Developing a More Constructive Evolution


“We should never lose sight of the original objective or aim of the individual as is so contained in all of the universal concepts as they are woven or projected from the Mind of God. It is the innate knowledge and wisdom within man that relates him to the different dimensions of expression, for the purpose or intent of acquainting him with the rebuilding and revitalizing of his naturerenaissance-2-post, to the point where he becomes a definite personal individual. He thus relates himself to the Infinite Mind of God in such a personal relationship, that he eventually becomes an integrated part of this Great Universal Mind of God.

As has been observed, there are definite trends or periods of evolution in the consciousness of man as he expresses himself collectively in an age of expression. We could take the Age of Reformation as an outstanding example, for it was an age of liberation in the thought and consciousness of man. Initiates from the higher astral and spiritual realms, including Shamballa, were reincarnated onto the earth, and they were thus able to interpolate their own ideas which were just beyond the boundary or the horizon of man’s thinking in his own dimension in that era. Other factors are quite obvious, inasmuch as we would see that because these expressions and their personal creators contained influences from the pure spiritual dimensions, they were thus able to give to the world a much broader and more advanced concept.

Here again is a very intelligent relationship with God, one which is working in its own way with the harmonic conspiritual-growth-4-postclusion of man in his numerous evolutions. The postulations of numerous theories which are beyond the immediate vision or horizon of man’s inception or induction into his own way of life, are naturally quite instantaneously rejected by the individual. It is this, his most instinctive and inborn nature, which enables him to select the necessary condiments of life which are most factual, and which will come into being as a more useful expression in his way of life. Remember that the innate nature of man, as it relates to his Higher Superconscious and indirectly to God Himself, must therefore, in its longings, return to its natural spiritual elements; for it was conceived or inducted into the material dimension purely for the purpose of experience. Experience in everyone’s life must therefore be included and concluded within every possible realm and dimension of expansion, which the individual feels inclined to explore or to include in his life. The confining expressions, and the lack of selfhood in these expressions, very often react as does the lack of a safety valve on a steam engine, which quickly blows the boiler to bits. Thus the confining expressions of daily life, or the lack of individual expressions in man, can lead him into expressions of life or dimensions of thought which are very destructive and perverted.

The thought behind the inductive relationship of man with his higher self, gives rise to what has been called the libido or the drive in man. It assumes interest in all of the things about him, whichexperience-life enables him to partake of his daily life. This infusion of interest in the creative possibilities of his most inward nature, is the most redeeming and the most conclusive factor of man’s evolution and reincarnation; and the continual reliving and experiencing of the processes of daily life, which include the termination of the different years in his terrestrial dimension, are, in themselves, constructive elements which enter into man’s personality. It can be very easily seen that the conclusion of such constructive experiences are motivated by the forces which project him forward in his evolution. Likewise, man inducting into his consciousness, experiences of a retrograde nature, can thereby retard his experiences into subastral dimensions, which become more and more destructive to his own nature and intent.

Man never stands still; he is going either forward or backward. He is either progressing or higher-self-4-postretrogressing. It is this most dominant and vital concept within one’s mind which will determine what he will be in a few thousand years from now; whether he will be a wandering entity, which is submerged in the blackness of his retarded condition, or whether he will be an illuminated soul, ready to stand at the threshold of some higher spiritual dimension from which he has partaken unto himself the Radiance and the Brilliance of God’s Innermost Nature. As has been mentioned, the experience itself is of no consequence. It is the value which is derived from such an experience, whether it is constructive or destructive to man’s nature. That which remains will be a constructive or destructive element in some of the more immediate and future evolutions as a force which exists in his psychic body.

As man vitally connects himself to the higher concepts of life, he will free himself from the very objective materialism which is at the present time destroying his civilization, and is placing mankind in general in a very decadent position. Life, as it exists for the average individual in your highly mechanized world today, is one which presents both numerous advantages and disadvantages, many of which were not known in a former age or dimension.

In the exploration of the previous histories of your earth, as you will see in the examination of life as it existed in the Age of the Reformation or the earlier ages of the Egyptian, Hindu, and Chinese civilizations, but especially in those of the immediate period of the Reformation, everyone, even the kings themselves and the noble ladies of the court, was trained in numerous capacities and trades. No one in those days who had any intelligence at all or who was capable of becoming a useful citizen in the capacity of such trades, neglected the opportunity to develop his talents.

Most of the elements of human life were made by hand, and so artifacted as direct expressions of the individual trade. They were expressed in the concepts of the numerous guilds, as they were called, guild-1which have their counterparts in the trade unions of your present day. However, the guilds in themselves were moral, rather than franchised, and, existing as they did in the moral consciousness, they consisted of democratic elements which were very highly evolved and humanitarian in nature. They endured purely through the essence and virtues of the character of the individual as he was included in these numerous guilds, or expressions of the trades and crafts, as they were expressed in those days. The noble ladies of the court, as I have said, would sit for many hours; and while they were gossiping about their neighbors, their fingers were busily plying the loom or the shuttle, and their needles were busily flying to construct garments or to embroider cloth with suitable designs and configurations which were both useful and pleasing to the eye.

Man in himself never becomes destructive or neurotic in his intent or purpose in any of his activities in such dimensions of expression, unless he becomes frustrated or thwarted in his natural desire for the expression of the constructive elements of his nature. Your present civilization is one which poses a very grave problem, not only of national but of international importance. The average individual, is so submerged with the artifacts and contrivances of the civilization about him, that he becomes something which has been likened to a robot, and consequently the individual portions of his spiritual consciousness and the desire to express himself constructively in a higher form, have mechanized-man-4-postbeen suppressed. They have been channeled into a more laborious element, which is very highly exploited in producing the numerous machinations of your present day civilization.

Thus man becomes someone who screws together some particular part of a machine on an assembly line, and by the end of the day he is too tired to do more than eat his meal and tumble into bed; so he very soon seeks an escape. He contrives a yearly vacation for a few days away, and in going on that vacation he becomes so involved in the process of trying to free himself in some escape mechanism, that he very often returns from the vacation to re-enter his normal life much more tired than he was before he went away. It is the continued reliving, the continued strife and turmoil within the individual which makes him tired and frustrated and eventually neurotic; yes, even psychotic. This may lead him into the attitude of the criminal, or into a state of apathy which is called by your psychiatrist, neurasthenia, or he may suffer a premature death from what is termed hypertension.

A drive through the suburban areas in many of the sections of your country will display great tracts of homes; and although they are laid out rather neatly in long rows with paved streets in between, yet they portray – to a large degree – the continual repetitious sequence of life as it is expressed in your present civilization. Although these tracts of homes may embody several different exteriors, or they may have somewhat different interior arrangements, yet they are all basically the same, and 'Where's the dog?'were given birth with the idea of exploiting and machinating the masses of people.

There are none of the more advanced concepts of life existing for the average tradesman or the businessman in your present civilization. There are no individual concepts and no liberations into the higher capacities of man’s mind whereby he can go beyond the sham and tinsel of the everyday life about him. There is by far too much commercialism. However, at this time, I do not want to convey the impression that we are at all critical of your daily living. We are merely pointing out these things to you on the basis that the comparisons will enable mankind to integrate these concepts more realistically into their daily lives which will be of much greater value to them.

The idea of peace of mind, as it is contained in the individual, is a Utopian condition which, if he man-evolvingwould evolve into, would mean something of the concept of destruction. If man ever did assume a position which was without blemish and without fault in his everyday expression, or if he arrived at such a time and place in which problems no longer existed, life would flow beautifully about him. If all he had to do was to reach out on an endless table, effortlessly, to snatch portions of everything he desired, such a condition would very quickly plunge him into an atrophied condition of mind. The body would also become very retrogressive in nature. The innate being of man and his evolution is so contrived and conceived in the Infinite Creation, that these obstacles, or problems, are seemingly placed in the pathway of the individual. These conditions must be surmounted or circumvented in an intelligent fashion and in such a relationship, that they will be of some real value and consequence to man in strengthening the moral fiber and tissue of his own character.master-4-post

Because we are somewhat dependent in the relationship of vibration to you there on the earth, we hope that in the future, the conditions – universal, solar or otherwise – will be of a nature which will give us a more ready and free transmission of words and facts into your dimension. Until such future moments of contact, we again send our rays of love to you.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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