Did CERN Just Discover “NEW WORLDS”?

CERN-Portal-main-4-postWOW! Forget The Higgs Boson & Gravitational Waves! CERN Just Discovered “NEW WORLD”!

Did We Just Get Confirmation Of The Veil Being Breached To Another Dimension?

“A discovery bigger than that of the Higgs Boson & Gravitational Waves…. LETS GET INTO IT!!….

New Scientist reports…

If IT is anything, IT is what Gian Giudice has been waiting for his entire scientific life. “We are not talking about a confirmation of an established theory, but about opening a door into an unknown and unexplored world,” says Giudice, a theoretical particle physicist based at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland.

That’s if it turns out to be anything. At the moment, all we have are hints emerging from the debris of collisions within CERN’s showpiece particle smasher, the Large Hadron Collider. But if those hints firm up in the course of the coming weeks and months, it could be the big one. Forget the Higgs Boson, forget even gravitational waves: 2016 could go down as the year when a new picture of nature’s fundamental workings was unveiled. The hopes spring from two “bumps” that have appeared independently, in the same place, in the latest data from the LHC’s two big detectors, ATLAS and CMS. They point to the existence of a particle that dwarfs even the Higgs Boson, the giver-of-mass particle discovered at CERN in July 2012. CONTINUE READING HERE


It’s the language used that interests me. It takes my mind back to an earlier “eureka” moment that came from CERN in May 2015, and that is what has my mind trying to connect dots, that admittedly, may not even be there.

Dr. Albert De Roeck from CERN made a very ambiguous statement to the world when he claimed that they had detected what he called a mysterious unidentified lying object! The language he used at the time was equally ambiguous!

“It will take only one significant deviation in the data to change everything,” De Roeck said. “The upgraded machine works. Now we have to get to the real operation for physics.” But work remains to be done. One issue the accelerator physicists remain cautiously aware of, he said, is an “Unidentified Lying Object” in the beam pipe of the LHC’s 17-mile underground tunnel, a vacuum tube where proton beams collide and scatter particles that scientists then analyze for keys to unlock the mysteries of the Big Bang and the cosmos.”

“The unidentified lying object turns out not to be a problem for the operation, it’s just something to keep an eye on,” De Roeck said. “It’s in the vacuum tube and it’s not a problem if it doesn’t move and remains stable.”


Fast forward and we have two “bumps” of interest in this latest discovery that is said to be even bigger than than confirmation of the Higgs Boson AKA God particle. Even more important than the recent announcement that Einstein may just have got it right after Theoretical Gravitational Waves became, well, not so theoretical anymore! That is if you buy into the gravitational model, wink wink, think electric!

Have they achieved their goal, a goal they themselves described as piercing the fabric of space and time and opening up another dimension?

We really need to be reading between the lines when we are trying to decode what is really being said to us. Sometimes, or maybe it just me, but the language used is key. They use words and terms designed for those with an inside, good level of knowledge on the given topic. Not only that, but check the image below from the New Scientist by Stuart Patience! Come on, get out of here! They are literally hiding this stuff in plain sight!

final-colour-1200x800There is arguably wormholes, portals & other worlds being accessed by “openings”, or “portals”!

All of this very reminiscent of one of my favorite TV Shows Fringe.

In that show we have the love-him-or-hate-him rogue scientist Dr Walter Bishop and something called the Alt Verse. This is a Sci-Fi show that best shows in fiction what we are talking about in reality.

Dr Bishop had a background in government black ops and MK-ULTRA style experimentation on children. Well, long story short, his son dies in this dimension. To try to cheat death, Walter goes to another universe where his son didn’t die, and he brings him back to this dimension through a portal. The consequences of piercing the membrane between our universe and the Alt-Universe are catastrophic of the other side.

Seems far out there right, to be talking about a TV Show that best describes what we are talking about, however, this is good quantum physics from the REAL WORLD.

This is utilising something called “many worlds theory”. In the many worlds model, for every action or decision we make, an entirely new alternative “verse” is created where we took the other option. This is on the macro as to what particles do at the micro, or subatomic level. A particle can be in many states, or verses, at once.

Picture this… you are playing darts. Every time you throw the dart you hit, for example a 20. But at the same time invisible copies of the same dart all hit every number in their own new reality. So you hit on number and every number all at once!


Quantum tunneling is a term that you will have heard of, and need to get used to! Much like in real world quantum computing where Qbits (quantum bits) replace the classic bits and improve upon them by “tunneling” through an electromagnetic 3-d field to reach the most probable answer to whatever question posed of it!


Think of the worm and the apple. To get to the far side the worm can go over the top and down the other side, or far more efficiently it can borrow a tunnel straight through, cutting down the time and the distance. They don’t call them “wormholes” in theoretical physics for nothing.

And, critically, a sub-atomic particle i.e. a spinning electron in the case of Qbits, it can be in many states at once, it’s literally here there and everywhere! JUST DON’T OBSERVE IT! Oh wait, sound familiar… What was it they said about not looking at the “mysterious unidentified lying object”… just saying!

Just last night I was a guest on Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero in a show entitles “The Viral Veil” in which we were discussing the magnetic veil, shield, around the planet and the space rocks etc coming our way at this time. Several times Clyde talking about piercing the veil, and now, not 12 hours later, we are looking at possible confirmation that another veil has been breached!

What is it they say… As above, so below!



We can stay with Fringe and look at the viewing device used by Walter to look at the Alt-Verse, the world window.

The device provides a view into the parallel universe by, stretching the membrane between the universes, and capturing errant photons.


This is where we get the blurring of fact and fiction, because just recently there was news of a new, revolutionary, invention from Prof. Santilli that shows something described as ITE’s – Invisible Terrestrial Entities that cannot be seen with the human eye, not traditional telescopes. Santilli used a concave lens as opposed to the traditional convex Galileo telescopes, and by attaching a digital camera, was able to take images of anti-matter, dark matter and even dark galaxies out in space. However, much to his surprise, he was picking up what he describes as entities a lot closer to home!

There is a lot of ideas and speculation in this article and my video and it is to stimulate conversation and to get us all looking into just what this announcement actually means.

Remember, it’s not I that is claiming CERN is determined to create a portal into another dimension, that is the scientists themselves that have claimed this, and used that language on numerous occasions. They even got the picture taken holding the “key to the other dimension” so don’t shoot the messenger because I’m just a geek! LOL!

Katy Foraz symbolically hand the LHC keys over to the Operations team after LS1.

I talked quantum computing earlier, and our crew member NanoGirl rightly reminds us that the creator of the D-Wave Adiabatic Quantum Computer says he literally wants to create a portal to another world where it is an exact copy of here, except for one thing…. we have the D-Wave.

Just imagine, what if we are smashing a hole to literally another universe where I’m on the X-files and Moulder is co-hosting with Whistles… what consequences are the other versions of us feeling due to our “rearranging the furniture”?

Stay tuned, more to come of that, there is no doubt.”

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