Exploring The Inner Teaching Centers Of Parhelion

Celestial-Temple“Greetings, loved ones. I am speaking to you for the first time and using the transmissionGamaliel-4-post of the human vocal chords after some great period of time. I am known, and if I do not have too much difficulty with my earth brother’s vocal chords, as Gamaliel. I was immediately preceded by my very worthy leader and colleague, Maha Chohan, who is the present presiding ruler or officer over this section of Parhelion, as he explained to you something of the concepts of reincarnation as they have appeared in the more spiritual concepts of the earth plane for some time to come. The past histories of your earth deal rather loosely and largely with the different concepts and translations, some of which are not quite factual. Other concepts are more relative, so it is our purpose to simplify and clear away some of the cobwebs of mystery and disillusion which are attached to these innumerable translations and concepts.

I believe Maha Chohan explained to you that there have appeared in your earth plane in the past several thousand years seven Messiahs or Buddhas, as they have been loosely called. We refer to Horus who was the immaculate conception, of Osiris, to the Jesus, to the Krishna, to the Shankara, and to one who was also known as Buddha in the northern China and Japanese areas. I believe that is seven, is it not? My pardon, I did not include him who you call the great Manu who was also known by another name in another civilization which antidated any of your present earth books, one which was referred to you which existed in the northern Tibetan or southern Mongolian area something like a half million years ago. However, such as these Messiahs or Buddhas have been, they have been working out through the countless ages of time their own destinies, their own reincarnations upon the pathway of truth so they might in the end evolve into such leadership of the Shamballas as they are now expressing.

Masters-4-postWell, it begins to look like I must learn to count earth time all over again. I did not include my very worthy colleague and leader Zoroaster who is known as Lord Maitreya. If you will pardon the necessary errors which may arise in such transcripts as we have contrived to be delivered to you, that these things must be delivered over the great vastnesses of time and space as your earth people call these various dimensions where we are expressing ourselves, that sometimes the element of error may enter into such transmissions. We here also, in these spiritual planes, do not claim to be free from error. We make mistakes just as you people do on the earth planes and as a consequence, we suffer some sort of, can I call it, karmic condition. So it must always be until we arrive at some ultimate state of perfection which is many eons and dimensions away from us at this moment. Because we may appear to you as supernatural or supernormal beings who seem to glow or be on fire, this fact does not mean that we have gone beyond the time or place where such things as error do not enter in, also that these systems or histories and their relationship to your earth plane are tremendously complicated and require a great deal of research before they can be properly integrated violet-flame-temple-4-postinto the concepts which will not be too confusing to the earth minds. Our problem here on the philosophical plane will be to explain to you some of the educational facilities and factors which we are teaching here rather than to explain any individual philosophies which may arise from the minds of such teachers and students who may be at the present time learning some of these facets or concepts. Now I believe for a moment we will rest until I gather together some more of the transmission and power for its delivery.

Now that you have rested somewhat and gained your inner eye and some composure, let us begin to inspect this section of Parhelion which is devoted to the expression of the philosophical arts and sciences. As it is obvious that we are also expressing such services to a large group of the material planets and that such expressions are thus compounded in the functional orders here in these halls and classrooms, we will be forced by necessity, to avoid confusion, confine our explorations into such centers as are more directly relative to the earth plane of your existence. There is a great deal of system and order expressed here and indeed it is necessary that we do so. We have begun by saying that roughly speaking we divide our efforts or our expressions into such eras or epochs of philosophical science which relate to the periods of time of such renaissance of spiritual and philosophical philosophies that have existed on your earth planes from time to time.

Chinese-Garden-4-postHere is one large section which is devoted to the Chinese era. In going inside you will notice that like other similar rooms devoted to these purposes of teaching, that this also is of very tremendous or a very vast size. The ceilings are hundreds of feet high and are not ceilings in the true sense of the word. Just as they are in other centers of Parhelion, they are more composed of the radiant sheets of energy. The place resembles more what you might call something which would look like a large Chinese temple garden. Here you will see the places, the temples and various other structures which are related to the expressions of the philosophical arts and sciences as they were expounded in the ancient Chinese doctrines. Kung Fu often teaches his classes here although he appeared in the literary plane of a previous exploration because his work was necessarily compounded by such writings and transcripts in the written language of the ancient Chinese.

grecian_temple-4-postPursuing our exploration somewhat further, we are now in a large center which is devoted to the Grecian renaissance of philosophy on the earth plane which existed some one thousand years before Christ and some several hundred years after Christ. This is as you would naturally expect very Grecian in coloration and theme. We find beautiful Athenian temples and dwelling places in this room which have their Ionic, Doric and Corinthian sculptures very firmly and very beautifully typified in these numerous columns and facaded entrances which lead up from the marble steps and terraces into these various temples and buildings. If you devoted so much of your time here for a few weeks, you might see such personages as Socrates or Plato or many of the other numerous exponents of the Grecian philosophies. We might also see some of the more modern contemporaries which have existed in your earth plane in the more recent or modern times. You might see Spinoza, Ouspensky, Emerson, Maeterlink, Wells and others who have lived in more recent times. I almost forgot Mme. Blavatsky. She is a very important figure in some of the classrooms in this section. She does not necessarily confine her activities in one relative classroom but seems to take great joy and delight in jumping into such breaches as are more necessary, and at the particular moment when a very pertinent question may arise, you may be sure Mme. Blavatsky is there with a very ready and quick answer. To you on the earth who know something of her biography, may I say to you that she has long since given up the practice of smoking cigars. She had to for she could not find anywhere where the weed was grown on this side.

Ancient-Indian-Temple-4-postNow here is a very beautiful classroom which is devoted to the Indian cultures and philosophies. Some of these were previously explained to some extent or to some reference in part of the previous transmission. However, I would further explain that as you see the very ancient cultural and philosophical backgrounds of the peoples of India as they existed for many thousands of years before the appearance of Jesus on your earth plane are here very aptly expressed in a pictorial setting of innumerable and various temples and other cultural centers. You who are interested in the great man called Mahatma Gandhi, (Mahatma, as you know, refers to some political leader and is the Mahatma-Gandhi_4_postterminology of such leadership or expression) will learn that Gandhi has already made his ascension into this planet and into this center of Parhelion, because he was a very highly and developed soul before he made his appearance in your earth plane. A man who could control the thinking and destinies of millions of people, you can assume, was no small personage. I would like to point out here that time, as the element of years in your earth plain as it has previously been explained, is entirely irrelevant in a pure esoterical transference of knowledge and wisdom into man’s consciousness. It may be difficult for you to understand but in the ordinary sense an agnostic or an unbeliever or one who is steeped in the versions of the profane world, normally takes ten thousand years to make an emergence into some of our astral teaching centers such as Hermes or Muse, whereas in the case of a person as Gandhi who has so previously spent many hundreds of thousands of years in the celestial realms finds no difficulty in surmounting the barriers of time and space and almost immediately ascends into his true rightful position as a teacher and an Avatar in one of the centers of Parhelion. I would like to say that I have pointed this out more or less objectively with the view in mind that you will treat these leaders as they appear in your earth plane with a little more respect and decorum to which they are properly entitled.

Egyptian-temple-4-postNow we have come to another very large section of this teaching center of the philosophical arts and sciences. One is devoted to, and we shall call it, Egyptology. Here in going through the doorway, you will find yourself in something which reminds you of the great temple at Karnak or Thebes. At one time, if you study your histories of the earth more thoroughly, you will find that the Egyptians possessed a high degree of spiritual culture. I am not necessarily referring to the more degenerate or debased version which appeared in the later dynasties of the Ramses or such time as Cleopatra who sold out the empire of Egypt to the Roman minions. I am referring to the more spiritual or more aesthetic concepts as they were expressed before the time of Akhenation. Going into the dynasties which existed at the time of the concepts as practiced by Osiris which was more monotheistic in its origin and belief, as that God or the Supreme ruling Power was expressed through the center of the sun, the Helios of all existence, as it warmed and revitalized in the daily cycular fashion through the succession of days as the great sun poured its energies and its infusions of radiant strength into the earth and to the many peoples. It was natural that the Egyptians and the peoples have from time to time worshipped the sun and rightly so. Helios is a representation of one of the great vortexes of celestial energy which pour down into the lesser planetary systems.

Nubian-cultureThere are other sections of this teaching center, one which is devoted to a culture which existed in Ethiopia. Not much is known of this culture as it is written in your earth plane histories. However, there was at one time a very wonderful and beautiful culture in the country which is now known as Ethiopia. This was before the time of Egypt. I could go on and on and enumerate and show you various other historical sections which deal with these spiritual and philosophical philosophies as they have existed in your earth civilizations from time to time. There is even a section here which is devoted to and which exhibits some of the culture as it existed in Lemuria and in Atlantis and in some of the subsidiaries under which they exerted their control, such as the Mayan in your Central akashic-records-4-postAmerica, the Aztec or Inca who worshipped Quetzalcoatl and so on into an infinite number of other expressions, and then we need not stop at your earth plane but we could go on and on into other such similar planets and planetary systems and explore their philosophic and artistic cultures just as we have partially explored these which are relative to your own earth existence. However, dear brothers and sisters, rest assured that in proper time and in such a number of evolutions, so shall the scales from your spiritual eyes by lifted away and you will begin to retain from your psychic and your Akashic the true memory consciousness of all of these things which have passed before you. You will begin to relate all of these experiences into a factual integrated concept of life. You will begin to understand things which are far beyond the realm of your very finite earth minds and which supersedes the bounds and dimensions which can be expressed in vocabulistic terminology. The nomenclature of your earth plane is not conducive to the higher expressions and so as you evolve you will drop these monosyllabic forms of expression and deal only with the pure esoterical consciousness which was explained to you as concept.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Eros

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