Chronicles of Lemuria by James Churchward

newspaper-clipping-of-churchwards-scrap-bookby Heart of Maui                    Newspaper Clipping of A Churchward’s Scrapbook Page On Mu

The Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Islands are the remaining mountain peaks of the lost continent. One of the most prominent researchers on Lemuria, James Churchward, in books such as The Lost churchwardContinent of Mu (1931), wrote that the Motherland stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to Fiji and from Easter Island to the Marianas. He considered the Nan Modal site on Pohnpei Island one of the seven sacred cities of Mu. Today its ruins sit on a swampy lagoon filled with mangrove trees. Rising about 30 feet in height, black volcanic stones weighing tons are stacked crisscross like a child’s frontier fort. Reportedly Lemuria or Mu – was about 5,000 miles long, 3,000 miles wide, a tropical paradise like the Garden of Eden. By studying various ancient texts Dr-Cabrera-With-Ancient-Stone-MapsChurchward discovered the existence of a long lost continent with an advanced civilization that 60,000 years ago had sunk below the Pacific Ocean after a cataclysmic earthquake. He believes 64 million died when it sank beneath the ocean.

Detailed maps of the lost continents Mu and Atlantis were found on stone tablets from Pre-Inca, Peru, by Dr. Javier Cabrera, engraved in stone and photographed by Robert Charroux. United Nations diplomat Farida Iskoviet, came to Maui in 1972 and researched Lemurian ruins and history and concluded that they were real. One of Hawaii’s leading authorities on Lemurian research was Sgt. Williard Wannall from Army Intelligence in Oahu. In a Top Secret project in Naval Intelligence in 1972 he reported that ruins of a submerged Lemurian city are between Maui and Oahu.Lemuria-Map

Volume #1 – The Lost Continent of Mu set out Churchward’s theory utilizing a “vast knowledge of science, ancient art and history, mythology and the occult” to recreate the splendor and doom of this hidden antediluvian world. The Garden of Eden was not in Asia but on a now sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean. The Biblical story of Creation came first not from the peoples of the Nile or the Euphrates Valley but from this now-submerged continent, Mu – the Motherland of Man.

Volume #2 – The Children of Mu-The strange, true story of the pioneers of Mu. “Sixty-three million Book-on-Lost-Continent-of-Mupeople lived on the now lost continent of Mu over 200,000 years ago. The children of Mu became the most influential people on Earth. America was one of the first colonies of Mu…Mu had an incredibly sophisticated government, flowering of culture and scientific technology.” Much of the Lemurian civilization lived in homes with transparent roofs. Free from stress and disease, they lived to be hundreds of years old, developing E.S.P. through nearly 40,000 years of societal practice and experimentation. The Lemurians gained a reputation of telepathy, astral travel and teleportation. Primarily a vegetarian, agricultural, outdoor, organic culture they worked in harmony with nature and the land, having little use for scientific technology. They built their own shelter, made their own clothing, gathered their own food, made their own tools, and provided for each other without getting into any argument or projecting any negativity toward each other.

Volume #3 – The Sacred Symbols of Mu, “the strange, true story of the occult origins of ancient and modern religions” says that “all religions have a common origin in the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu. Evidence of this original religion dates back 170,000 years ago. Osiris (who lived 20,000 BC) and Jesus taught identically the same religion. Both learned from this ancient book. Moses condensed the forty-two questions of the Osirian religion into the Ten Commandments. The Lord’s Prayer is found in The Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu. Jesus may have condensed the text to suit the languages of his day. The Last Words of Jesus on the cross were in the language of Mu – unknown in Palestine!”

Volume #4 – The Cosmic Forces of Mu – Churchward mocks the sacred cows of modern science and reveals that biological evolution is a myth (unless coupled with spiritual evolution), that there is no such thing as atomic force (only vibration), that all disease can be conquered by using appropriately colored light rays, that the Earth’s temperatures and seasons have become fixed in their present state and that the earth, due to these cosmic forces, cannot be hurled off into space or drawn into the sun.

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