A Simple Explanation of Dimensions

The first dimension can be represented as a point.One-Point The second dimension can be represented as two points with a straight line connecting the two.

line-segment What Carl Sagan called Flatland.

The third dimension is the same two points connected with a line except now the line undulates like a snake – the sine wave. All energy in the third dimension travels as sine waves.


Sine waves have the properties of space and time.

Now if we take that same sine wave and connect the start of it to the end of it so it forms a circular oscillating cycle then we have the fourth dimension where time and space is integrated.


If you notice, this cycle represents something else: a “string” as in string theory. A string from which all matter originates resides in the fourth dimension where there is no time and space as perceived in a third dimensional way. The string is at the heart of every sub-atomic particle. This is exactly what the Science of UN.AR.I.U.S. predicted more than 60 years ago.

The string interconnects with other strings like gears in a watch based on frequG3pok8sency relationship.

ntBD5rw Further elucidation from ICCC, Lesson 2 of the Advanced Lesson Course:

“The interplay of inderdimensional energies is carried out through a certain pattern. This is called cyclic motion and which, incidentally, thoroughly agrees with Einstein, or vice versa. In these 4th, 5th, 6th, etc., dimensions, time is an integrated factor of motion. In the third dimension, time is separated from motional form in the transduction of various third dimensional forms, whereas in the fourth Vortexdimensional motion, all forms resolve themselves into cycles without terminating points, thus expressing a continuous oscillating continuity. These fourth dimensions can therefore be pictured as a vast, infinitely filled sea of energy, all made up of vortexes of energy, some infinitely large, making up the starting places of universes, others infinitely small, forming in their center a core of energy called an atom.

All of these interdimensional vortexes are strongly connected through various sympathetic harmonic patterns which express themselves in one common form called magnetic lines of force. Grasping this great and infinite concept will give you a basic idea as to how a universe and a planetary system or an atom is formed and was so created.”

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