Evidence Venusian Contacts Are Still Ongoing

Ongoing-Contacts-by-Venusians-main-4-postContactees became a cultural phenomenon in the 1940s and continued throughout the 1950s and 1960s, often giving lectures and writing books about their experiences. The phenomenon still continues and with this new photographic evidence would indicate contacts with Venus are still ongoing today.

As we will see,  the figure that appears in the photograph bears a strong resemblance to the Venusians of the contactees of the ’50s and 60s namely George Adamski, George Hunt Williamson and Howard Menger.

Venusian-Contact-4Video Images

Venusian-Latest-Evidence-4-postPhoto still from the video (enhanced)

This definitely looks like a humanoid, tall, in a one piece pant jumpsuit with blonde hair parted in the middle and a lighted device in his or her right hand.

Now let us look at George Adamski’s Venusian contact Orthon and how he would be described – tall, blonde with part in the middle, one-piece jumpsuit. (Image Source: Mural inside George Adamski’s home)


The lighted device in the right hand of the enhanced image from the video image above  is comparable to another photograph of  a Venusian by Howard Menger:


Notice a similar light in his or her right hand.


More On The Contactees Of The 50s and 60s

Contactees usually portrayed Venusians as more or less identical in appearance and mannerisms to humans. They are also almost invariably reported as disturbed by the violence, crime and wars that infest the earth, and by the possession of various earth nations of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. A summary of the common features of these many contacts are as follows:

  • The personal or mental contacts are always friendly with completely human-appearing persons.
  • The contactees have also flown aboard their flying saucers and traveled into space visiting Venus as well as other planets.
  • The Venusians want to help mankind solve its problems, to stop nuclear testing and prevent the otherwise inevitable destruction of the human race.
  • This will be accomplished very simply by spreading a message of love and brotherhood across the world (however not by mass landing).

Contactees-Venus-VenusiansGeorge Adamski, George Hunt Williamson, George King, Orfeo Angelucci, Dana Howard, Howard Menger were contacted by Venusians

This group usually referred to today as “the Contactees”  include George Adamski (1891–1965), the pioneer, George Hunt Williamson (1926–1986), George King (1919–1997),  Orfeo Angelucci (1912–1993), Dana Howard (1919–1997), Howard Menger (1922–2009) and many others, more obscure.

For more on the Contactees of the ’50s and ’60s, see here.

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