Five Quotes By The UN.AR.I.U.S. Moderator

sunflower-4-postA sunflower always turns its face toward the sun
Let us always be as wise as a sunflower
And keep our consciousness turned toward the Light.

Learning-each-dayHe who lives a day through without learning some new good thing, has lost a day forever;
But he who learns a new good thing, can say this day will,
Through this good thing, live with him through eternity.

Mastering-selfThe greatest kingdom has always marked its boundaries;
Yet a man is not wise until he is king over himself.
For in this kingdom over self, he finds an endless domain.

seek-withinA man’s wisdom is not measured in how much he knows,
But how much he can envision there is YET to be learned.

escapist-from-truthAn escapist is one who desires to acquire all things
Without the efforts of the understanding.

By Ernest L. Norman
Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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