Dark Matter Resides in Other Dimensions

Dark matter is called dark not because it is dark but because it is invisible to our five senses and scientific instrumentation. Theories have been postulated that dark matter exists in other dimensions. The existence of dimensions is something which UN.AR.I.U.S. has taught in its lesson courses for over 50 years as well as how these other dimensions interact with our third dimensional or physical plane.

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum by Ernest L. Norman:

Chapter 2: “…it was resolved in common physical science that all substance, visible or inatom2visible, is energy. This also includes those seemingly so-called particles of matter, termed atoms, which are actually energy solar systems. In the various interdimensional linkages, it is not possible for any third dimensional transmission of life – as it is seen about us – to take place without immediate and connecting reactions with an infinite number of dimensions from which the very source of life and power stems. It is impossible to do one of the simpler acts of daily life without having implications which reach hundreds of thousands of years, in the term or sense of time, both into the past and into the future, so far as the relationship of energy and its transmission is concerned.

Therefore, we must consider the mechanics of these various transmissions which we call the appearansinewave3ces of life about us. First, it can always be pictured and assumed, in the dynamics of these transmissions, that all things travel as a sine wave or a combination of such wave frequencies and sine waves always vibrate, or from the polarities as are so contained from positive to negative in these sine wave formations, they are carrying a certain consciousness within them. These various appearances from positive to negative and the relationship of this consciousness takes place at a predetermined rate of time or frequency.

To Einstein and such savants, the transference of energy from the third dimensional planes – or the material world – into other nearby planes such as the fourth or fifth dimension, where it seems time actually merges and becomes a quality or a quantity of the transmission of energy, has always posed a great mystery. To the student, this principle is much more easily understood than are these various contexts or the theses to such theorems as are contained in the postulations by Einstein.

We simply envision the fourth dimension as such a world or a dimension in which the transmission of life always takes place as cyclic motion within whatever energy wave forms we are so concerned; cycles7_2or in other words, simply as a circle. Many years ago, Einstein was quoted as saying that if you drew a line far enough and straight enough, it would meet itself coming around at the other end. This is, in as sense, his fourth dimensional concept and, to some degree, fully proves what we are about to discuss.

In other words, so far as other worlds and dimensions are concerned, any particular idea, form, or consciousness, as it is related to the Infinite Mind is complete in itself, and therefore can be considered cyclic in motion. It is the vast conjunctive relationships of an infinite number of these different types and forms of consciousness which go to make up the matrix of the Infinite Cosmos that we call the cosmogony about us. It is also the various differences and alliances with these cyclic patterns as they are concerned with the sinasoidal wave forms of which they are composed which go to make up the great vortical patterns, patterns which make up suns and solar systems. They also make up the very atoms of our physical bodies.”spiral-galaxy4-post

Chapter 14: “The Infinite therefore must not be divided in any symposium of compounded infractions of atomic forms, but must assume proportions wherein we can see that the so-called space is actually a completely, infinitely filled solid. So far as our proportions of introspection are concerned in traveling through space, means that consciousness at any given time, interprets only a very small fraction of this infinitely filled space in terms of resistance or reactance. Thus, these various reactive factors, as they are so presently concerned with consciousness, are to the then existing concepts, the only existing and tangible elements of the Infinite; this then explains the common fallacy from which all present dispensations of materialistic sciences are so compounded.

The Infinite can therefore be said to exist in an infinite number of ways; and as has been previously postulated, as tinphase-outofphasehe Infinite is energy, that energy moves as it does in complete compatibility within itself as an oscillating motion concerned in a cyclic pattern. These energy wave forms can be either compatible in the relationship of vibration – as they are combined with each other – or they can also be completely or diametrically opposed to each other. We then can reason that such differences must therefore be divided into what is commonly referred to as a dimension, wherein we shall find a large number of suitably vibrating or harmonic wave form structures in cyclic paths, which are resonating in certain common basic fundamental relationships. As such, in these relationships, they are transferring to and from each other, the common idiom of that particular dimension so far as its own intelligence is concerned.

Dimensions are subsequently, in scientific parlance subdivided into such other existing combinations of basic structures (called spectrums), such as light, heat and sound. The physical body and the five senses involved in sustaining the physical body on the planet earth, are all involved with these various subdivisions of spectro-energies in their reactive or resistive forces against these five senses.”EM-Spectrum1

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