Giving Freely – Part II

give-freely-4-main-2“At this point it is necessary to interject other adjunctive functions of the principle of “giving one’s self;” for in the function of this principle with the Infinite there are an infinite number of ramifications. In other words, no individual supports a singular oscillation or oscillating condition with the Infinite. This would, in itself, defeat its purpose, for the Infinite is NOT singular. An oscillating condition with the Infinite means the individual carries on the oscillating condition in an infinite number of ways.
harmonic-regenerationThis is done through the part of principle known in the vernacular of the modern-day scientist as harmonic relationship. In other words, through multiples of approximately two, the consciousness between the Infinite and the individual is thus made possible in an infinite number of ways simply by this regenerative condition of harmonic relationship.

Here again, we must interject a word of caution, or warning, to those who would wrongly use this radiotower_radioknowledge for personal benefits. Giving one’s self freely, or personal attunement with the Infinite or Superconscious Self is a scientific principle, and best understood as being similar to tuning a radio. Attunement with the Infinite obviously means such infinite abstractions as non-personalized elements manifesting into consciousness. Attempts to personalize or use such abstract elements by abhortive methods commonly referred to as demonstration through concentration, will result in not only detuning the individual from the Infinite but such a practice, if carried on long enough, may actually destroy the individual by plunging him deeply into some astral underworlds where he cannot extricate himself. For, it must be remembered by every individual, that in the beginning of his evolution, man differed from all other plant and animal specie in this respect; he was beginning to sustain a progressive pattern of evolution into a higher spiritual form of life by the direct acknowledgement of the Infinite and its function and purpose.

In the beginning of his evolution, therefore, acknowledgement of the Infinite was crude and worship of idolselemental and took on such expressions and forms which could be called religious in nature. And so, through the various ages and many major and minor civilizations, man symbolized this Infinite in an infinite number of ways by constructing configurations of stone and metal, various worshipful or votive services and ceremonies, all of which bore tribute to this unknown Infinite in a name and form which the individual could best understand. In this respect, Christianity is no better than any other religion which has gone before it or is currently being expressed; for Christianity is still symbolic in nature and, in this symbology, has erected various configurations and associated protocol which give it the same basic character.

No man can visualize the Infinite in a singular finite mind, for such a mind is only the surface manifestation of various extractions of experiences from many lives which he has lived in the past. To conceive the Infinite means that the individual must develop a non-singular mind, devoid of personal experience extractions; a plural mind which is capable of realization of the Infinite in an masters-of-light-4-postinfinite number of ways simultaneously. Any person is exactly that which he so conceives. Any such person who has developed a plural mind and capable of this infinite function and purpose, can be said to be God-like in nature; that is if we could personify God-like attributes. However, such a plural mind never functions as a singular person, but is always expressing itself Infinitely.

So it was that while the people of the Holy Land saw the form and figure of the personal man they called Jesus, they did not know — nor do they know today — that that particular individual, as a plural mind, was functioning Infinitely; and in speaking of Himself, was merely referring to the Infinite Self. Perhaps He failed to understand the mental limitations of his followers, or that they would soon understand. Yet we must understand that such expressions of principle as were demonstrated by Jesus have always been subject to various derelictions and distortions as they are translated into the idiom of personal understanding of any person who follows and attempts to use misunderstood principles for his personal gain and betterment in what might be called the age-old escape mechanism, religion. For religion is  and always has been such a device, a moral opiate wherein individually or collectively, people could temporarily relieve the pressures of subconscious guilt complexes.

A much more rational approach to self realization and the purpose of life will always be one in which the individual realizes the full meaning and implication of the Infinite Mind — his connection to this Infinite, through his Higher Self or Infinite Cell, the ultimate realization in achieving Infinite introspection, the meaning and purpose of this, and the manner in which it is attained. This new higher-self-awakening-4-postmeaning and method is not intended as, nor should be used as a substitute for old religions and social systems. It should be visualized as the beginning of ultimate attainment; a beginning which is sometimes called self-realization and to which we have referred as “giving freely of one’s self.”

Be patient in attaining self-realization; time has no meaning, only realization is important and above all, progressive realization. Remember your position in the Infinite perspectus. You are either tuned directly or indirectly to all of the subversive reactionary elements of the past and of this world; countless other similar worlds, astral underworlds, and to the countless hordes who populate these various centers, or else through the same attunement (principle), you are directly or indirectly attuned to countless numbers of great spiritual worlds wherein untold and unfathomable numbers of beings live; people who have gone on beyond that threshold of self-realization but are now living without physical bodies, dwelling in manner and form which would be impossible to describe, and even more impossible to conceive.

give-freely-4-post-2In the future eons of time, should your purpose be so sincerely dedicated you, too, can live in one of these worlds, may it be one of the Higher Spiritual worlds; and that your purpose, or lack of it, has not carried you in the wrong direction. You will always be — at any given moment — the sum and total of what you can conceive as personal ingredients of consciousness, and these ingredients will quite naturally determine the environment in which you live. Let us give freely of ourselves; give freely to the Infinite Source of all things, and that in this giving we are filled with the purpose of realization and that in this realization, we again regenerate the dynamic purpose of the Infinite.

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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