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Spirit-Releasement-And-Past-Life-Therapy-main-4-postby William J. Baldwin, Ph.D.

At the time of death several choices are available for the deceased soul. It can move into the Light, accompanied by the guiding spirits that come. It can also linger on the Earth plane for any number of reasons, remaining in some favored location as a haunting spirit, or joining a living person as an attached entity.

When a client describes the death scene in a past-life therapy session, the past-life experience is not over and the regression is not complete until the being returns to the Light. If the being does not move toward the Light after death but instead describes floating in a gray place, drifting over their hometown, or being drawn toward a living human, this may indicate a spirit attachment. The therapist continues to probe for the experience of either moving fully into the Light or joining another living person. The discovery questions must continue until one of these two events is recalled.

I continue to repeat my favorite question:

“What happens next?”

The newly deceased spirit may describe a brief period of wandering before moving into the Light. This indicates a past life of the client.

This question may also reveal the experience of attachment to a living host, who is the client. Since a spirit is capable of “floating” indefinitely, more prompting may be needed to locate the crucial moment. The longer the soul remains near the Earth, the more likely is attachment to a living human. The next question is asked:

“Skip forward to the next thing that happens.”

This usually uncovers the actual moment when an Earthbound soul joined the living person. Attached entities seldom make their presence known to the host; spirit attachment is usually a surprise to the client. Although the condition of spirit interference is nearly universal, most people are not aware of these parasitic attachments.

During a past-life therapy session, the therapist may intuitively sense that something in the past life description is not right, and the next question is posed.

“How old was she when you joined her in this lifetime?”

If it is a past life of the client, the question will be meaningless and will not interrupt the narrative of past—life events. If an attached entity is speaking, the answer will usually be immediate. The question will catch the entity off guard. It knows it has been discovered. The answer will be given as the age of the host in years or at a certain stage of life.

“She was six.”

“He was a baby.”

If the answer indicates or suggests infancy, birth, or the prenatal period, the therapist might mistakenly assume the attached entity is the rightful soul of the client. The therapist then asks the question:

“Was there already someone there when you joined?”

This is the clincher. The entity will look again and usually discover the rightful spirit already at home in the body. This means the one speaking through the voice of the client is definitely an attached entity. The attached EB (Earth Bound) is usually honest and straightforward.

When the condition of a spirit attachment is identified, the releasement can begin. The opportunity for healing is available for two beings, the client and the confused EB.

The following cases are typical of the connection between past-life therapy and spirit releasement therapy, often necessary during sessions.

Diana and the Stone Carver

Diana was thirty-six years old, intelligent and attractive. She wanted to explore the cause of a recurring irritation and tightness in her throat coupled with a fear of unknown but terrible consequences if she dared to speak the truth.

Diana described a previous therapy session in which she had explored a past life in Egypt as a male stone carver working inside a pyramid that was to be the tomb of a pharaoh.

On the day the carvings were finished, the stone carvers were ushered into a small room by three guards. One by one, they were shoved against the wall and their throats cut. This action was taken to prevent them from revealing the nature of the carvings and secret truths they depicted.

This was the source of Diana’s fear of the consequences of telling the truth and the tightness and irritation in her throat. However, there was no relief from the condition after that past-life therapy session. This lack of resolution suggests there are traumatic events from other lifetimes contributing to the symptoms. It can also indicate an attached EB imposing the condition. Past-life therapy with an attached entity doesn’t seem to bring resolution to the EB or the host/client.

I suggested that Diana focus her awareness on the physical sensation of the irritation in the throat, and go fully into the emotional feelings.

Dr. B.: “If that irritation in your throat could speak, what, would it say? If the feelings could talk, what would they say?”

Client: “I can’t speak. I can’t speak.”

The response was emotional and immediate.

Dr. B.: “Say it again. Let the feelings come. Say it again.”

By the third repetition of the phrase, she accessed the lifetime and the entire past-life memory, which she had discovered in her earlier session. She continued the story. The stone carver lamented over the lack of time to meditate and prepare for death. As a spirit, he lifted from the body but perceived no Light. He remained in the room.

The therapist must avoid leading questions in a session. Rather, the questions should prompt the narrative without suggesting a direction.

Dr. B.: “What happens next?”

C.: “I’m alone in the room. The guards have removed the bodies. The spirits of the other stone carvers are gone.”

Dr. B.: “What happens next?”

The question is repeated gently whenever the unfolding account slows or stops.

The spirit finally moved out of the room, drifted above the town, observed people in the streets, occasionally tampering or interfering with their energy. He was feeling angry. He did not know what to do or where to go.

Dr. B.: “Skip forward to the next thing that happens.”

Certain events seem to be more easily recalled. The more emotional energy, the easier the memory is triggered.

Diana jerked in the recliner and began to cry softly.

Dr. B.: “What just happened?”

C.: “He just came into me.”

Dr. B: “How old are you?” The present tense refers to what she had just revealed.

C.: “About thirteen.”

Dr. B.: “Stone carver, what happened to you? Do you know this woman? Who is she to you?”

C.: “She wouldn’t have anything to do with me. She was married and wouldn’t even talk to me. I wanted her.”

He was referring to the Egyptian lifetime; he was still focused on his pain and thwarted desire. They were both incarnated at that time, over four thousand years ago. The stone carver was not a past incarnation of Diana, it was an attached entity. He had been Earthbound since the Egyptian lifetime when she rejected him. Unrequited love is a potent force; it kept this stone carver Earthbound more than four millennia while he searched for her. After his death, he wandered about the area, but did not find her there. He attached to many people before finding Diana in the fullness of her budding femininity in the present lifetime.

In the safe space of the session, he was able to express his anger and resentment at her rejection of him in that lifetime. Beneath that was his love for her. Finally he realized he could not be with her in the way he wanted as long as he remained connected in this way. He still wanted her, and clearly had plans for their future together. He eagerly moved into the Light with the spirit helpers who came for him.

Nested Entities

Nancy was a thirty-six year old psychotherapist. She wanted to experience past—life therapy and chose to work on her drinking problem. She spoke about waking night, after night at about three in the morning to take “a couple of belts” of Scotch before being able to sleep again. She mentioned other aspects of her problem, but the use of the terminology “a couple of belts” was not in keeping with her lovely feminine nature.

As she continued to talk about the drinking, I asked if she felt any sensations in her body as she spoke. She described a feeling of nausea in her stomach. As she focused on the sensation, she began to see swirling shapes of yellow and orange color. Suddenly there emerged the scene of a saloon. A cowboy stood drinking at the bar. His name was Tom. He was a heavy drinker. Married to a woman who despised him for this excess, he slept in a separate bedroom. Routinely he took his bottle of whiskey to bed and would take a couple of belts before falling asleep.

Tom, through Nancy, told of many occasions, including his daughter’s wedding, when he overindulged and his wife would send him away from the house. He was always glad to be away. Late one night at home in his own bed, he began to feel pain in his stomach. He took a few more belts of whiskey to ease the pain, but the feeling spread across his belly until he felt like his guts were on fire.

The pain and nausea were so bad he called to his wife to go for the doctor. She angrily refused, which infuriated him, and he had some foul things to say about women. He died that night in pain, drunk and angry at women. He likely had a perforated ulcer through which the whiskey seeped, spreading to the tender tissues within the abdomen.

Intuitively, I felt this was not a past-life memory of Nancy’s. The next question is used if an attached entity is suspected.

Dr. B.: “Tom, how old was Nancy when you joined her?”

C.: “She was fourteen and she was having an argument with her father.”

The answer came immediately, without hesitation.

Dr. B.: “Tom, was there ever a time in your life when you felt like something just came into you and took over?”

C.: “Yes, I was sixteen and I was having an argument with my father.”

There was surprise in his voice as he realized what had happened. This is the kind of similarity that often attracts an EB.

Dr. B.: “Is that other one still here? Is the person who entered Tom still here?”

After only a brief hesitation, Nancy’s voice said softly:

C.: “Yes.”

At the end of the session she revealed that her clearest mental imagery of the entire session was at the moment that Tom recalled the feeling of being entered.

Dr. B.: “What’s your name?”

C.: “Larry.” Nancy’s voice was matter-of-fact.

Dr. B.: “Larry, what happened?”

C.: “I was working in the assay office and they accused me of stealing gold. They were real mad at me so I left there. I had a bottle of whiskey I was drinking. I was walking along the railroad track and a train hit me.”

He died drunk and angry. Did he impose his habits and attitudes on Tom? Seems like more than a coincidence.

Dr. B.: “Well, Larry, did you steal it?”

After a pause he admitted the truth:

C.: “Yes.”

Larry sounded so tired. He responded to the description of the Light and was immediately ready to leave. Guiding spirits appeared and lovingly assisted him on his journey home.

Tom was relieved to discover and release this entity nested within himself. After a parting dialogue with Nancy, he eagerly accompanied the guides who came for him.

An Accidental Connection

Are accidents really accidents? Coincidence and synchronicity offer a fascinating field of investigation. Depth psychologist Carl Jung suggested that synchronicity could be defined as “meaningful coincidence.” Jung described a case of a young woman patient who resisted his therapeutic efforts. She had an excellent education, arming her with a staunch rationalism that controlled her view of reality.

The patient related an impressive dream in which someone had given her a golden scarab—a costly piece of jewelry. At the same moment, Jung heard something tapping on the window behind him. It was a fairly large flying insect. He opened the window and caught the insect in his hand as it flew into the darkened room. It was a common rose-chafer, a scarabaeid beetle whose gold-green color resembles that of a golden scarab. He handed the beetle to the patient with the words, “Here is your scarab.” This incident punctured her normal rational exterior, and therapy was able to proceed with satisfactory results.

A female client of mine, in her sixties and retired from the Panama Canal Company, discovered a young male EB in her space. He had been a sailor on a supply ship in the early 1900s during the construction of the canal. He died of malaria and just stayed around, eventually drifting into a house a few miles south of the Canal Zone. Over the decades, the house gained the reputation of being haunted.

The client and a few friends often drove up into the countryside for Sunday picnics. One of the group was a young American sailor on a naval ship stationed in the Canal Zone. The EB perceived the young man driving the car and decided to attach so he could do the things young sailors do since he had died so young. He “zoomed” out of the house toward the car, shot past the driver, and collided with the woman in the passenger seat, where he became stuck. He was frustrated in his desire to lead the carefree, libertine life as she, our client, was conservative in her habits. He was more than ready to leave her to go to the Light and start over again.

Was this attachment accidental? Is there perfect order in our spiritual universe, or is it random?

In my spiritual worldview, randomness left me feeling somehow unsafe and unprotected. I longed for perfect order. In my first years of discovering and learning about discarnate interference, I questioned attached entities at great length, guiding them to recall some connection with the host, whether in past lives, the spirit realm between lives, or possible future existence. About half the attached entities have no other interaction with the host, no past-life connection or unfinished business. No karmic bond, no prior agreement existed. It’s just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Such randomness can be unsettling.

The Holocaust

The events surrounding the Holocaust represent the darkest period of our recent history. This terrible energy continues to impact the spiritual paths of millions of beings: those whose lives ended without explanation in death camps; the survivors who lost loved ones there; and the German citizens who were pulled unwillingly or unwittingly into the maelstrom that was Nazi Germany.

The Holocaust still burns painfully in the minds and memories of many people, even through the time buffer of more than half a century. The reality of a Nazi board of gold hidden in Swiss banks, gold from jewelry and gold extracted from the teeth of the Jewish victims of the death camps, continues to be a highly contentious and emotionally charged issue.

Only recently did a group of Swiss banks, in a reluctant validation of the allegations, offer a settlement of $600 million. The World Jewish Congress refused this offer as insufficient, claiming at least twice that much is due the death camp survivors and their families. Either amount seems an insult in the face of the human suffering and unimaginable personal violations that allowed the accumulation of the gold which in part financed the last years of the Nazi war machine.

Many people living today, Jewish and non-Jewish, have recalled past lives as Jews in Germany during the nightmare of World War II. Clients have described placing on their door frame the mezuzah, a small case containing a parchment inscribed with Deuteronomy 6:4—9 and 11:13—21 and the name Shaddai, a sign and reminder of the Jewish faith, even though many are not Jewish by birth or faith.

Some have described an inexplicable attraction to the traditions and rituals of Judaism and feeling strangely at home in a synagogue. Some seem to have a familiarity with Jewish history and customs, an affinity with Jewish people, even an urge to travel to Germany. These identification points are not disturbing, just curious to people who uncover such memories and feelings.

What is disturbing to clients in an altered state is a past-life memory of being Jewish in Nazi Germany. They recall being arrested by the Gestapo, brutalized, separated from family members, herded aboard trains and trucks, and transported to the camps. The memories seem real, the atrocities committed there palpable. Clients often recognize present family members as being in the camps with them.

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder usually occurring in teenage women, characterized by an abnormal fear of becoming obese, a distorted self-image, a persistent aversion to food, and severe weight loss. All anorexics are dominated by their fears of violating rituals. The physical appearance of the anorexic woman is familiar to anyone who has seen photos of survivors of the death camps at the time of liberation. Emaciation is extreme, the appearance of muscle wasting and bulging skeletal joints reveals the clear evidence of starvation.

Manipulative behavior, typical of the anorexic, and the fear of violating ritual may be related to unconscious memories of survival in these camps and attempts to gain some semblance of control in the situation, however illusory that might have been. Morris Netherton, author of Past Lives Therapy, has described cases from his practice in which clients discovered lifetimes in the Nazi death camps. He has successfully treated anorexia through past-life therapy.

Historical records indicate there were some favorites among the women prisoners, those who were used for the sexual pleasure and perversion by the Nazi guards.


Trini, a female client, uncovered a past-life memory from a death camp. She was a sexual favorite until one night when she was taken to a secluded cave near the camp and tortured to death in a satanic worship ritual. Severe soul fragmentation resulted from the torture and threats to remove her female organs and keep those parts captive there in the cave. In her distressed state, she fully believed the threats. As a spirit, she watched as they fulfilled the threat and removed her reproductive organs, placing them in a large glass container.

In the session, the DFEs (Dark Force Entities) were released, as the first step in therapy. The soul fragmentation was recovered after clarifying the misperceptions and correcting false beliefs. Following this, the past-life work led to resolution and forgiveness.

More frequent than uncovering past-life memories in the death camps is discovery of attached entities of the tortured souls of those who died there. Many people who suffer such trauma remain Earthbound following death, continuing to suffer the emotional and physical pain of their unspeakable ordeal. In some cases, the living host for these Earthbound entities reincarnated after dying in the camps. Entities often attach to someone who survived, or a family member who was born long after the war ended. These family bonds are extremely close.


Sarina believed she had lived in Nazi Germany during the war.

She had some memories of the camp and repetitive images of elbows and backs of heads as if she were being herded along with many other people. She had no idea of the layout of the camp, no awareness of what happened to anyone but her.

In that persona, she knew nothing of the immense horror of the network of camps across Germany and beyond. She had no memory of anything following her death in the camp, nothing about going to the Light, preparing for rebirth, or a present-life experience. During sessions with another past-life therapist, that persona had emerged several times and had spoken, actually forming a friendship with the therapist. He began to suspect an attached entity rather than a past life and referred her to us.

In the session, the entity emerged almost immediately and identified itself as her grandfather, whom she never knew. Apparently, some family members had escaped from Germany while it was still possible. The grandfather had died shortly after arriving at a camp.

As with millions of family tragedies in that time, no one ever heard of him again. This kind of unfinished business, the terrible unknowing, and the incompletion of never having said good-bye, weighed heavily on the family for decades. Surviving family members were currently planning a memorial service as a family completion for the would-have-been patriarch whom most of them had never known.

During the session, Sarina asked him questions, shared her feelings with him, and seemed to resolve much of her own anxiety and depression. In a loving farewell, she released him into the Light he had not known. She was eager to share her experience with her family, even though some would think it weird. At the completion of the session, Sarina felt an inner peace she had been seeking for years.


Marian was appalled to learn that she had died in a Nazi death camp. She discovered several attached entities of children who described their short existence in the camp. When their mothers were sent to the ovens, these children had gathered around teenaged Marian, and they called her their caretaker. As they described the scene, she recalled the events with horror. In her present reincarnation the Earthbound souls of these children found their caretaker again and attached themselves to her.


David experienced an upsetting emotional reaction during a lecture on spirit releasement therapy, so he scheduled an appointment. He uncovered a prior existence in a Nazi death camp. He had not been very old when he died. With further investigation, he discovered the entity of his mother from that lifetime who had died before him in the camp and had attached to him immediately. She reattached to him in the present lifetime. Both had been subjected to medical experimentation, which led to their deaths.

Next he discovered the attached entity of the German medical doctor who had conducted the crude procedures. The doctor claimed that he suffered such guilt, he had taken his own life. That ended nothing but his physical body, and he was compelled to attach to the boy, along with mother. Apparently many German physicians cast a blind eye to behaviors of their colleagues as well as their own deeds during this period. The unspoken yet clearly understood dictate of the time was “follow orders or die.”

After processing the memories and the all-important forgiveness experience, the doctor and mother were ready to release and move into the Light. I requested the mother to look deeper and explore for other attachments with David. As she looked, her voice suddenly tightened with fear; she perceived a terrifying darkness. She had discovered the DFEs attached to her son. I asked if she would prefer to move on, and she quickly agreed. Along with the doctor, she moved into the safety of the Light.

The focus of the session shifted to the DFEs with David, the darkness in the camp, and beyond to the dark influence within the Nazi hierarchy. In every such session, many DFEs are uncovered and released. We request Archangel Michael to expose and dismantle the dark networks involved, and the oppressive darkness of that episode in history is diminished. Before David’s session ended, many DFEs were released. He was astonished. The dark circles beneath his eyes softened and lightened immediately.

The Third Reich was rife with dark force energy, from the Nazi flag of red and black, the signal colors of the DFEs, to the fierce aggression on European neighbors, to the subjugation and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people. Hitler actively courted the demonic forces. He was a man completely obsessed by his desire for power. This aspect of his life and dramatic rise to political power is well documented.

Some people suggest that Hitler was the Antichrist, bent on ruling the world, and the prophesies of the Book of Revelation are being played out as written. In this reality, however, there was defeat of the darkness, though at great cost in material resources as well as human suffering. And the cleanup continues.

In many therapy sessions, the client can locate no association in this or a former life with such an entity. No Jewish connection can be found. The attachment is random.

When we find attached entities who died in the death camps, if the client is willing, we proceed with a group remote spirit releasement for the Earthbound souls still imprisoned in the camps. This is rescue work on a grand scale. In their anguish, their focus remains on the morass of emotions, the tangle of bodies, the stench and filth in the camps.

Attached entities describe the “showers” that were actually gas chambers. As they rise from their physical bodies sprawled on the floor of the chambers, they see others rising up and mingling with many more who have gathered there. Bodies are removed and more people are shoved into the rooms. As these succumb to the lethal gas, their souls also rise to join the growing mass of entities floating there. Few seem to leave that place on their own.

Entities give similar descriptions of the ovens where people were burned alive, as entities group together unable to leave the enclosure. The terror is personal, the compassion is generalized to others. In their pain and confusion they cling together, stuck in the location of their death.

Many were forced to dig mass graves, long pits in the ground, before being shot and buried. Some were buried alive after being shot and only wounded. Children were buried without being shot, not considered worthy of wasting a bullet. Some of these entities are still lodged in the dirt, many are discovered floating about the grounds, yet within the camp boundaries.

Along with Earthbound souls imprisoned in the camps, the emotional residue of rage, terror, grief, guilt, anguish, and confusion hangs like a dense fog, a funereal pall over the death scenes. Extensive spiritual cleansing is required.

Some guards also died there, by natural causes, suicide, by execution following disobedience, or at the hands of the prisoners. Absolute discipline also applied to the camp guards, many of whom were young soldiers, decent men who could not countenance the excesses of the Nazi regime. They are also Earthbound in these dark places, burdened with fear and guilt.

The attached entities nearly always accept the offer to assist in remote rescue work. Time as we experience it does not exist for spirits; the suffering continues unabated to this day. There is a tremendous inflow of light as we begin the remote work. The entity describes the inside of the gas chamber, oven, or the mass grave. They call out to the hovering, wailing masses of Earthbound souls, who are dazed and at first unresponsive, frozen in their confusion. As the Light comes, the lost souls begin to move. Disbelief changes to acceptance.

Many of these entities immediately grasp what is happening, and they guide others toward the Light. Some need intense urging. Many who died in the camps have found their way to the Light. These beings come to assist in the rescue, along with many light beings. It is a holy moment.

This remote rescue work has also been done for locations such as the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. From the results of direct releasement work, we can trust that remote spirit releasement is also effective. It is a privilege to be part of such an exodus.

DFEs (Dark Force Entities) and Nested Entities

In most sessions, we find EBs attached to clients. Many were held Earthbound following their death by other EBs attached to them. They simply could not go to the Light after death. This nesting of entities sometimes appears to have dozens of layers.

When we explore this nested situation, we often find the innermost entity is a dark force entity, the classic demon. I began this work without any belief in spirits, spirit possession, and certainly no belief in demonic possession. However, in the course of working with thousands of people, I have discovered this type of entity to be common. I don’t like what I’ve learned about spirit interference in general and the activities of such DFEs in particular.

After discovering this type of being in many sessions, I began reading the classic religious literature on possession by demonic spirits and the classic procedures of exorcism and deliverance ministry. There seemed to be more than a little truth in the old literature and in some of the newer books by Christian fundamentalists.

The DFEs may serve spiritual evolution as a “thrust block,” a starting point from which a being can choose in favor of the Light. The choice between Light and Dark is arguably the most important choice a conscious being can make. Possibly, Light and the Dark are polarities of the same energy that allows human beings to exercise the gift of free will.

Through years of practice, information about the process of discarnate interference, the effects of spirit attachment, and the descriptions of the dark force entities and their behavior has been consistent. People are describing something that is universal in human experience. The spirit releasement work has been done in other countries in many languages. Techniques of past-life therapy and spirit releasement therapy have brought profound results in our clients. Many therapists use these techniques with similar success. I have come to accept the validity of the spiritual reality as described by many thousands of people.

Excerpt from Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits From Your Energy Body

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