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karma-main“Let us go directly into a further connotation of this expressionary form of karma which, in itself, as an experience, so reincarnates into our lives. If we have in some past lifetime experienced a great psychic shock, we do, from life to life create for ourselves a similar situation whereby we can again go through this same facsimile, as it were, of the previous situation. We are attempting to prove to ourselves that the reality of this experience is no longer true; it is not in effect; it does not hold power over us; or perhaps we may be more directly influenced by some knowledge gained in the spiritual worlds whereby we believe that we can institute, at the moment of re-creation of this experience, some sort of a controlling or dominating power to cancel it out. Again, the experience from the past may simply re-create itself, apparently without substantiating any continuity, which could presuppose that we were intelligently concerned with working out this situation.

past-life-repeats-4-postIn other words, “as a man thinketh – so is he,” and again in the Bible, it says, “the sins of the fathers are visited upon their children, yea, even to the third and fourth generation.” However, if we consider for a moment, we can understand the possibility of becoming one of our own relatives in the process of evolution. Through incarnation we can actually become a grandchild; or we can vicariously be involved in various experience quotients with our parents. Assuming that our parents are in the spiritual worlds and are also involved in the same worlds and are also involved in the same working our process of previous indispositions or life experiences, we can easily see how it is that the previous experience can also reincarnate itself into a facsimile in our present lifetime. We do then, in effect, seek or find ways and means and various manners and forms to try to work out these previous experiences. Also it can be said that the experiences are the dominant motivations for these re-creative effigies in which we have involved ourselves.

We must always bear in mind that the higher forces are not working against us at this moment. The Intelligent Beings in the higher spiritual worlds are not looking down upon us and frowning because we have committed acts of indiscretion; they are all wise in the purpose of life and realize how invaluable the personal entity of consciousness is; for there would be no purpose, there would be noascended-masters-4-post use for creation itself, unless the Infinite Creator could re-create some part of Himself through every conceivable manifestation, form, animal, vegetable, or mineral; even in the gases of the air or in the supposedly vacuous spaces of space itself, there is still Infinity; while we may not see the completeness of the all-encompassing Infinity, it is there nevertheless.

Our immediate problem is in discerning the mechanization or the principle of the Infinite and how we, as expressive entities, are concerned in a singular fashion with orienting a singular experience as a compound or substance form in the structures of our psychic anatomy. This, in turn, forms our future, and this is the true meaning of karma. The ways, the manners, and the means in which our past can reinflect itself into our present, or into our future, are even more numerous than are the ways in which these experiences so propounded themselves in our past lifetimes; for we are always concerned, at any moment, with the law of harmonic interplay. As one set of circumstances in the past-life-memoriespast can, comparatively speaking, generate a large formation of energies within the psychic anatomy so that the interplay of this configuration can and does in the future reinstitute other conformations which, while they may appear dissimilar, are in essence quite similar to their originating source, which is this vortex I have just discussed.

Briefly, it can be said that not only does the experience re-create itself, but also it is quite capable of re-creating any one or a number of effigies or facsimiles which ring harmonically with the original entity, and we are indeed lost until we can picture within our own minds, the complete mechanics involved in this extremely complex problem. For, it is complex in the sense that each wave form, each harmonic, and all of the various interplays are directly connected to any and all formations of the Infinite Intelligence Itself. They are indeed as much a part of it as any other formation which we could visualize at the moment.

The discussion of karma could not be complete without including the concept of good and evil. Good and evil are, in themselves, inseparable from karma, for karma always does involve what is supposedly the evil conformation or configuration of experience in evolution or reincarnation. The concept of good and evil, in itself, is extremely pernicious, for never, at any time, can we sublimate the life processes in science and of Infinity until we destroy the illusion of good and evil. It is, in aGood_vs_Evil sense, a frame of reference, which we have previously discussed, known in the more common phraseology as equality. The concept of good and evil is always a plane of base or reference which the average earth man uses to evaluate a certain circumstance or a certain something which has occurred or is happening to him at the moment.

However, he is not wise enough in his way to realize the complete ramification of any experience, whether it is good or whether it is evil. He has not conceived the entire entity of consciousness in this very broad portrayal of the Infinite. The Infinite is, in itself, the sum and total of all things visible or invisible – and by invisible we mean just exactly that; it includes all of the various tangible elements which are the direct cause of the experience itself; and whether it is good or evil, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. It is all part of the Infinite Consciousness. The struggle between good and evil in the mind of any man is age old, and it will exist until he can supplant this erroneous misconception with a much broader and a more generally understood functional process of Infinite Intelligence.

The religionist, and particularly the Christian, has attempted to vindicate evil on the pretext that God created evil in order that man could become good; and, in a sense of the word, this is somewhat true. However, the Christian did not further explain that we must learn the mechanics of these various expressionary elements before we can overcome their intimidating or their coercive effect past-lives-4-post-11upon our mentality. Even the presentation, the acknowledgment of evil, in itself, is sufficient warranty that we will always incur evil as long as we can conceive its possibility or its occurrence in our lives. We can, in a sense of the word, psychokenetically re-create a facsimile of some circumstance which we had, in a previous lifetime, considered evil. The facsimiles here are harmonic in their regenerative abilities.

It then resolves into one basic fundamental objective; in whatever manner, or form, or way in which we can conceive some form of consciousness in any of our five physical senses, or in the more paranormal aptitudes of the psychic centers which always oscillate, not only into Infinity, but also in our third dimensional world, we must always be concerned with the complete proposition of Infinite conception. If we conceive less than this, then again we are embroiled in all of the various karmic subtractions of previous earth life experiences which we care to analyze or upon which we might philosophize.

As it has been postulated in diverse teaching of UN.AR.I.U.S., the average human being in all form and essence, can be considered to be an electronic instrument. His five senses or otherpast-lifetimes-2 paranormal senses are merely ways and means in which he can differentiate the various wave forms which are impressed upon him and come to him from the varied earth life experiences. In this respect then, the reverse is true; for as he is an inceptive instrument, likewise, he is an instrument which will rebroadcast or recreate the facsimile of all of these various impressions which he has received in previous lifetimes. Broadly speaking, this is the concept of karma; as we relive each day, we have, in effect, re-created the karmic intent of yesterday. It makes no difference whatsoever how we attempt to subdivide the experience as it is so concerned at the particular moment; we can always derive from it a direct connotation into the past, whereby either one or a large number of other experiences have so regenerated these harmonics which are presently appearing upon the surface of our consciousness.

As I have stated, the ways, manners, and means in which these facsimiles, these harmonic regenerations, so reappear and recur are as infinite or even more infinite than their originating sources. Each experience, therefore, mandates immediate scrutiny. We must analyze it; and we must include all possible factors of relationship as they encompass the expressionary principles of regeneration which have always sponsored our lives and which have always sponsored the regeneration of all conceivable forms and objectivisms.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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