Evidence of Humanoids on Mars?

Testimony of former NASA worker who saw Humans on Mars
from UFO Sightings Hotspot
Any person who says there are humans on Mars could be considered as insane. But what if there are testimonies? Evidences that could prove this possibility?

Now there is information about Jackie, a former worker for Viking mission. In 1979 she saw two men working on Mars.

The former CIA pilot John Lear said that humans can be there on Mars and Andrew Bassiago says there is a colony of humans on Mars. The statements of Lear and Bassiago could support the story of the witness, Jackie.

Furthermore, John Lear said that the humans Jackie saw on Mars could have been cleaning up the Viking rover. It remind us of the cleaning of the Opportunity and Spirit. Solar panels have been covered by dust many times. Some days later they are clean again. We do not know who clean the rovers.

More and more evidences show the possibility of humans being there on Mars.

Below screenshot is taken from NASA’s image of ‘Rocknest Panorama View’ photographed by Curiosity and shows a human figure.Also there have been captures of what appears like humanoids riding three wheelers:


And this one from PIA-18880:

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  • Sebastian Lange says:

    I can’t decide what to believe at the current moment. To make me believe, I require proof such as actual existence of humans on Mars. Photos such as the type of living quarters, movement of vehicles, living conditions, etc. Also photographs of the existence of space crafts used by humans for travels from Planet Earth to what ever places. Sometimes, I wonder why there aren’t photos such as this being produced to be viewed by humanity on Earth.
    If there are photographs, we can used it to further question the current governments on this planet.
    For me, I still do believe, there are space crafts used by our governments but the flight of such crafts is limited. Why I say this, is because I have seen such a craft of two occasions flying out of the military air field and there wasn’t a buzz of engines during flight and the craft flight was very smooth and silent. This happens only during the night hours only. Before I can get a picture, the craft was gone as its speed is beyond that of a fighter craft of the air force.

    Sebastian Lange

  • debbie says:

    This might be the “nasa” robot “Valkyrie” already on mars.

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