Everything Is Relative ~ Part II

Everything-Is-Relative-Part-II-main-2-postTime is a very confusing concept but it can easily be explained. Time is a agreement by everyone that a revolution of the Earth on its axis equals one day and that the revolution of the earth around the sun equals one year. If you were suddenly moved off planet to a point above the earth then there would be no reference as the sun is shining continuously so there would obviously be no daytime or nighttime. You could still use earth time as a reference but Einstein’s Theory of Relativity would also tell you that even when you returned to earth you would have aged more slowly. But even that too is an illusion and here is why.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein

What we think of as time is only consciousness or being aware. We interpret data – the information of the outside world like a film strip moving through a projector. It has picture and it has sound and we perceive it as ‘reality’. Each picture in the film strip lines up one after the other giving the illusion of movement and therefore time and space. We get the impression that we are moving forward in time when the only time there is really is the NOW time. What also seems to confirm this is when we are unconscious or asleep or not looking at a clock, we have no conception as to how much time has passed.

This film strip forms our surface consciousness. All possibilities exist for our tuning apparatus to plug into and create a new picture of our NOW time but those possibilities for the most part consist of only third dimensional frequencies that our five sense apparatus is only capable of tuning into, and which we have developed over our evolution to get to, to this point of third dimensional awareness.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. ~ William Blake

According to Unariun liturgies – the core curriculum – every point is space contains all of infinity. This is somewhat similar to a hologram. Each piece contains the whole. So every atom would therefore contain all of Infinity. Under these circumstances then who are we really? Are we are just a pinpoint of polarized Infinity? That part that was able to go through its evolution enough to conceive what a third dimensional existence would be like which is where we are in this stage of development. Development enough to have the illusion of time, space, matter. In preparing to move forward in the next stage of our evolution then we have to take the next step up which is to realize the true reality behind the illusion. Many of the concepts of the Unariun literature embrace this understanding simplifying it and making it conceivable to our level.

One major problem is that man has been trying to take his limited polarized understanding and apply it to the rest of Infinity which is impossible. He needs to go by a different perspective which is to take the Infinite Perspectus and apply it to himself as he exists in this level of evolution or any level of evolution for that matter. He may, in fact, take an infinite amount of time in doing this for it is a state of consciousness that is continually learning of itself through interacting with Infinity and polarizing that knowledge as part of its existence. It is continuous, eternal and always in the NOW. Progress is not measured in how much time but in how much awareness and consciousness is awareness. How much are you aware of at this very moment – this NOW time? A yogi can be aware of himself here and in the Andes mountains or perhaps three different places at the same time. Perhaps you could be aware of being here and in another dimension? Maybe conscious of having more then one physical body at a time or another spiritual body or more. The key thing I am trying to relate here is that all exists in the NOW. There is no future only NOW and that NOW is the sum of integration with Infinity. The more awareness, the more integration, the more progress because expansion of awareness is progress and the polarization of experience equals expansion. We learn from experience and that experience is also what gives each person their individuality. We polarize something unique and different from everyone else and that is what makes you you.

Infinity is everything that we are and are not. We will never come to the end in polarizing (integrating) another tidbit of Infinity in every single instance of consciousness expressed. This is also why we can never see something exactly the same way another person sees it. Why every handprint is different.

This also explains some of the deep mysteries of science that exists like in quantum mechanics. Every particle such as an atom or point in space contains all of Infinity. We are aware of just a tiny portion of it. That tiny portion is our integrated existence. That is why consciousness seems to affect the transmittance of particles whether they stay particles or become waves. Scientists are also beginning to grapple with some of this further when they say that the location of an electron in an atom is only a probability and that only when it collapses is it measurable or vice versa. What they are missing is that we are only tuning into one existence of that atom; its third dimensional existence. We can’t tune into all the other dimensions of that atom because we don’t reside in those other dimensions or have the instrumentation to see the complete Infinite proposition of that atom. No more then we have instrumentation to see into the Infinity of the universe and beyond. We can barely reach out with a telescope to, at most, 15 billion light years and that is only the third dimensional aspects of space and doesn’t take into account the infinite number of dimensions that coexist within that same fabric of space. We are barely scratching the surface with this.

Now what does that mean to us? Be aware that all possibilities exist for us as far as what we decide to tune into whether we are “dead” or alive. Death here meaning we transition from operating on a physical plane and become aware of our already existent fourth dimensional state. As in the third dimension, in this dimension, too, all possibilities exist as Dr. Norman has said, “Never limit yourself”. Be aware that if you decide that you are worm snack at death then that is what you will be because that possibility exists. That is why a lot of spirits hang around at cemeteries because they don’t know any better.

This all leads back to the discussion of again “What is in the NOW?” My answer would be every conceivable infinite possibility. Anything that you can imagine and then some.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. ~ Shakespeare

And it all exists in the NOW. It is all available for access right now. No limitations especially no limitations of time and space. Psychics and clairvoyants don’t limit themselves to time and space. If they did, they couldn’t do what they do. Jesus didn’t when he, like so many masters before him, was able to levitate above water or perform numerous so-called miracles. Jesus was trying to demonstrate that anyone could do like he did by understanding the concepts he was trying to teach. He taught these concepts using the idiom of the times in the form of parables. He tried to show that there was no magic to this. The priesthood, however, had other plans. They wanted people to continue to believe in magic and that they were the only ones with the power over this magic. Jesus like so many masters before him wanted the people to see that the power was within them and that we all have a inner higher superconscious self which is that tiny bit of Infinity that we have polarized as part of our development through evolution. Yes we are immortal eternal beings with no beginning and no end just like the atoms that make up our world. E= MC squared. Atoms are energy and energy is atoms. We are a polarized participating regenerating bit of Infinity and we can’t judge the total of Infinity by our one small perspective. Quantum Mechanics will never make sense to the scientist as long as he approaches it from his limited viewpoint. We can’t be the tail trying to wag the dog.

Getting back to our little filmstrip of life.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts. ~ Shakespeare

So understanding what is behind the curtain and mechanics of the stage becomes important because eventually you have to take the costume off and become the real you instead of senselessly repeating lifetime after lifetime and that is where this Science of Life comes in, in teaching the mechanics of Infinity. Once you learn the mechanics you can learn to do as Jesus did and as the many masters before have done as shining examples.

Earth is just another level, a classroom or grade school of understanding and experience. To transcend to the next level of progression it behooves us to learn who we are and where we are going and that understanding entails understanding these mechanics. This little article is just a scratch on the surface. The core curriculum as expressed in the Unariun liturgies is a wonderful way to begin.

See Part I here.

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