Even The Sparrow Is Noted ~ Part I

Even-The-Sparrow-Is-Noted-Part-II-main“One of the classical utterances of Jesus which is often bandied about and severely misinterpreted is one in which He said, “Even the sparrow which falls by the wayside is noted.” This quotation is one which can well point up the various and obvious interpretations among the Christians as to just what God is; and in reference to this quotation, as well as other extractions which are made from the New Testament, the God-on-throne-4-postChristian religionist always comes up with some rather vague explanations as to what God really is. He may picture God as the Supreme Being, something like a white-robed Santa Claus of gigantic size, who sits upon a white throne somewhere off in the skies, and in some mysterious way has a mind which can instantaneously discern all that is going on, not only on planet earth, but in the countless millions of solar systems throughout great numbers of galaxies and universes.

Of course this particular ideosophy is utterly ridiculous and infantile; there is neither scientific reason nor logic to support such a fantastic supposition. However, in this present day age of science, we can reasonably equate what the Infinite Intelligence or God really is, and form a comprehensive idea within our own minds as to the complete entity of the Supreme Being if it can be called an entity – which it is not. As this God is the Creator of Heaven and earth, He must therefore be logically assumed to be an infinitely scientific sort of proposition; that is, a mind which could reasonably construct atoms, build up solar systems, and suns; as well as to construct the spiritual worlds, both astral, and sub-astral, etc.

This therefore precludes any scientific supposition which has its roots steeped in some age-old mysticism; instead, we must go directly into aura around man 4 postthe archives of existing scientific dispensations to find the origin and the correct concept of God or the Supreme Being, the Infinite Intelligence, etc. In this scientific analysis, we can also find our particular position and function in this Mind of the Infinite Creator; also how it is that this Infinite Mind could discern and conceive all things instantaneously.

Therefore, let us first take our position and our function in this Infinite scheme of creation. Every person has what might be called a definite plane rate vibration; that is, through the various mental and physical processes in which you are presently living, there is one basic cyclic form or manifestation of energy within which there oscillates a large number of secondary or numerous subdivisions of such energy formations which are all basically attuned to this original oscillating frequency. This base plane vibration or cycle is oscillating in the next adjacent or fourth dimension. It forms the basic part of what has been commonly referred to in occultism as the aura; and people who are sufficiently sensitive or clairvoyantly inclined and who can see an aura, always say that it is composed of many different colors; color of course being a rather loose interpretation as to these various levels of reference which are used by these sensitives who can so discern auras.

Now let us say just for convenience that you are oscillating on a base plane frequency rate of one hundred vibrating-waveform-people-4-postmillion megacycles. A megacycle is one million cycles; therefore you would be oscillating or functioning on this base plane rate of one billion cycles per second. This speed is of course incomprehensible to your mind; however, we are using it as I said, for convenience. Now, to search through all of the diverse peoples of the world and find those who also oscillated at the same frequency, it is quite likely that you would not find very many, if any; and those people whom you did find so oscillated at this base plane rate would or would not necessarily be connected to you in respect that their entire psychic anatomy was also vibrating with you.

In other words throughout the various secondary subdivisions of energy wave forms, which are oscillating in conjunction with your base plane frequency rate, you would find that these sundry individuals had certain strong differences of various rates of vibration, which would in themselves portray the differences in the life experiences which were impounded in the numerous psychic anatomies. For all people traveling woman-in-sync-with-others-auras-4-postin their evolutionary pathway, even though they pass through similar experiences, always interpret these diverse experiences of life somewhat differently, in respect to their comparative values on the basis of frequency relationships with other past experiences and so on ad infinitum.

Now you might say that there were probably very few people harmonically attuned to you, what then? However we must go into a very much higher concept and one which will involve considerable mathematical calculation; so for simplicity sake we will adhere to round figures. Taking your base plane frequency rate and using the multiple or the subtraction of the number two, which is a close approximation of the fundamental law of harmonics, we can then multiply or subtract your basic frequency and arrive at a very much larger number of people who would be harmonically attuned to you on this first fundamental frequency.

Proceeding in this same mathematical subtraction and multiplication, we could extend et-beings-4-postthese secondary third, fourth, fifth, sixth and so on, multiples of this harmonic system into many thousands and thus we would include every person living upon the face of the earth who was either closely or remotely attuned to us on the basis of harmonic frequency relationship. Now, extending this same mathematical calculus on one step further, and remembering at the same time that these vibrations always exist in the next adjacent or fourth dimension which is a timeless and spaceless space – so to speak – which means that as it is now acceded by science and by other learned men and women of the world, there are literally hundreds of millions of earth planets similar to our own scattered throughout the great universe and in other universes which can be reasonably inhabited by people very much like ourselves.

On this basis then, and remembering our harmonic law, we can associate or harmonically attune ourselves with all of these countless hundreds infinite-number-of-other-worlds-2-postof millions of planetary systems throughout the universe on which there are countless billions of people living very much the same as we do in terrestrial or earth-like conditions. When you can conceive the vast and staggering proportions of this calculus, then you can easily see how it is, that we are in this respect connected to every human being, not only on the surface of the earth, but throughout the vast and limitless cosmogony.

However, we have not completed this particular point with our calculus; we have not yet suitably equated how it is that the Infinite Intelligence, or God, can conceive everything instantaneously. We must proceed one step further and remember always the very positive concept of UN.AR.I.U.S., that the Infinite God is not only the sum and substance of all things, but is the active regenerative principle which is constantly sustaining and re-creating new forms; not only sustaining old forms as they exist in the atomic constituents, which comprise the planet earth, solar system and our visible universe; but also that which is going on into the various higher spiritual worlds and associated planetary systems, as well as into the astral and sub-astral worlds and their many different configurations and planetary systems.”

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Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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