Dust Storms On Mars Once Again Confirms “The Truth About Mars”

Dust storms on Mars recently in the news once again confirms The Truth About Mars written more than fifty years ago by Dr. Ernest L. Norman.

Excerpt from The Truth About Mars:

“Our trip there is a matter of split seconds as no craft is used or needed. Arriving on the surface of Mars, we are at once aware of the extremely rugged terrain, rocky hills and sandy wastes, that stretches out endlessly around us. There are many peculiar whirling dust clouds all about. Nur El explains that the ionosphere is very thin which leaves the surface almost unprotected from the various beta, gamma, and cosmic rays. This high concentration of rays ionizes the very rare and gaseous atmosphere and together with the thermal currents, creates terrific dust storms. There is also a very thinly divided dust layer on the ionosphere which helps create the reddish appearance of the planet.”

In a later chapter:

“The scientists of Mars have informed me that our telescopes, in the photographing process, are subject to error and do not get refraction but infraction. Sometimes the light rays, or vibrations as they are more properly called, are at times subjected to distortions, or bendings, in their flight through space, due to the proximity of some other planetary body. Because of the conjunction of magnetic lines of force, the astronomer does not always get a true picture of what he thinks he is seeing. Also the planet Mars on the outside of its surface has a tremendously charged shell. While it is invisible to the eye, this can cause great distortions in light-ray frequencies.”

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