Cosmic Hysteresis Explained

Hysteresis main 4 postS — It is understandable about the hysteresis of the energies from the sun to the earth in the daytime but it is not clear to me in regard to the nighttime energy activity. Would you explain further?

T — The earth, the atmosphere, etc., act as a reservoir; the earth holds the energies, so to speak, as a hot water bottle would for a short length of time. We are in a directly opposite position at nighttime transference of energy through coilsto where the energy comes into the earth’s atmosphere. For instance, if we take two coils of wire and have electricity going through one and the second one is pointed exactly the same as the first one, then we get a transference of energy going from one coil to the other without any connection whatsoever and you will have voltage in the second coil. At night we do not receive the same amount of transference through the magnetic lines of force. The energy as it comes from the sun is transformed into what we call light and heat through these magnetic lines of force. It is quite different when we get out into what they call space away from the earth. When they learn what the sun really is, then the sun’s effects can be felt before it has been transformed into these other frequencies.

light-reflected-from-plant-leaf-4-postFor instance, what happens when light strikes any object, such as a green leaf? There are actually several different colors that strike that leaf, and this can be proven with the prism, but we can see only one— yet basically, there are only three colors; the rest are transformed to what we term green, orange, etc., and are only combinations of the three. The prism will separate the rays of the sun into all of the colors of the rainbow. The molecules and atoms of the prism have only done what anything else around the earth does — it takes picture colors and reflects them so that you can see the particular frequencies as they come out on the other side of the prism.

When you are seeing anything, it means that you are seeing only a certain reflected portion; as in the chlorophyll-4-postgreen leaf, the certain number of the molecules and atoms which compose the leaf — chlorophyll especially — absorbs all the other colors and reflects back according to a certain amount of intensity and proportion of blue and yellow. It absorbs the red and reflects back a mixture of blue and yellow. You do not actually see green at all, but only the mixture because there is no green light coming from the sun. That which they believe to be color coming from the sun means that these energies have certain wave lengths and when these wave lengths come in junction with the magnetic lines of force around the earth and the ionized layers of gas and various other frequencies, they are transformed — they are changed in frequency and wave length.

This is the only way that it could be transported, you might say, around 93 millions of miles of space, and it would be in that way; it does not pour in, in straight lines, but comes from another dimension which is quite close to the earth but yet not of it. It is formed in cycles which are regenerated from the chromosphere. The same situation exists as with the coil containing electricity in right angles to each other; there is no transduction. The same is true when you turn the earth away from the sun; then the conditions with the cycles which are transforming the energy there are not complete but only in part. In effect, youinduction have turned the earth (as in nighttime) like you have turned the coil. It may seem a bit confusing and is apt to so be until it is thoroughly understood.

For instance, when you turn your face towards the sun, you get the greatest amount of light. This only means that through the purpose for which we are getting energy transformed from the sun from this other dimension is quite close to different actions which take place. It would be impossible for the energy to come from the sun through that 93 million miles to the surface of the earth as the scientist thinks it does. That would be utterly impossible according to physical laws. There are tremendous fields of force around the earth — the vast belts of gas which are highly ionized due to the electrical charges of the static fields of magnetic lines of force which extend not only from the earth itself but with the entire universe.

Under those conditions and due to the fact that heat, for instance, is not transferred through a vacuum; heat will not even penetrate vacuum, let alone carry it through 93 mmagnetic fields earthillion miles. This was the idea with which Planck was wrestling (his Quantum theory). Einstein was on the right track — but the present-day scientist believes that we get heat and light from the sun; he still holds to the idea that the sun is hot. All that we are doing is using the base level of reference when we say that anything is made hot when energy passes through it, but it is only because it is a resistive element to the energy which went through it.

Actually, there is no such thing as heat and light. It only means that we have tried to catalogue these things in the spectra of wave lengths which the scientist thinks exists. In your body, when you become warm to the (so-called) rays of the sun, this means only that, due to the transference, lines of force and hysteresis, the various atoms in your body are absorbing a certain amount of energy; it is not heat at all but is only being absorbed; and when it is being absorbed, it means that the little atoms and the electronic fields of force of which the atoms are so composed, changed their frequency to a certain extent. They begin radiating outwardly in a frequency spectra which they ordinarily do not do. That produces the sensation of heat.

We have learned through the thousands of years of evolution to orient that feeling of heat. If it holding-dry-icebecomes too intense, there is a feeling of pain. And to prove how true that is, you can do the same thing in reverse by rubbing a piece of dry ice over the skin, which would have the same feeling as would a hot piece of iron. This is true simply because the oscillation in the force fields of the ice atoms is causing carbon dioxide to oxidize and is solidified, and being cold that way, the atoms of the carbon dioxide have dropped down to their normal rate of vibration until they are in an entirely different frequency. When they come in contact with the skin, they immediately absorb and take into themselves the bits of rays of magnetism that the atoms throw off. When they do so, the force fields of the atoms are again changed from their former relationship or oscillation, to the extent that they are destroyed and the skin tissue is burned. The same process is true if you were burned with a hot iron.

In the case of the hot iron, the atoms have absorbed energy to the point that they have been thrown off or out of their natural vibrating frequency and therefore destroyed; and you are burned on that area because a certain number of cells have been destroyed by the impact of that hot iron. The heathot-cold-atoms-4-post of the atoms has been thrown out of alignment with the cell structures and molecules of which they were formed.

We can prove that all these things are true by what the scientist today actually admits that he finds — that actually the ‘quanta’ and the entire fourth-dimensional theory as posed by Einstein could not be possible if this were not so. Mass is an illusion in itself. That, in itself, is the biggest proof that we have had because it only exists because of certain relationships of one atom with another. An atom takes the place of what is termed the dynamics of free moving energy. In other words, atoms contain within themselves the energy and orbit of a certain quantum of energy which comes from other dimensions.

This also explains why it is there can be so many shades of green in the plants because some plants absorb more than others. Each thing has its own particular property of absorption and what it means ATOM, DRAWINGis that the atoms are stimulated to a certain point, like the action; for instance, if you step upon a worm, the worm is stimulated by the impact of your foot, while an atom is always stimulated to some degree by an outside source of energy. When it is stimulated in a certain way, it regenerates or changes frequency to a point where it will radiate outwardly as that which we call color. It acts as a transducer, in other words.

The sun’s rays as they fall upon an object are composed of what you might call red, green and yellow, although there really is no green even though you see green in the prism; but it is not that way, for we have definite basic spectra of energy rays which are transformed from the sun’s spectral chromosphere into the various differences with which we are familiar on the earth. There is the transduction or changing just as in anything else. These things could not exist if it were not true; you could not see anything if there were not the transduction. Nothing would have color.

The scientist knows that the moment one of those cosmic particles comes in contact with any electromagnetic field of force, like the gravitational field around the earth, it changes. He knows cosmic raysthat, so why would it not change when it comes in contact with any one of the other different bodies such as stars or suns? Why should he think he can bat it around like a ping pong ball? It isn’t that way at all.

First, it must be realized that a particle of energy such as a cosmic ray is a form of consciousness. We must realize first that it is complete in itself; it contains at least twenty-seven different kinds of cosmic ray particles according to the charges. The scientist thinks when they come into the force fields around the earth, they bend either right or left, so he has this all doped out himself — which is very crude. Now, if he could only realize that (if he could just get upstairs mentally, so to speak) everything is transferred from the top down — not from the bottom up, like the scientist believes. The earth, our dimension, is one of the last places on the scale of Infinity on the way down (if you can imagine such a thing) where the form of consciousness expresses out into the third-dimensional form or equation.

Have you ever seen mud flying off a wheel while it was revolving? Now let us take a vortex and those particles-in-vortexforces that swirl around on the inside. There will be tiny particles of energy that will, through different positive and negative repulsions and reactions within that vortex, separate themselves, as an entity of consciousness, and from that vortex become a cosmic particle of energy; and in so doing, it loses its relationship to the Infinite. When it loses its relationship to the Infinite, then it automatically becomes subjected to what the scientist calls time, so that here again is an entity trying to gain consciousness by traveling through the third dimension because it is actually a fourth-dimensional particle which is unrelated to the third dimension. But the scientist is merely seeing it in either one place or another in regard to Infinity. That which he calls the screen means only that he is interpreting the entity of energy in relation to any one particular given time.

S — Is this the same principle as is used over the telephone wire?

T — When you speak over the telephone wire, your voice does not travel in a wave over the wire from one end of the wire to the other; all that it does is connect the various syllables that are modulated in its own orthic constituents, in positive and negative reactances or as an already existing charge of force on that wire. The wire is previously charged up with about 30 volts of electricity in the different static fields. While the voice agitates one end of the static field, then vibrates in unison, the energy is transferred. It is not that the voice crawls along the wire, so to speak.

Excerpt from Tempus Invictus

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