Education – A Fantasy?

Education-is-Fantasy-main-4-postEvery year colleges, universities and high schools graduate many thousands of young men and women who, graduation-two-4-postaccording to these ranks, are educated. It is well known however, that most of these graduates are absorbed into various strata of social life and apparently have not fully justified either the claims made by educators or by any such personal exemplifications of brilliance or genius which could be attributed as a culminating realization of our educational systems.

Moreover, in almost all cases, such education relegated this individual within the education 4 poststrict precincts of that particular curriculum from which he graduated; he possesses only mental automation, a parrot-like configuration of form and substance which suggests that the individual is incapable of mental spontaneity, independent action, or such mental functions and their usages which could be considered independently creative. Psychologically speaking, this obvious fact is substantiated, inasmuch as a close study of mental processes reveals the obvious fact that any person is merely correlating past existent forms of consciousness from the subconscious into the present tense.

It is also widely known and almost without exception, that any and all advances, discoveries and inventions in the scientist-4-postbroad field of our present-day technocracy, were discovered “accidentally” in one way or another. The direct application of existing human knowledge has very seldom been sufficient to conclude a direct approach upon some intangible objective. The inefficiency of our educational systems and failure to meet existing demands is quite well known to educators and other people who are interested in public welfare and, in contrast to our supposedly high educational standards, we have the greatest mental health problem which has faced any nation and which could indeed by the one dominant factor which would eventually and inevitably destroy our way of life.

The ramifications and implications here, however, are vast and broad and go into such associated fields as could be called metaphysical or religious in nature. The whole and conglomerate mass of humanity which lives under the American flag is a vast melting post of many nations – a matrix of humanity compounded from every race and creed upon the face of the globe.

While the tenets of democracy are theoretically broad enough to encompass these various ways of life, there are, however, great psychic tensions which are always generated under such conditions. For the future therefore, our educational systems must America-melting-pot-4-post-1be changed and reoriented to include such metaphysical factors which will help alleviate the background of racial differences. Such idealisms that all people are created equal are not sufficient – individually or collectively – to discharge these psychic tensions.

As for the purpose of education, in its pure esotericial sense this means that the student not only studies and subconsciously remembers the usual curriculum, but that he is given direct knowledge and practice which will give him independent thought and action and create an intelligent mental perspective which functions beyond the horizons of the commonly accepted circular boundaries.

For mankind to understand this better process of learning, which will give the individual student this independent integrated action and which will make of him a creative mentality, such teaching will have to include certain teacher-in-class-4-postelements of human behavior which are presently not known by either educators or any so-called scientific dispensations.

In these various texts, there will be very adequately described these various additional perspectives which will give to our educational systems, when included, the necessary knowledge which could conceivably make creative minds out of many thousands who have been deprived of this expressive life under existing educational systems.

It must be thoroughly understood that there is a great difference between true learning and the subconscious psychic-anatomy-4-postretentive memory process which is presently called learning, for this memory process is a “cut and dried” situation which seldom, if ever, correctly attunes the individual to his own individual psychic constituents. True learning is a process whereby the knowledge to be learned must first be visualized as thought train wave forms containing the desired information. Through the known or unknown senses which link every person to this evolution of life, these thought train wave forms must be attuned properly so that when they are reflected into, or oscillate with the individual’s subconscious, these individual wave train constituents will so catalyze or regenerate, not only in the subconscious psychic structures but in other adjunctive psychic structures as well; this catalyzing or regeneration thereby canceling out and rebuilding, as well as polarizing, these various necessary psychic structures which will then give this individual a complete psychic rapport or attunement with the Higher Self in the perspective of knowledge which has caused this regenerative and rebuilding process.

The individual can now use this higher form of attunement to properly align this knowledge with the Infinite in-tune-with-higher-selfperspective. This alignment will, in turn through the Superconscious, regenerate any number of wave train configurations which are thus pertinent to or objectively combined with the original existing information, which so prompted this higher reactive process. The individual can now be said to possess independent creative thought inasmuch as he is using the mind as an integrator to subtract into consciousness the various necessary elements which exist in the Infinite Mind; and he is not dependent upon the comparatively limited subconscious content which is compounded from past life experiences (or educational symposiums).

When this principle is thoroughly understood and included in our future educational systems, then indeed we shall foster a ascension-4-postrace of mental giants, many of whom will be, in the idiom of common understanding as much, or more than the Biblical characters who purveyed life and healing to many people. This future race will live, not by the primitive laws of survival of the fittest, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but will live individually and collectively as expressive units of Infinite consciousness, and that future day could be the long-sought-after Utopia – the religionist’s heaven – for the very nature of this man has been changed; subconscious reactive elements, destructive both in recreation and re-expression, will have polarized their idiom of knowledge in the higher super psychic structures; then with their destructive content discharged, and with this discharging of the old materialistic subconscious, man thus cuts the last ties which bind him to material earth – breaks the fetters and chains with which he has bound himself to the wheel of karma.

Yet sadly enough, all this will not be done in one man’s life, nor of the many years in the future which lie ahead of the peoples of the earth; for well it is, in the eye of the Infinite, that this earth is a school of learning and discipline; a place of many grades or elevations of life, all a comparatively primitive scale of human evolution. And as this little speck of cosmic dust turns in its little cycle, these people of the earth come and go through many portals, just as they have for almost countless thousands of years; and as they reach certain thresholds of understanding, they pass on into other worlds, some higher some lower, to again take up this cyclic path of evolution, acting and reacting from the knowledge previously gained either destructively or that they have now become one of the more fortunate who has learned to be creatively selective with the Infinite Mind.

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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