Hope Springs Eternal – Part II

hope-springs-eternal-main-4-post“Truth is infinite and remains absolute to all people, yet is understood in the progressive evolution in an infinite number of ways by each person – a formative process which builds and rebuilds the psychic anatomy thus enabling a person to progressively evolve. In understanding the broadest and most abstract tenets of life, the author therefore does not view the physical life as does mankind in general. Neither does he stress its importance in the physical sense that is held by the average individual.

Also, in a scientific understanding, a personal ego is not held or evaluated in the manner of most humans. A person, in pure science can be seen to be, not a strong personality or ego, but as a psychic-anatomyconglomerate collection of energy wave forms, derived from past experiences, oscillating endlessly in a timeless dimension and remanifesting themselves in a third dimension as physical remanifestations and counterparts of these past experiences and, under the law of frequency relationship, oscillate or become active with subsequent contacts with various earth-life dispensations with which they come in contact.

Understanding this concept will do much to correct any imbalances which may occur to an individual who becomes emotionally involved in various earth-life happenings. The importance of the physical life recedes from the emotional plane to a more proper position, wherein an individual can rationalize and find suitable and true answers to what would otherwise remain an emotional enigma.

The position of the author can be somewhat allegorically summarized in viewing a motion picture or television screen depicting some story or happening. The person so viewing attains a psychic rapport with what is being pictured and is transcended into the actual happenings. This is done on the net reactive content of the subconscious as it presents similar basic happenings to the present depiction; and through frequency relationship, transcendency and emotional participation occurs.

The person so involved is not analytically summarizing this depiction as a series of light and dark man-television-2patches traced across a fluorescent screen by an electronic gun or some similar apparatus. The whole process is purely autosuggestive and relives in the viewer by that attunement process with past experience facsimiles. This is the way in which the author views the earth life of mankind. He sees people not as physical flesh and bone creatures, but as amalgamated formations known as atoms harmonically attracted together under the scientific laws of frequency attunement. The expression of consciousness between polarities, either as it is contained in the singular atom or the complex structure of the human anatomy controlling the formation, the constant rebuilding and energy-body 2regenerating this physical anatomy is the true human – the psychic anatomy is, as has been previously stated, the amassed conglomeration of an infinite number of wave forms, oscillating vortexically, each expressing its own consciousness with innumerable, positive and negative polarities sustained throughout the entire structure.

Disease can, therefore, be seen not as an important life-destroying occurrence, but rather a remanifestation of one or a number of previous life-time indispositions, or psychic shocks, which must be corrected before evolution can be progressively sustained. Mankind however, as he lives on such a planet as earth, is not conscious in his physical life, of all the factors which have been discussed. Therefore, he must eradicated such malformations, more or less, by the hit and miss, trail and error method, until he succeeds, and will in his long-drawn-out conquest, gradually begin to learn about the Spiritual Worlds. And a man’s reincarnation cyclesmore ultimate destiny is not the development of a strong personal ego, which lives by the carnal laws of the jungle, but rather the development of a human being who is both intellect and function. A first-stage cell development of a mind or entity of consciousness functions infinitely in all directions simultaneously, an entity which is capable of not only receiving in a cohesive intelligent relationship, all the known and unknown factors and concepts of Infinity, but which is also capable of re-creating them infinitely and which is done by regenerating them in various dimensions and through different dimensions of consciousness.

However, it is realized by the author that such abstractions are beyond the comprehension of the third-dimensional mind which can only function in a singular fashion with one objectivism at a time and which is harmonically attuned to his past. This third-dimensional mind can therefore create only from these past formations or institute new conformatives for them. It is also realized by the author the importance which the third-dimensional earth life holds for the earth man – a consciousness mandated by necessity if he is to survive through the progressive cycle of earth lives.

This, then, is another way to present to any and all so concerned, a more infinite understanding of Ascension-into-spiritual-worlds-4-postlife. Assimilation and understanding must also be progressively inclinated, and any person who reaches a certain threshold becomes more conscious of the great Infinite; and with this consciousness, there is born an ever-increasing desire for that person to live consciousness where it actually begins, in the spiritual worlds, or higher dimensions, for such is the nature of consciousness.

Consciousness can always be resolved into energy formations oscillating between various polarities, each a functioning concept of the great Infinite. This is true whether we view mass as energy atoms or in the transmission of any other factor of consciousness. Being so minded, the author does not believe in death, but rather in the cyclic change of consciousness from one dimension into another. Nor does he believe in disease, for in pure altruism and altruistic ideals, we again find the concept of Infinity living as a Creative Principle, even in death and disease as it is conceived by the earth man.

The author also holds no belief in the various emotional gods or fates which are supposedly ascension-spiritual-growth-4-postcontrolling the destinies of men. Like all concept, belief becomes the creator and he who has so created, often becomes the victim of his creation. If any person can conceive and hold in his mind that the Infinite Intelligence is a creative function sustained infinitely, he can, by this understanding place himself in a correct receptive position to this Creative Intelligence and induct into his own life and consciousness, the constant never-ending regenerative and reconstructive Infinite, which will, in his future evolution, constantly rebuild him in a progressive manner into his more ultimate destiny, an entity which is far more god-like than any god entity heretofore conceived in the mind of man.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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