Finding Our Spiritual Pathway

Spiritual pathway main“Just as was prophesied in the Bible, that in the latter days there would be many false teachers and false prophets, our systems of idolatry have indeed fully justified this prophecy. However, people can be considered largely responsible, to a certain degree, for many of the false gods and teachers who they find about them in their world today.

They are continually supporting false political systems which breathe, like the fiery dragons old, the religion-prayingfires of war, hell, hate and destruction of their fellow men. While even on bended knee, they beseech their god to lead them to victory over their fellow men with the sword and gun. Nor is that particular custom any different from that of the pagan in the many past lifetimes of which these people were a part of at that particular time. One of the most common practices in which man has indulged throughout the various periods of history and time and which has been depicted on temple walls and in historical documentaries, are the constant prayers and pleas to the various ruling and dominating spiritual forces or gods, to lead them to victory while beheading their fellow men.

Today, men sit at a great “peace table”, united, nation to nation and rubbing elbows with each other the_horsemen_of_the_apocalypsewhile supposedly threshing out the common problems of international differences; yet the fires of war burn fiercely in many countries. Interracial hatred is a vile virus which has swept over the face of the earth and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride rampant and roughshod over the civilizations of mankind. To the truth seeker who is personally concerned with the world about him and with his position to it, these things can be fully compromised only when it is remembered in his own mind and in his relationship to the Infinite, that this condition is a very necessary part in the evolution of every individual. It can be likened somewhat to the smelting of the iron ore into some useful article which will help man overcome some particular physical difference in the world about him.

The millions of souls who have come and gone upon this material planet and who are so linked to it with these psychic bonds through reincarnation, are, in themselves, finding just as we all have, the various additives and the condiments of various spiritual values in the translations and past-lifetimes-memoriestransmissions of energy wave forms as they go to make up our psychic bodies. To be directly concerned with these things in a negative fashion will mean, as has been previously postulated, to create direct linkage to certain reverberatory actions which take place. Therefore, it behooves all constructively minded seekers to approach a realistic philosophy in their evaluation of the position of their fellow men and this should be done with introspection and with positive bias. The pits of clay which have been dug by the multitudes are quite necessary for them to live in at the present time. They are not much further along in their scale of evolution than they were when they dug themselves burrows in the sides of the hills or even wove themselves little cocoons before emerging into the butterfly state. The sum and total of the different values which they are expressing into their physical lives are aggregates and collections of previous lives which have been found and expressed in numerous elevations of life. These aggregates live and are perpetuated from life to life as a definite collection of personality quotients called, in modern psychological parlance, the “ego”, “eto”, “id”, etc.

man dnaHow then, in view of this light and knowledge, could anyone be deprived of these common instincts when even the function of breathing is an age-old custom – a habit man acquired through evolution? How then, according to genetical science, could all of the constituents of immortality be perpetuated in the chromosomes and genes as they were transferred from male to female? For these are but atomic structures and, in themselves, serve only as a channel and a purpose for the psychic self to regenerate into the physical form, all of the thought patterns of consciousness which formerly supported it in a previous life.

To make a sum and total of evaluations at the present moment would indeed be a herculean task; one not necessarily so contrived that it would serve the individual as a purpose to solve all his ascension-2differences, for this, too, is an evolutionary pattern of progress. Sufficient to say, therefore, do not be too concerned with your own personal position, either physically or otherwise at the present moment, for you have indeed a greater proportion, a greater equilibrium of spiritual values which you have not as yet called upon or used in this material world and which would not only completely offset these differences but could re-create for you a much better pattern of life. This immediate present, as you are thus so concerned, will be dissolved when full realization, in your future evolutions, can be thus connected and established within the precincts of your own consciousness. In this way, too, will come a proper evaluation – a relationship with the world about you and it will no longer indulge itself into such fanaticisms and expressions of life which are so commonly found. Nor will you be prone to indulge yourself in various systems of idolatry. Instead you will find inwardly, through the reaches of your own inner self, the peace, the complacency, the necessary spiritual impetus or drive and all of the necessary ingredients and components which go to make up a life which can be said to be a life of peace and proper relationship with the Infinite; and one in which you have placed yourself upon a proper evolutionary path onto that spiraling pathway to the stars.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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