the brain cell, and this is again what we have been describing – the axon, all the way down the motor fiber into the muscle fiber, and terminating in the muscle fiber are little nodes which, fired from the brain cell which they are controlling, will contract the muscle. This is the process that happens in the physical. The psychic structures are surrounding the physical structures. This is the main point of tonight’s discussion, and if we can visualize this even momentarily, we will realize that for every atom in our body, there is an exact facsimile vortex of energy in the psychic body and surrounding every one of our atoms. Every atom gets its power from a fundamental base rate frequency from the vortex which is surrounding it in frequency bands. Those bands are held in those spectral arrays by the harmonic interplay of, let us say, the subconscious part or the closest frequency band to the physical consciousness. The closest part of the psychic anatomy is the subconscious, and so therefore, all of our experiences will first be experienced subconsciously in the vortex. The next frequency band is the mental consciousness. It contains all of the experiences of our past lives and it is also surrounding every atom in our body. When we have a breakdown in our physical body, the association is mostly from the mental consciousness breakdown from past lifetime associations. The superconsciousness surrounds it all. It is the purest essence of that vortex. It is the perfection or the highest form of that vortexal movement, and therefore, of the atom which it is surrounding. Surrounding that is the infinite sea of energy. Now from this basic drawing we can arrive at some very definite concepts and conclusions. One concept that we can arrive at is the propagation of disease is incurred by a traumatic experience in our past, and which, we incurred in our physical lifetimes. For instance, let us say that in another lifetime I had my arm cut off by a sword. In this lifetime I have muscular sclerosis; that is, a breakdown of the myelin sheath surrounding the axon. The sheath has a vortex wrapped around the axon and it follows the length of the nerve and goes down to its ending. Now in another life, if I severed that nerve center to the muscle and in this lifetime I have reincurred that psychic misalignment, it is because that myelin was severed. Now if I knew anything about how it transmits its signal, I would know that signal going down the axon, in transmitting, is a very poor conductor. This nerve is a very poor conductor unto itself and you might say it is a charge leaker; it leaks energy as it goes down the length of itself. In evolution we have built up a little sheath around it to keep that charge going to its end length so it can get to its final result. If I had severed that sheath, at that point the leakage would be so great that it couldn’t get to the end muscle and consequently I would have atrophy of the muscle to which that impulse would be going.

More often than not, muscular sclerosis or muscular dystrophy is a much more complicated situation than just having your arm cut off, although it could very well develop psychically to include all muscles in the body because the shock would be so much that all of the brain transmitters would be shut down at times when the psychic structure would be pouring all that information into the cell which no longer recognizes it as a harmonic situation into the axon and then into the motor muscle.

Another situation that we can arrive at in this way of looking at it is that our fundamentaAura5l frequency, our base plane frequency is determined by the composite of the wave forms or the fundamental frequencies of all of the atoms combined, so our aura is the result of the composite frequency emanations of all of the atomic structures in our body. The reason that we have those fundamental frequencies in all of the atoms is because the mental consciousness is portraying the information or the I.Q. into the physical atomic structures and giving the physical its individuality, and it makes you be you, and somebody else become somebody else.

We can relate this to many forms of consciousness, even coming in contact with other people. Now, for instance, right now my aura and your aura are intermingling. Now if I stood off here six feet away and if I thought of you, the psychic structures would intermingle. (Cosmon stands a few inches away from another student.) But there is a big difference between physical close proximity and at a distance, transmission through the mind. Physical proximity’s discharge and charge is contained in the lowest frequency. From a distance the discharge comes from the mental consciousness. Can we see that? I’m close to him. Right now we are intermingling our red aurahuman-energy-body-auras. Moving away now we are intermingling blue auras and I am in attunement with your psychic in this form. The greatest amount of physical drain comes about when you are in attunement in both ways – physical close proximity and mental close proximity – because the strength of those two auras is combined to give a composite energy drain or energy influx. We can relate this even further by saying that if a Super Being came into the close proximity of our being, the discharge would be taking place from the superconsciousness into our subconscious via the mental consciousness. You cannot go directly from the superconsciousness to the physical anatomy. As we’ve stated, every atom is surrounded by these spectral energy bands. To get to one band you have to penetrate the preceding band; these are called octaves, frequency spectrums, etc.”

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