Causes of Spirit Possession

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Psychic attack, whether it is spirit possession or comes in some other form, may happen to anyone at any time. The condition may come into being whether or not the victim has a knowledge of psychic activities. The problems may range from only a minor illness, a negative change in attitude to a complete change of personality. Unless the victim or someone near him can recognize the symptoms and seek help from a competent psychic, he is in serious trouble. With such help the psychic can unravel the causes of such infestation and correct the problem. Such help will restore the mind as well as improve the health of the patient.

There are two common roads to possession. The first is voluntarily asking a spirit to enter one’s mind. In most instances the victim does not realize that he cause this condition. His motive may have been sympathy, grief, need for companionship, or simply curiosity. No evil was intended. The second is a state of mind when a spirit enters without invitation. This is called an involuntary, it usually leads to serious problems for the victim as well as for those the victim influences.

When possessed, voluntary or involuntary, the person in some way attracted a spirit entity to himself by an overt action or thought. In almost every case the victim of a possession is entirely unaware that he caused the possession. Also, more frequent than not, he is not aware that he is a spirit possessed.

Voluntary Possession

The circumstances of a voluntary possession can occur when the subject has strong feelings of endearment for another person who died. The subject may feel the dead person can still contribute to his/her life. When a living person thinks often, particularly with emotion, about a person who died, the spirit of the dead person is almost always present. Sorrow strengthens this attachment. When one grieves on this side, the other grieves on the other side. Under such circumstances, there is the danger that the spirit of the dead person can be drawn to the subject and, eventually, enter the mind of that person. Usually the subject feels comfortable with such a spirit but the decision making process and actions which follow can be very erratic. An example of a voluntary possession is illustrated in the following case.

Case Of The Close Friend

Just what is it like to be possessed? How does it feel when there is another personality sharing one’s mind? Dennis R. described his experience to me.

“Before my friend Milton died, I was sympathetic and understanding toward him. I always excused his rather irrational behavior as the outcome of a deprived early childhood. When I knew him, he was an alcoholic and a heavy pill user. He had pills to lift him into a high exuberant state of mind and pills to put himself to sleep. After awhile, neither type of pill was effective. All too often he mixed his pills with whiskey. It was a sure road to sudden unconsciousness for him.

“After Milton’s death, the feeling of closeness was still strong. I thought this was perfectly natural. It wasn’t long before I noticed that I was beginning to think like Milton in various small ways, such as the clothes I chose to wear and the type of music I would listen to. I also began to drink when I felt emotionally disturbed. Normally, I regarded myself as a solid citizen, a person to whom others go for advice. I began to question that image.

“After several years, my complete attention was no longer on my work, as it should have been. I spent increasingly more time pursuing some irrational behavior similar to that practiced by Milton when he was alive. My service business suffered and my relationship with others deteriorated. I became depressed and often felt frustrated. Nothing went right for me. My attitude was completely negative.

“It was in this state of mind that I became acquainted with the phenomenon of possession. I asked myself, “Could I be possessed?” My experience did fit the pattern. I decided to use the knowledge gained by my study of spirit possession to clear myself. I didn’t know of anyone who could do it for me. I evolved a plan.

“I made the assumption that Milton was near me and could hear me. Of course, I couldn’t see him. Relaxing in a comfortable chair, I spoke to him. “Milton, my friend,” I said, “I’ve kept you in my consciousness because of my concern for you and to finish some of the things you didn’t complete when you were alive.” After this introduction, I continued, “I can no longer be involved with your thinking and desires; you must release me and leave.” I concluded with a sharp command, “Please go now!”

“Shortly after the conversation with Milton I felt different; my old self again came into focus. The rather strange ideas I had no longer carried weight with me. I shrugged off the values and characteristics which were not mine but which most certainly had been Milton’s. It was only then that I fully comprehended how deep the possession had been.”

Dennis was fortunate to have been able to stop his deterioration in time to prevent complete dominance by Milton. In the final stage of possession, the subject often loses his own personality. The spirit entity, if a strong one, takes over the thinking and the action of the body. When this occurs, usually after several years have elapsed, it is very difficult to dislodge the firmly entrenched entity.

When there is a single possessing entity, the entity will usually be identified as a close friend or relative. This condition occurs in about ten percent of the cases I handle. Such entities are difficult to send away permanently as the subject feels close to the intruder and will often call him/her back after the exorcism. To keep the subject clear in such cases, follow-up is necessary over a period of three to four months.

I have spoken with several persons who strongly felt they were a ‘walk-in’, a soul who has displaced another in a physical body. This is a complete possession where the second personality has successfully replaced the original personality and taken control of the body. Again, this may be a voluntary or involuntary action.

The Hypochondriac

A person whose physical illness has been medically diagnosed as imaginary, may well be a victim of possession. To further complicate such a case, a person may have several possessing spirits on board, each with different illnesses and symptoms. The medical diagnosis is different each time the victim sees a doctor. When this occurs, the patient changes doctors, going from one doctor to the next, rarely finding one who agrees with the last one.

To take on an illness of the possessing spirit is a common occurrence. A possessed person almost always suffers from ill health, some very seriously. Even a child will reflect poor health when a spirit entity becomes attached. One of the first indications of spirit possession is that usually the victim’s health is less than 50 percent of the best health he has achieved during his lifetime. Usually, his 100 percent best health, occurred when he was born.

When an illness has been induced from a ‘sick’ spirit entity, conventional medical treatment is ineffective. Medical treatment in such cases can be compared to giving Joe an aspirin for Bill’s headache. When the victim is cleared, there is almost always a sudden improvement in health. Over the long run there is permanent improvement.

Forever Ill

The next case, brought to my attention by my daughter, Robin Anderson, is a dramatic illustration of disease ‘transmitted’ from a spirit entity. Robin spoke to me about her friend, Karen:

“When Karen was thirteen, her mother whom she dearly loved, died. A few years afterwards her father remarried.

“Karen is now twenty-six. She hates both her stepmother and her father. Also, she has little love for her brother. She has been dreadfully ill for years and has had a series of surgical operations. I don’t think she will live long. She is scheduled for another operation next week. I hope you can help her.”

Further questioning indicated Karen had the same health profile her mother had six months before her death. This indicated that the mother was the spirit on board. Karen was ever conscious of her love for her mother. At some point she could no longer distinguish her mother’s personality from her own. Essentially, Karen became her mother in her thinking. It resulted in the intense hatred toward her father who had remarried and toward her father’s second wife.

The solution to Karen’s illness and possession was evident: Ask the mother to leave. This, I thought, should not be too difficult as the mother obviously must love her daughter and would not knowingly harm her. I proposed talking to the mother to explain the situation to her. When all was quiet in the late evening, I sat down in my favorite chair and relaxed.

Speaking aloud, I asked, “May I talk to Karen’s mother?”

Assuming then that she was in my presence, I continued, “You are very close to your daughter, in fact, you now control most of her thoughts and actions. You are doing this out of love for her. She also loves you very much.” Pausing, I then said with emphasis, “What you don’t know is that you have brought to her the disease which caused your death. She has but six months to live!” I could sense the shock that statement had on the spirit mother.

I then went on to explain what the alternatives were for the mother. With gentleness, I described where she was and the conditions under which she existed. I concluded with a description of the plane of existence where she would be reunited with friends who had also died. I introduced a guide to her who would help her in her next life of existence. With the facts explained as I knew them, I finally said to her, “It’s up to you now. You can either stay with your daughter under the present circumstances or you can go with the guide.” Subsequent events indicated that she left with the guide.

Karen was cleared on a Friday. On the following Monday, she canceled her scheduled operation for that week. Within a month, her health so rapidly improved that she was able to resume a more normal way of life. It was not long before she became reconciled with her father and brother and no longer hated her stepmother who had but recently died. A year after the clearing, Karen was reported to be in good health with a positive attitude. She was not told about the clearing.

Not every exorcism results in permanent improvement. Often the subject falls victim to possession again and again. Follow up is essential to insure a constant state of freedom from interfering spirit entities. The following is such a case.

Grandfather Takes Over

Julius K. is as close to me as a son. As a small child, his parents could not have had a more even tempered and happy infant. At the age of four, there was a sudden change in personality. He became disruptive and violent toward his mother and childhood friends and would throw a temper tantrum if he did not get his own way.

Also, he appeared to be self destructive and would often bang his head on the walls. Later, as a teenager, in fits of anger, he smashed gaping holes in the door to his room.

As Julius became older, his violent disposition became fixed. I began to suspect that he may have become spirit possessed. As he strongly resented going to church, it was not feasible to haul him to a non-traditional church for an exorcism. A friend, with knowledge of the process of exorcism as practiced in her church, volunteered her services. She tried to clear the young man but after several attempts no improvements were noted. Julius now thirty, was allowed to work for our company at the time, but because of his violent temper directed at the other employees, we were finally forced to discontinue his employment. Then the unexpected happened.

Dr. Edward P. Jastram gave a keynote lecture at the American Society of Dowsers in Danville, Vermont. He spoke and described a process of removing spirit entities using the mind only. This was a startling new approach to an exorcism. I immediately became excited with the possibilities for Julius.

Upon the conclusion of the lecture, I gently tapped the shoulder of the doctor’s wife, Lydia Jastram. She was sitting directly in front of me! I explained the problem to the doctor’s wife who summed it up, “Yes, I understand, he has a love-hate personality.” That same evening, Dr. Jastram exorcised Julius of spirit possession. This was done at a distance of approximately 1,000 miles, Danville, Vermont to Chicago. I was not prepared for the results.

The following day I phoned my office. Julius had been in. The superintendent was incredulous with the change which had come over him. The young man had gone about his former work place and cheerfully offered to help those whom he had completely alienated. All were puzzled with this change in attitude and could not account for it. Upon returning to Chicago and visiting with the young man, I found indeed there was a change. I listened intently for a negative remark and heard none. I gently probed his attitude toward me and about others at the factory, yet found no resentment.

Julius’ separation from the company was a puzzle to him as he could not understand the reasons for his discharge. I am sure that he had been completely unaware of his behavior and could not account for the hostile attitude of his fellow employees. Even though Julius had taken a monumental step in this personality improvement, there were still several difficult years ahead for him.

After I had learned to perform exorcisms at a distance, often I would still find a solitary negative entity present in Julius whom I would promptly send on his way. Yet, upon rechecking later, I would find an entity with the same characteristics as previously. Then came a revelation.

Julius had developed a non-malignant tumor on the left side of his brain. It was surgically removed. His grandfather also had the same type of tumor at the identical location! Throughout his life the young man had exhibited many of the personality characteristics of his grandfather.

I asked myself: Could the entity be Julius’ grandfather who died when Julius was very young? The young man was displaying the same unruly disposition as his grandfather. Furthermore, his grandfather did not believe in an afterlife and would be the perfect candidate for an earthbound spirit.

Without further delay, I requested the presence of his grandfather’s spirit. I then explained to him what had happened to his grandson. I am certain the grandfather had no idea that he had brought his worldly disease to his grandson. After the explanation, I lovingly performed the exorcism. Something must have happened as there has been a steady improvement in Julius’ personality since my talk with his grandfather.

When Julius was told what had transpired, he remarked, “I can use all the help I can get.” More than likely this had been a welcomed voluntary possession.

Excerpt from Exorcism: How To Clear At A Distance A Spirit Possessed Person

“Involuntary Possession” will be covered in Part II coming soon.

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