Do Saucers Fly In Our Gravitational Field?

ET-ships-main“Steinmetz says that saucers are neutral and work outside the field of gravitation or physical laws. A dimension encompasses a field of atomic structures which obey certain physical laws. The difference of dimensional characteristics is expressed in the way atomic structures are subjected to physical laws. Each dimension has its own set of physical laws.

venturi-tubeThe universe can be likened to a venturi tube. The large end of the funnel represents infinity to where space and time is compressed down to the center axis which is somewhere near the point of mass of atomic structures. Then it re-expands into sub-infinity or the largeness becomes the smallness with the expanding perimeter of the tube so that space and time expand into a counter-direction.

In other words, the microscopic world represents the point where expansion takes place into the sub-infinite dimensions. It expands smaller and smaller as it drops or raises in dimension. Energy is always reciprocating from time into space, and space into time, or from infinity into sub-infinity.

emf spectrum-4-postLight, for instance: A huge circle of light is a bright, white, hot steel band that represents 186,000 miles per second. Within that band are all the known atomic structures or elements, and this band forms the ring or the exact center of the venturi tube. At that point only, do atoms or energy travel at 186,000 miles per second. Beyond this point there is a constant expansion of the speed of light or energy. Multiply two and one half times the square root of any given point of the speed of light, at the point of expansion. As it approaches infinity it increases speed. The point of terminal velocity of the speed of energy when it reaches infinity means the complete elimination of time and space. Einstein says he was working on this when he left the planet Earth.

Time is only the relationship of energy in a certain dimension.

masters temple flames seven-4-postBeyond the place of ego consciousness, beyond the place of the physical body, need be the pure realm of consciousness. Many reflect the first plane of relative mastership, others reflect the second plane. There are seven realms of God’s kingdom in which all spiritual forces unfold and are accounted for. Only the very highest thinkers of earth are in the first, second and third plane of mastership.ringing-the-golden-bell-4-post

As water seeks its own level and the lodestone attracts its own element, man in his Spiritual Consciousness revolves into his own consciousness within cycles of the fourth dimension. These things of earth may be called time and space or the passing of the old one. You will find great groups, affected by cosmic laws, will represent fragments of the last generation, and start a new generation. It is a passing of the old and the coming of all new, for the bells of Heaven have struck; and while they are still ringing, their thunder will be felt until the eons of time.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium Part I

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