Creating-Stanza-1-1I called to thee into the blackness of the
night, but only echoes answered back ~
and all was still again.
I called to thee in the brightness of a new
day, but songs of birds were all that
answered my plea.

Stanza-2-2And then I called to thee from deep within
my heart, and lo, you stood before me,
A vision transformed and clothed in
radiant garments of love,
Your hair with woven strands of moonbeams
Your eyes reflected there, the starry depths
of the firmaments.

Stanza-1-4What magic elixir was this, that out of all
the earth and sky, I found thee not,
But only when I searched within, I found
that  from the substance of my soul and,
added to the chalice of my life –
Became thy form.

Stanza-4-4And so, I found the shining secret way to life;
A place where dwells the longings of my heart.
And now I call not in the blackness of the night,
Nor do I listen from among the call of birds
for one sweet note from thee.

Stanza-5-5For always there within, thou art before me
and, holding clasped within thine arms
all things held dear.
That if but I can thus create – then can
each and every one.
For if this substance of our thoughts, becomes
so melded with the soul, then grows the
vision of life.

Stanza-2-6A temple or a tombstone, or again a vision,
oh, so lovely and so fair,
Who takes us by the hand and leads us on
to places yet undreampt –
A fairness not beheld by mortal eye; for such
a place may well be Heaven, where
dreams are born into the substance of our lives.

Excerpt from “The Anthenium

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