Fount of Life

1-fountainIf thou wouldst drink freely of the fount of life,
Then drink in the fullness and count not the drops,
As thou wouldst count the pearls of a broken strand,
For verily, if ye count these drops,
So shall ye count all of the things which come to ye by numbers,
And by their numbers only shall ye know them.

2-seashore-wavesThou hast heard it said that the grains of sand upon the shore
Are without numbers and likewise, as the waves which waste upon them.
Yet would I say unto thee, of all these things, and many more
Are but small parts of numbers,
So count not the days of the Lord as ye dwell in His house –

3-past-livesFor so it is said, that this life,
Is but one of many lives; yea
Even as the grains of sand upon the shore;
And thou canst count them not;
Neither are they like the hairs upon thy head
Nor as the blades of grass in the fields;
Nor leaves upon the trees; —

4-spirit-of--the-heartVerily so, each man speaketh not of this life
Nor canst he speak of any life;
But speak of things only which dwelleth within his heart.

5-higher-worlds-transcending-2If ye seek, that which ye seek must be found.
Naught is lost to any but to those who see not.
So, seek ye the many things in High Places.
Neither are there things which are hidden,
But only from him who seeth not.

Excerpt from The Elysium

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