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cycles-civilizations-4-post (This dissertation was included in a student’s life reading.)

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium Vol. I

We will present a synopsis or trace and present various civilizations, a starting place of these cycles and of their appearance of so many countless thousands of people who have lived in these age-old civilizations, and have incarnated back and forth through these various epochs countless times. For convenience sake, we shall start with Atlantis. As every truth seeker knows or has heard something about this ancient civilization which was predated by the Lemurian civilization even many thousands of years previously. In this old Atlantis about 25,000 years ago there was a very wonderful and beautiful civilization which flourished on the continent somewhere in the mid-Atlantic ocean.

This civilization, which lasted for many thousands of years, was directed under spiritual leadership Atlantean-Power-Tower from a great temple in Atlantis. Stemming out into various corners of the world, there flourished numerous colonies which were also largely directed by this same priesthood. Some several thousands of years later, a race of dark-skinned people succeeded in stealing certain secrets of machinery which were atomically conceived in nature, and handed down from the Lemurian Masters, and with these secrets the dark-skinned ones actually succeeded in blowing Atlantis completely out of the ocean.

Along with this terrible destruction, there was naturally a great loss of life. Then too, before this cataclysm, many thousands of people who had, by being forewarned, migrated to various other countries such as Egypt, India, Persia, and Central and South America. From these remnants sprang other civilizations. So it was that through the many epochs of time, various and countless millions of citizens who had resided in these ancient civilizations, and knowing of this great Spiritual Leadership and that wonderful way of life, began seeking to find themselves in some new age and time wherein these same spiritual concepts were further expressed, and also that they might gain more wisdom and advance themselves in their own spiritual evolution, which is always a strong and motivating, inward desire of every human being.

And you, dear student, doubtless, along with the countless multitudes from these past ages, began coming and going into these various civilizations of Egypt, ancient India, China, Chaldea, and into the more recent civilizations such as the Hellenic Age, about 500 B. C. when the episode wherein Jesus and his Mission were given to the world about 2000 years ago, and so on through the dark Middle Ages to the present time.past-life-peopleThus, it is that here in this present moment you find yourself with the remnants and vestiges of the various karmic and psychic shocks which you have incurred through these past evolutions, which you are now trying to work out, that you have reestablished yourself in a more progressive position for the future Aquarian Age.

This Age, incidently, is mentioned in several places in both the Old and New Testament, and in the opening chapter of Genesis, it is referred to as the Seventh Day of the Lord. In the Book of Revelations there is mention of the Millennium and the building of the New City of Jerusalem, which is the thousand-year preparatory cycle wherein all karmic structures in the psychic selves of these millions of truth seekers are literally cancelled out or die, and are replaced by more spiritual concepts which will enable these persons to live in this future age and time. The New City of Jerusalem is that lonnew-city-of-jerusalemg-envisioned new Spiritual Age of Universal Brotherhood of mankind on the Earth, and governmental leadership through spiritual means of some sort, which is not now manifest in such political systems as we so possess. This future Age will also see the end of the wars and great fears and hatreds which these warlike attitudes of nations are now imposing upon the Earth. There will also be the elimination of the so-called incurable diseases which are the bane of existence to untold millions of peoples upon the face of the Earth presently. A new scientific technocracy will exist which will so advance man in his learning and thinking that certain scientific-spiritual concepts which are being presently used in more highly-developed civilizations on other planets will actually become a part of life upon the earth.

These concepts, incidently, are included in your lessons course book and your other textbooks of UN.AR.I.U.S.. You will see also, how other races of people on other planets use many of these highly-advanced spiritual and scientific concepts and adaptations in their way of life.

And so, you can therefore very easily see that being concerned with possibly a thousand or so man-woman-past-lifelifetimes and living in such conditions and circumstances which were idiomatic of any one particular life, you did indeed incept as basic psychic structures, the numerous and different experiences, negative, positive or otherwise, through various lifetimes. Some interesting aspects of this pattern relate to sex, and everyone has come and gone either as male or female in these more primitive evolutions. That is simply because certain definite strong polarity patterns which would relegate the person to one sex or another had not as yet been sufficiently developed. Other factors such as frequency relationship, strong urges to incarnate back into the physical, and other various factors would all more or less be responsible for whatever gender the individual finds himself incarnated into.

Also some ancient lifetimes were concerned with religious cultisms which were serpents. This practice still goes on in our modern world in the more primitive areas of the Earth such as the jungles, in IndiaAztec-snake-art and Africa. In the ancient times, snake cultisms were very highly developed and involved whole nations, such as ancient India. It was actually the snake worshippers who destroyed Atlantis. The parable of the Garden of Eden is an interpretation which relates to the weaning away from his old spiritual life to the more materialistic and sexual attitudes which were practiced by the snake cultists. Human sacrifice on the altar of a snake god was quite common as well as snake pits and religious fanatics who would cast themselves into the pits believing that this was a sure way to Heaven. Most students have, at one time or another, perished by the direct result of being bitten by some poisonous reptile in one or more of these primitive lifetimes.

Now the principle of evolution which concerns various lifetimes are all very basic in nature. That is,past-lifetimes-2 during the oscillating processes between consciousness and the inner reaches of the psychic body, such as the subconscious, this energy body is being constantly rebuilt in the natural process of living. The old wave forms which related to previous experiences are gradually being replaced in the evolutionary pattern of progress. In the natural course of events it is quite easy to see that any very strong impingements, such as we call a psychic shock, a violent murder, or some other destructive element which suddenly enters into a person’s life, in turn, creates a very catastrophic negative vortex of energy in the psychic body. This negative energy later always causes disease either of mind, body or both, for this individual, unless it is in some way cancelled out or otherwise corrected. These elements are presently missing from all of our known medical science today, whether they relate to chiropractics, naturopathy or the more orthodox channel of materia medica.

Other elements which are sadly lacking in our present-day understanding and especially in jesus-casting-out-spiritspsychiatry, are the various concepts which relate to obsessions. Anyone who reads the New Testament can easily see that while Jesus taught a very understandable way of life which linked man with numerous dimensions, that our modern psychiatry has completely eliminated all such concepts and relegated them to the common terminology of witchcraft, and in a sense of the word they are accusing Jesus of sorcery and witchcraft as he practiced casting out evil spirits and obsession from the people in and around the Holy Land.

Just as the more primitive aspects of medicine or various healing therapies in the more ancient times can be likened and compared to the more modern advanced and developed forms of these same therapies, so can that science practiced by Jesus (as related in the Bible) be compared to the witchcraft in the jungle. By the same token the modern man of medicine, in whatever field he finds himself, if he is so concerned with healing people, should always include the elements which link man, as a spiritual being, into different planes of relationship. For the external body is merely the result or the appearance of a large number of sequences or events, which we will call evolution, which have led man up to this particular point of development. By far a large part of this development takes place in the spiritual consciousness, the opposite polarity of development being of course the materialistic dimension or the experience realm in which the various elements of introspection are entered into by way of such experiences, comparative values, equations – as some people say, learning the hard way. In the final and ultimate result of all this various experience and the oscillations which relate in implanting the experience quotient as wave forms in the psychic body, a person ultimately resolves into a much more highly advanced personality in a spiritual sense.

This is to say, the more insidious and negative part of these experiences in their wave forms and evolution4harmonic structures are replaced. However, the individual does retain conscious memory in another dimension of consciousness which is concerned with the psychic body which oscillates more directly with the superconsciousness. Thus, in the course of thousands of years into the future, he may gradually develop into some personality which is much more godlike in nature, and infinitely more wise than he is in present circumstances. To view each patient as incurring such various physical and mental illnesses and idiosyncrasies as may appear on the surface, and while these symptoms are purely superficial in nature, yet they all have very strong linkage into the psychic centers, relating each person in proper perspective and proportion into previous lifetimes where these different negative experiences, malformations and shocks were implanted into the psychic anatomy.

Yes, dear student, there is but one way these negations can be removed. This is through awareness, the understanding of this science, the objectifying by the individual of these past incurrences and by so conceiving, does one change the phase relationship of these past oscillations. Then he incurs, instead, a more positive vortex within his psychic anatomy, placing him in a completely new frequency within himself, whereas healing takes place as a result.

BridgeofLightAnd so to you who are on this particular pathway and have, each one of you, prepared well and long in this distant past for this, your so-called “Second Coming”, your spiritual awakening that you too may become a wayshower and a helper in this great work necessary for mankind in the future, so it would indeed be a grave mistake not to fully capitalize on all these various wisdoms which you have learned in the past and to bring them into complete fruition in this time and age, at least to a point where you can, in your future lifetimes – and there are many yet ahead of you – become one of the leaders and wayshowers in the Aquarian Age – an Age when man will surely need all the help which can possibly be mustered up from the more advanced souls and personalities who have traveled this pathway of Truth, who have perfected themselves and their intellects to the point where they have become an oscillating pole with the great Infinite Source.

Therefore, for the future, we can only strongly advise you to study the energy concepts contained in the lessons and books. Realize that life is simply a constant successive series of oscillations from polarity to polarity, as all forms of consciousness are thus contained in the dynamic oscillations ascended-masters-flamemovement of energy from one pole to another, and extending our concepts into the structure of this psychic body, then into more universal and abstract concepts, all relating to interdimensional relationship. Then we will indeed have started on that spiraling pathway which leads us up into the starry skies. We can never occupy a higher spiritual plane until we have so prepared ourselves for it, that we are compatible with it. Do not be concerned that you do not remember consciously astral flights or your sleep teachings, or that you are living in the planes of consciousness wherein you are again learning or that you are teaching. It makes small difference if the conscious mind is not connected in the memory sense with these experiences, for we will assure you that you are indeed under the protectorate of these great, Perfected, Infinite Minds of the UN.AR.I.U.S. Brotherhood. So for the future, may the Infinite Light always guide your footsteps as you walk with us this Illumined Pathway into the starry reaches of that never-ending Infinite Source.




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