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heal-thyself-main-4-post“One thing which all people have in common is an abnormal sense or fear of death; and here again is the strange paradox, for in the sleeping and waking state, man dies and relives at least once every 24 hours. Yet, the word death which is actually only a Latin word meaning change, strikes terror into the heart of the materialist. Even the religionist who inhabits the church is filled with dreads, fears reincarnation cyclesand vagaries. No one seems to be at the particular point in his expression of life where he can see the continuity of expression as he so lives it at any particular moment for he is directly connected through frequency relationship with at least a thousand lifetimes lived in the past. He has discarded his body at various intervals (as it is connected with that particular life), to be reborn and again live in the future in almost the identical circumstances, following the same thought patterns and obeying the same psychic impulses as motivated him in his former lives.

To study statistics as they present themselves in this present-day modern world, does indeed give everyone a sense of dread or foreboding. When we can study the high rate of incidence in the various hospitals, asylums and, in particular, the mental status quo of John Q. Citizen as he inhabits our civilized world today, these statistics do indeed indicate grave conditions.

As in all cases and in normal sequences, evolution can always be largely envisioned as a progressive cycle but understanding the structural qualities, the movement of these cyclic forms and the energy forms from which they are so constructed, you are immediately reminded that here again is our common equivalent in polarity patterns; there is always a positive and a negative. We must also resort back into history and find man has always lived, to some degree, in these cyclic patterns of progression and retrogression.

birth-death-cycleFor instance, for about 1500 years the people of the eastern world throughout Europe, lived under a completely false doctrine of physiology as it was first instigated by a man called Galen, who lived at the beginning of the Christian era. Galen did not know about the circulation of the blood or about various other functions of the anatomy yet people often died as a direct result of opposing these false doctrines.

human-anatomy-male-4-postIn the Middle Ages of Europe, there appeared a complete revision of these false principles of anatomy as they were thus supposed to exist. As a result of the pursuits of certain dedicated souls, through dissection, a vast knowledge of anatomy was finally brought into existence, often at the expense of the lives of these various devoted exponents of medical truth as they found it in their various explorations. Therefore, we cannot presuppose at this time that any medical system as it presently exists can solve any or all of the differences in the physical world in which we find ourselves.

Today medical science is struggling in a maze of paradoxes, just as is every other particular faction existing on the face of the earth. To an almost total degree, medical science does not have a complete answer for either the true cause or the originating source of many of the hundreds of incurable diseases with which it is presently confronted. Medical science is therefore, at least for the present, relegated to a highly developed system of physical diagnoses, and the removal of certain offending organs or portions of the body which have broken down because of numerous and varied psychic pressures from the past.

The equivalent of medical science, or modern psychiatry is also singularly devoid of any spiritual values which relate man either to his higher self or to his past lives. Freud completely divested mankind of his so-called instincts, with the exception of one which is sex. Carl Jung added (and very boldly), a second which is gregarity. Yet neither one of these psychologists knew what an instinct was simply because they had not related (at least publicly), any knowledge which they may have inwardly known, relating man to his past lives.

Actually, in a sense, there is no such thing as an instinct. An instinct, in itself, is merely an energy past-lives-vortical-man-2-postwave form which is stemming constantly in an oscillating manner out from the psychic body and which is, in its vortical pattern, formed there in a former lifetime or in a number of former lifetimes.

Thus medical and psychiatric sciences, as they exist today, do not have the solution to the so-called incurable diseases. Looking as they do upon the exterior or the physical, they make the common universal mistake (so far as the material man is concerned), of trying to evaluate the whole Infinite Cosmogony by a certain number of reactionary occurrences which have thus appeared upon the surface of life. People today are thus hopelessly incarcerated as insane, or are dying from incurable diseases, or are diverted and thwarted from a normal expression of life through the sheer ignorance of those who have authority over them and who are upon the pedestals which they have erected for themselves in the medical and psychiatric fields; yes, even in the pulpits of the churches.

seeking-withinIn His mission in the Holy Land 2000 years ago, Jesus gave a certain basic concept which, if and when it is carried through by the individual, will free him from these various dogmatic and death-dealing systems as they are found in the material world. This was the concept contained in the expression, “Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven which is within.” When this concept is resolved into constituents which are understandable by the average person, it will mean simply that this person is only the sum and total of what he can conceive in his own mind; and these conditions, existing as energy wave forms, will automatically link him to either the subversive elements of the astral worlds – with all their sins, iniquities and purgatories – or they will conversely link him to the higher spiritual planes and freedom. He, in finding that freedom, will be in a position from which he can reciprocate and oscillate with the Infinite.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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