“Eye of Spirit” by Archangel Uriel

archangel-uriel-mainThou hast watered my sheep, yet not from the water
which is found in the well or the stream

But is the Water of Life which cometh in abundance from above
Thou speaketh the Word, and the Word is God yet it is not the word which casteth the shadow wherein each man standeth and trembles


Thou createst for each man the vision of the God not as he who ruleth the lightning nor cometh with the flame of sword
But he who defineth within each man the purpose of life, and that he ruleth not with the temper nor with the tempest
But tempereth all things with Wisdom and bindeth all things together with His Love
For thou see-est not with the eye of the pagan or the Lord who see-eth with the eye of idolatry or worship with the carnal lust of the world
But discerneth with the eye of Spirit
For in these things and with the infusion of this Mind


And this eye and this spirit which cometh

And yet is withineth all man.

So he hath truly spoken of these things
For canst not one say who has been without all these things
Yet must awaken as the child to the new day or cry like the newborn babe
Who must suckle the breast, for always does man yearn and long for the return to the place of Spirit
Where he truly discerneth all things
That he see-eth all light and that he casteth no shadow nor live in its trembling.

Archangel Uriel

Excerpt from “The Voice of Elysium”

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